6.    Gustaaff Willem LONDT 
of Copenhagen, Denmark,
      and his descendants in South Africa

Material collected from:
Death Notices found at the
CAPE ARCHIVES DEPOT -GOVERNMENT ARCHIVES, Cape Town, South Africa, with additions contributed by Chris Londt, Bloemhof, RSA.

This Londt line appears to be a distinctly separate group from other Lond(t)'s in South Africa. However as it appears that a number of the family lines originated from Denmark (where the spelling was originally LOND) it is possible that a link may eventually be found.

Gustaaff and his brother Paul Olaf settled in Beaufort West, Cape Province, where Gustaaff  became a successful businessman.

                b6.1c5 : John Matthys Londt 1869-1902
                                  Great-Grandfather of  Chris Londt
a Gustaaff Willem LONDT (also Gustavus Wilhelm)
*1796/Copenhagen +1858/Cape Province S.A.
s/o Andries Mauritz LONDT and Christina Lisbeth ?;
(b/o Paul Olaf LONDT *1.1780/Copenhagen +9.1.1826/Cape/45y11m25d)
x1. Louisia Frederica Jacoba BRUWER
(d/o Marthinus Fredericus BRUWER and Louesia Cornelia ROETS)
x2. Margarietha Jacoba BANTJES
b1.1 Charlotta Amelia LONDT *1823 +1900
x1. George DEVENISH +1851
x2. Hercules Adriaan MORKEL *1823 +1871
b1.1c1.1 Louisa Amelia DEVENISH
b2.1 Louisa Cornelia LONDT *1825
x. David Gerhardus ROUX
b3.1 Christina Elizabeth LONDT *1828
x. Gideon Johan BOSMAN
b4.1 Gustaaf Willem LONDT *1830
x. Margaretha Elizabeth Magdalena ROUX *1829
b5.1 Aletta Marthina LONDT *1832
x. John Francois De VILLIERS
b6.1 Marthinus Frederik LONDT *1834 +1908
x. Christina Magdalina Susanna PHEIFFER
b6.1c1 Christina Magdalena LONDT
x. Thomas SMITH
b6.1c1d1 ? SMITH
b6.1c1d2 ? SMITH
b6.1c1d3 ? SMITH
b6.1c1d4 ? SMITH
b6.1c2 Gustaff Willem LONDT
b6.1c3 Lucas Marthinus LONDT
b6.1c4 Marthinus Frederik LONDT
b6.1c5 John Matthys LONDT *1869 +1902
x. Maria Susanna Elizabeth FOURIE
b6.1c5d1 Marthinus Frederick LONDT *1902
x1. Unknown - No Issue
x2. Unknown - No Issue  (Details here and under by Chris Londt in italics)
b6.1c5d2 Jacobus Christian LONDT *5.4.1900 +1973
x. Unknown
b6.1c5d2e1 Hendrina Dorothea "Dora" LONDT *16.10.1922
b6.1c5d2e2 Elizabeth Maria LONDT *1.6.1924 +?
b6.1c5d2e3 John Matthys "Jan" LONDT *3.8.1926 +20.8.1995
x. Aletta Magdalena SCHAMREL *6.4.1930
b6.1c5d2e3f1 Magdalena Johanna LONDT *26.7.1949
b6.1c5d2e3f2 Christiaan John "Chris" LONDT *11.6.1951
x. 28.12.1974 - Marinda Maria JOHNSTON *13.8.1953
b6.1c5d2e3f2g1 Edward John LONDT *13.5.1982
b6.1c5d2e3f2g2 Mariska LONDT *25.4.1978
b6.1c5d2e3f3 Deon LONDT *11.11.1953
b6.1c5d2e4 Jacobus Nicholas LONDT *27.4.1927
b6.1c5d2e5 Daniel LONDT *19.6.1931
b6.1c5d2e6 Martin Frederick LONDT *30.10.1933
b6.1c5d2e7 Erna Leonie LONDT *Aug. 1936
b6.1c6 George Mauritz LONDT
b6.1c7 Hendrik Andries LONDT
b6.1c8 Eileen Johanna LONDT
x. Christiaan Johannes FAUCHEE
b6.1c9 Louisa Amelia LONDT
x. Jan Bastiaan Auret Van Der MERWE
b7.2 Gesina Hendrika Johanna LONDT
b8.2 Jacobus LONDT 
b9.2 Matthys Gustaaf LONDT 
b10.2 Margaretha Jacoba LONDT
b11.2 Catarina Maria LONDT 
b12.2 Jan Frederick Theobalt Bantjies LONDT +1878 
(Appears to have changed his name to LUND and has descendants by that name today)
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