8.    Leo  (Leonardus ?) Joseph LONDT 
       Of Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia. 1871-1940
         Partial list of descendants.

      Contributor :   Rudi L.Londt , California, USA.  (Since deceased)

        The following information was  contributed by Rudi Londt (b4c1) of California, USA.

            Rudi's father and grand-father were both born in Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia.
            Indonesia was for a considerable time known as the Dutch East Indies, having
            been colonised for trade in spices by Holland through the Dutch East Indies
            Company (VOC) from the early 1600's.

            The colonisation of South Africa at the Cape of Good Hope was started by
            the same VOC in 1652 to provide fresh food and water for their east-bound trading
            ships.  Johannes Londt (of Amsterdam - Ref. File 1) was at the Cape in 1795
            when the Dutch administration surrendered to the British. He remained
            after the capitulation, married and became the ancestor of one of the Londt
            family lines in S.A. 

            It is the hope of this author that some common connection will be found back
            in the 1700's between the dutch  Londt's of Indonesia  and the South African line.
            In  pursuit of this the author has been in contact with the National Archives of
            Indonesia in Jakarta who have provided the names of eleven persons with this
            surname.  These are given in File 10.  Further details are awaited.
1 a Leo (Leonardus ?) Joseph LONDT *10.9.1871 / Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia.  +5.8.1940/Java, Indonesia. 
x/Wilhelmina Helena Elizabeth Petronella ROS 
*25.6.1880/ Padang, Sumatra. +6.11.1942/ JAva, Indonesia.
2 b1 Eugene Emily LONDT *22.10.1902 / Padang, Sumatra.
+12.1964/California, USA. 
3 b2 Julius Wilhelm LONDT *15.7.1907/ Padang, Sumatra. 
+15.8.1945/ Thailand (Japanese POW camp). 
4 b2c1 Julius LONDT */? +c.1990-96  x/?
5 b2c1d1 (son) LONDT */?
6 b2c1d2 (son) LONDT */?
7 b1c1d3 (daughter) LONDT */?
8 b2c2 Rudi L. LONDT */?  +/c. 2005  San Diego CA.USA
x - Alma VAN HAASEN */? + ? Hengelo USA

Eduard LONDT
9 b2c2d2 Anneke 'Anne' LONDT */?
x- Barry BUNN (bbunn1@jcpenney.com)
10 b3 Wilhelmina Helena LONDT *12.11.1909 ~31.7.1814
11 b4 Augustus Leonardus Petrus LONDT *10.8.1910/ Padang, Sumatra +1977/ Holland
x/? */? +1997
12 b4c1 Rudi L. (Leonardus ?) LONDT */?  Hengelo, Netherlands, +/?   /San Diego CA. USA
(The contributor. Emmigrated to USA in c.1960's)
x. Alma VAN HAASEN */?   +?/ Hengelo, Netherlands
13 b4c1d1 Eduard LONDT *?
14 b4c1d2 Anneke ('Anne') LONDT *?
x. Barry BUNN *?
15 b4c2 Edith LONDT  */? 
x. ? OSINGA  (living in Holland)
16 b5 Mathilda Ida ('Tilly') LONDT  *22.1.1916/ Sawah Leontoh, Sumatra. +c.1987 / Holland.
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