7.    Miscellaneous early LOND/T
progenitors in South Africa

            The following are the earliest known LOND/T ancestors in South Africa. Names found under LOND (as against LONDT)
            are included as there are
  proven cases where the name LONDT was incorrectly entered in official documents.
            This does not imply that the name LOND is not a valid surname
in its own right nor that such spelling is incorrect in the
            cases given. The
pronunciation is the same.   The list is in no particular order:
1 a  Cornelis LOND (of Bergen, Norway)
 x/18.12.1796. Maria PIETERSE
 (Cape Directory 1800: Lived at 5 Castle Street. Sailor.  Remained at the Cape after the capitulation to the British  forces in 1795. The NGK marriage register entry is:  "1796:18 Dec. Cornelis Corneliyen Londe van Bergen in  Norwegen, jongman, met Maria Jacoba Pietersen van Cabo de  Goede Hoop") 

  (Entry in death notices : Maria Jacoba Pieterse *Cabo de Goede  Hoop. +11.7.1802. 24y)

2 a  Christiaan LOND (of Danish Holstein)
 * " in 't Deinsch Holstein " +19.7.1827/Cape Town/61y
3 a Georg Nelson LOND (also George, LONDT) (of Helsinggor Denmark)  +15.9.1832/ Cape/ 62y8m.
x/Capetown/24.7.1803, Margaretha Elizabeth SLABBERT
(NGK marriage register: "1803, 24 July Georg Nelson Lond van
Helsneur, weduwenaer, met Margaretha Elixabeth Slabbert van Cabo de Goede Hoop, jong dogter")

b1 Johanna Margaretha Susanna L. ~22.7.1804 +19.1.1817/13y8m21d

b2 Hendrina Orgina Johanna ~25.12.1805

b3 Anna Elizabeth ~28.6.1807

b4 Susanna Louisa ~13.11.1808

b5 Dirk Nelson ~22.4.1810 (only possible progenitor of this line)

b6 Maria Bertha ~22.12.1811

b7 Margaretha Elizabeth Jacoba ~31.7.1814

b8 George Josias +18.11.1816/7m8d

b9 ( Son)- unbaptised +29.6.1822

b10 Johanna Jacoba +22.12.1859/1y2m

b11 George Nelson +8.7.1859/40y8m11d
  x/Francina Wilhelm LEUWENAAR +12.8.1882/67y

b11c1 Frederik +30.12.1853/1y

b11c2 Rose Martha +31.12.1854/1y1m6d
4 a Paul Olof LONDT +9.1.1826/Cape/45y11m25d
  (Brother of Gustaaff Wilhelm LONDT - see separate listing)
5 a Johannes LONDT (of Amsterdam, Holland)
(Refer detailed listing elsewhere) .
Peter Frederick LONDT  Occ. Cooper
x. Sarah ?

Margaret Sarah LONDT *9.6.1899 / (St.Andrews Church, Newlands, Cape. Baptismal Records)
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