9.       ?  LONDT 
             Of  ?
             Partial list of descendants.

            Contributor :  Mrs. S.H. 'Hedy' Turpin-Schultz (b. Londt)
                                    Den Haag, The Netherlands.

                The following information was  contributed by Mrs. Hedy Turpin-Schultz
                of Den Haag, the Netherlands  following receipt of information on 'Londt'
                entries in the Netherlands directory sent to the author in reply to a note placed
                on a genealogy bulletin board.  Nine entries were found and letters written to all,
                Two responses were received by e-mail . One from Hedy and the other from
                Frederik 'Ferry' Londt.

                As is the case of Leo Joseph Londt (ref. file 8) , Hedy and Ferry's parents were
                born in Padang, Sumatra.  Although a connection has not yet been established
                between the two lines it seems hardly credible that ther would not be.

                The author holds the same hope expressed in File 8, that some link will be found
                in the early 1700's to his  progenitor in South Africa.   Here again, the information
                awaited from the Indonesian National Archives will hopefully pad out the picture
                a little more.
1 a  ?  LONDT  (details inknown)
2 b1 Johannes Cornelis 'Joop'  LONDT */?  / Padang, Sumatra.  +/? 
x/ Unknown 
3 b1c1 (daughter)  LONDT */?
4 b1c2 Marian LONDT */? 
5 b1c3 Frederik A. 'Ferry'  LONDT *20.3.1952/ Rotterdam, Holland.
x1/ Unknown
x2/ Unknown
6 b2 Herman F. LONDT *?/ Padang, Sumatra (Living in Holland)
x/ Unknown
7 b3 Robert H. LONDT *?/ Padang, Sumatra (living in Holland)
8 b3c1 S. H. 'Hedy'  LONDT */?     (the contributor)
x1. TURPIN ?
9 b3c1d1.1 Nathalie TURPIN *?
x/27.9.97 /Holland/ Bart SCHILT  (emigrated to USA Dec.97)
10 b3c1d2.1 Cindy TURPIN *? 
x/16.11.96 /Holland/ Erik VISSCHER 
11 b3c2 Edith LONDT *?  (living in Holland)
x/ Unknown
12 b3c2d1 (son) 
13 b3c2d2 (son)
14 b3c3 Sonya LONDT  *?   (living in Holland)
x/ Unknown
15 b3c3d1 (son)
16 b3c3d2 (son)
17 b3c4 Jane LONDT *?     (living in Holland)
x/ Unknown
18 b3c4d1 (son)
19 b3c4d2 (son)
20 b4 Frederik W. 'Freddy' LONDT *?/ Padang, Sumatra  (living in Switzerland)
21 b4c1 (daughter)
22 b4c2 (daughter)
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