Charles MOTH of Chelsea, London, England
Partial List of Descendants in South Africa

Symbols: * = Birth   ~ = Baptised   +=Death
                x = Married (x1 = first, x2 = second, etc)

Thanks are due to Mr.David Hamilton of Johannesburg who collected a substantial part
of the information given below.
1 a (Probably) Charles MOTH *c.1827/Chelsea, London, Eng 
x- Mary Ann ? 
2 b1 Henry MOTH (Possible:*c.1827 ~14.10.1827/St.Luke's Church, Chelsea, Eng) 
x1. Rachel Sarah SLOW (born CORBITT) */Middlesex, Eng. +6.11.1882/Rondebosch, Cape/57y - d/o ? CORBITT and Catherine ? 
(Her child by first marriage : Charles SLOW) 
x2. (Possible) ? Maria Ann LITTLE 
3 b1c1.1 Sarah MOTH 
x- Henry HOLTON
4 b1c1.1d1 Ivy HOLTON
5 b1c1.1d2 Lucy HOLTON
6 b1c1.1d3 Blanche HOLTON
7 b1c1.1d4 Maude HOLTON
8 b1c1.1d5 George HOLTON
9 b1c1.1d6 Arthur HOLTON
10 b1c2.1 Catherine Mary Anne (or Marian ?) MOTH  *1862 +1943
x- 11.4.1883 /St.Pauls Church Rondebosch, Cape Town  /
Stephen William HART *1858 +1931

b1c2.1d1 Henry Eden HART *10.8.1886/Rondebosch, Capetown 
~19.9.1886/St. Pauls Church, Rondebosch, Capetown. (Godparents: Harry Holton, Eden Witney, Lucy Moth) 
x- 20.6.1912/St.Peters Church/P.E.- Emily Norah HOLTON *? +1942 

