13.  George LONDT
  of South Africa and his descendants (londt13)
Bulk of information provided by Mr. Lourens E. Londt of Birmingham, England. Nov. 2005.
No connection yet established between this and other Londt lines in S.A.
a George LONDT 
x. Sophie ?
2 b1 (Ref NB1) George T. LONDT  *1889 +13.11.1927 / (Unmarried).
(Well known S.A. mountaineer of the time. Killed in climbing accident on Table Mountain).  Mother: Sophie, Father: George,  (Stepfather certified death).
3 b2 Edward Victor LONDT *1904 +c.1971/72
x. Gwyneth OPPENHEIMER (?) 
(Believed by Lourens Londt to have perhaps been an illegitimate child put out for adoption shortly after birth).
4 b2c1
Neville Edward LONDT *1935 / Capetown, +1988 / Pinetown, Natal, SA.
x. Sarah Magdalena CLASSEN *1934 / Port Elizabeth . +1993 / Johannesburg
Beverly LONDT *1958 /Salisbury (Harari), Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)
(2005 - Living in East London, RSA)
x. /?
6 b2c1d2
Gwen LONDT *1959 /Salisbury (Harari), Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)
(2005 - Living in Gabarone, Botswana)
x. /?
7 b2c1d3
Lourens Edward LONDT *1962 /Salisbury (Harari), Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)
(2005 - Living in Birmingham, England)
8 b2c1d4
Paula Priscilla LONDT *1969 /Salisbury (Harari), Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) +1991
x. /?
9 b2c2 Kenneth Victor LONDT *1936 / Capetown, RSA
(2005 - Living in Johannesburg RSA)
x. /?
10 b2c3 Jocelyn LONDT *c.1937 / Capetown, RSA
x. /?
(2005 - Living in Johannesburg RSA)
11 b2c4 Arlene LONDT *c.1938 / Capetown, RSA
x. /?
(2005 - Living in Natal South Coast, RSA)
 HOME DERL. londt-13 / 14  November 2005

NB1:     The connection to George Londt is claimed by Lourens Londt in his e-mailed details of 12th Nov. 2005 This is questionable because of the 15 year age difference between George and Edward. If there is indeed a connection then there will probably have been other siblings born in the interim.
Mr. Lourens Londt later advised that photographs of George Londt on the mountains had been hanging in the living room of his grandmother. This appears to give credence to the claim. Accepting this then, we know of  his parents names from the death notices.