12 b1c2.1d1e1 Eileen Emily HART *26.4.1913/P.E. +6.9.2000 /Johannesburg (stroke)
x. George Herbert BARCLAY *31.5.1910/P.E +19.12.1975/JHB (stroke)
13  b1c2.1d1e1f1 Margaret Norah BARCLAY *22.4.1944/Johannesburg 
x/12.3.1965/St.Columba's Church Parkview; 
Digby Edward Radford LONDT *23.7.1941/Johannesburg. 
s/o Gilbert Edward LONDT *1.10.1917/P.E, +12.6.1987/P.E. 
and x1/1938 Evelyn Joan HAYDEN *6.1.1913/Aldershot, England 
d/o Arthur Donald Radford-HAYDEN and Minnietea 'Minnie' Violet GOLDSMITH, both of England. 
14 b1c2.1d1e1f1g1 Quentin George William LONDT *25.2.1967/Johannesburg. ~1.10.1967/St.Columba's Church, Parkview, JHB. 
x/5.11.1994 St.Columba's Church Parkview; 
Sarah Kate CHESTER *19.3.1966/Nairobi, Kenya, 
d/o Michael CHESTER *19/5/1931 and Jane CORK *24/8/42 
15 b1c2.1d1e1f1g1h1 Levana Jane Chester-LONDT *5.8.1990/Johannesburg
(adopted natural d/o Kate Chester) 
16 b1c2.1d1e1f1g1h2 Calvin James Chester LONDT *4.5.1995/Johannesburg. ~5.11.19955/St.Columba's Church Parkview Johannesburg. 
17 b1c2.1d1e1f1g2 Richard Digby Eden LONDT *16.1.1969/Johannesburg. ~6.4.1969/St.Columba's Church, Parkview, JHB. 
x./25.2.1995 St.Columba's Church Parkview; Adele Catherine BURGER *20.8.1970/Port Elizabeth,~NGK Linden, JHB. 
d/o Johannes Gerhardus BURGER (*9.7.1943/Kakamas C.P) and Sandra Doris DE KLERK (*9.10.1946/Port Elizabeth). 
18 b1c2.1d1e1f1g2h1 Jared Eden LONDT *4.6.1997/Dubai U.A.E. ~25.12.1997 /St.Columbas' Church, Parkview, JHB 
19 b1c2.1d1e1f1g2h2 Amber Louise LONDT *25.3.1999/Dubai U.A.E. ~25.12.1999 /St.Columbas' Church, Parkview, Johannesburg.
20 b1c2.1d1e1f1g3 Gregory Douglas Edward LONDT *26.4.1970/Johannesburg. ~6.9.1970/St.Columba's Church, Parkview/JHB./B.A. Hons/H.D.E.(Wits) 
X/5.7.1997/St.Saviours Church, Midrand S.A. 
Kathleen Jeannette SHARP *21.10.1974/JHB. S.A. 
(d/o Sidney SHARP and Jeannette WEENINK *11.5.??) 
21 b1c2.1d1e1f1g3h1 Elliot Bernard George LONDT *11.6.1998/ Sandton Medi-Cinic, Johannesburg
22 b1c2.1d1e1f1g3h2 Benjamin Digby Jan LONDT *11.1.2000 /Sandton Medi-Clinic, Johannesburg
23 b1c2.1d1e1f1g3h3 Joel Sidney Greg LONDT *12.3.2001 /Sandton Medi-Clinic, Johannesburg
24 b1c2.1d1e1f1g3h4 Emily Anna Margaret LONDT *24.8.2003 / Auckland, New Zealand.
25 b1c2.1d1e1f1g3h5 (Expected May 2005) ....LONDT
26 b1c2.1d1e1f1g4 Geoffrey John Gilbert LONDT *14.10.1972/Johannesburg. ~25.12.1972/St.Columba's Church, Parkview/JHB. H.D.E/Teknica (JCE). 
x- 14.6.1997/Modderfontein Conservation Centre/JHB. S.A.  (Divorced Dec.2002)
Claire WALLACE *3.12.71 
d/o Alexander Murray 'Scotty' WALLACE *14.4.1948 and Denise Patricia WOOD *17.4.1951. 
27 b1c2.1d1e1f2 Helen Elizabeth BARCLAY *6.7.1947/JHB
x/4.4.1970/St.Columba's Church, Parkview/JHB
Dennis Robert DITTBERNER *19.2.1947
s/o Harold Robert DITTBERNER *19.11.1920/Ermelo and Shirley Heather ELTON *23.12.1923/Kimberley +?/JHB.
28 b1c2.1d1e1f2g1 Cheryl Elizabeth DITTBERNER *29.8.1972/Kroonstad, OFS.
x. /15.12.2002 / Johannesburg / Jurgen VOGT *6.7.19?? 
29 b1c2.1d1e1f2g1h1 ? VOGT *c.2005
30 b1c2.1d1e1f2g2 Malcolm DITTBERNER *13.5.1974/Pretoria, TVL. 
31 b1c2.1d1e1f3 Isobel Catherine BARCLAY *21.7.1949/Johannesburg.
x/29.11.1969/St.Columba's Church, Parkview/JHB
Trevor Ian WALKER *14.10.1943/Port Elizabeth 
s/o Raymond WALKER and Elizabeth PHILLIP of P.E.
32 b1c2.1d1e1f3g1 Leigh Catherine WALKER *18.2.1974/Johannesburg 
x/19.2.2002 / Cape Town / Simon Oliver ELLIOT *18.1.1974/Port Elizabeth.
s/o Peter John ELLIOT *17.10.1944 and Renee HODGKINSON *29.4.1946 /Queenstown
33 b1c2.1d1e1f3g2 Karla Christine WALKER *28.9.1978/Johannesburg
34 b1c2.1d1e2 Arthur Eden  HART  *18.4.1915 +c.1917 (meningitis)
35 b1c2.1d1e3 Iris Gwendoline HART *18.7.1918 / Driehoek, Germiston +4.7.1999 /Petersburg 
x/JHB/ Johannes Frederik "John" LAMBERT  *1.7.1916 / Gorichen, Netherlands.
(Claimed full family name was "Lambert de Venier Erojia")
36 b1c2.1d1e3f1 Peter John LAMBERT *15.2.1944/JHB 
x /20.4.1968 / Umtali S.Rhodesia/  Patricia Frances BAGGETT *18.3.1947 /Salisbury.
37 b1c2.1d1e3f1g1 Tamasine Wendy LAMBERT *7.10.1971 / Umtali, S.Rhodesia
x. ?
38 b1c2.1d1e3f1g2 Debora Cindy LAMBERT *9.4.1975 / Umtali, S.Rhodesia 
x. ?
39 b1c2.1d1e3f2 Susan Patricia LAMBERT *20.6.1957 (Adopted)
x/Umtali, S.Rhodesia (Mutari, Zimbabwe) / Sarel Francois MALAN *17.10.1952 / Ndola
40 b1c2.1d1e3f2g1 Peta Ann MALAN *15.9.1982 / Pietersberg SA
41 b1c2.1d1e3f2g2 Megan Iris MALAN *11.11.1985 / Pietersberg SA
42 b1c2.1d1e4 Patricia HART *3.11.1923/JHB  +13.6.2003 /Pietersburg
x / 4.1.1947 Johannesburg / Noel Conry WIGG  *7.10.1917 / Natal SA +15.4.1972 / Pietersburg (motor accident).
43 b1c2.1d1e4f1 Stephen Noel WIGG *25.5.1953 / Johannesburg.
x / Pietersburg / Wanda (surname unknown) 
44 b1c2.1d1e4f1g1 Neill Conry WIGG  *29.3.1998 /Pietersburg
45 b1c2.1d1e4f2 Janet Patricia WIGG  *25.10.1954 / Johannesburg SA
x / Pietersburg / 24.10.1987 /  Alexander Lees "Sandy" KELLY *15.5.1954 /Johannesburg.
46 b1c2.1d1e4f2g1 Shona Leigh KELLY *16.8.1989 /Johannesburg SA
47 b1c2.1d1e4f2g2 John Lees KELLY *25.3.1991 / Johannesburg SA
48 b1c3.1 Rachel MOTH 
x- Jim BUGLER (lived in Kimberley) 
49 b1c3.1d1 Ethel BUGLER 
50 b1c3.1d2 Mabel BUGLER 
51 b1c3.1d3 Reggie BUGLER 
52 b1c4.1 Charlie MOTH 
x. ?    (lived in Melville/JHB) 
53 b1c4.1d1 Lewis MOTH 
54 b1c5.1 Lucy MOTH (worked for a time at Bishops School Cape) 
x- Thomas ROBERTS   (moved to JHB. Lived at Minaar St. Forrest Hill) 
55 b1c5.1d1 Alfred ROBERTS 
x- Olive DREYER 
56 b1c5.1d2 Harold ROBERTS 
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