Early  "LONDT"  , "LOND"  ,  "LONT"

References in the National Archives of Indonesia, Jakarta.

Symbols: * = Birth
~ = Baptised
x = Married (x1 = first, x2 = second, etc)
+ = Death
Date convention =  d.m.y
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Drs. Sri Handayani.
Some link to the South African Londt / Lond family lines is possible by virtue of the "East Indies" having been a Dutch colony from the mid 1600's to the mid 1900's and on the trade route past the Cape of Good Hope. 

From photocopies received, the form of the Indonesian archival records appears to be largely in 'card' format. Together with the limited space and therefore limited information that this affords,  the system does not lend itself to ascertaining relationships except in a few isolated instances.
The following are roughly sorted in order of the approximate date/s. 

Era Gen. Details
???? A note on one card is simply: "LOND, see LONDT"
1668 a Hans LONT *c.1634 /Sleeswijk (Schleswig-Holstein), 
"Stalknecht" (Stable hand) Official registration of engagement (ondertroud) made Thursday 6 December 1668 / Batavia. 
x. 27.12.1668 / Batavia / Maritje De BRUYN
(widow of Roeloff Jansz. De Bruyn, "Constabel, O.I.Comp.") 
1745 a Jacob LONDT *? Occ.: Book-Keeper in service of the V.O.C. 
x1. Geertruyt ? 
x2. Adriana ARONSZ / ARENSZ
b1.1 Jacobus LONDT ~13.10.1737 / Padang Church, Sumatra 
(witnesses to baptism: Daniel BUURMAN, Petronella ?) 
b2.2 Antje LONDT *17.4.1745 ~10.11.1748/Padang Church, Sumatra 
(witnesses to baptism: Hendrik VAN DER STALLEN, Johanna VAN DER STALLEN) 
b3.2 Adriaan Daniels LONDT *19.7.1746 ~10.11.1748 / Padang Church, Sumatra 
(witnesses to baptism: Daniel BIERMAN, Pieternella POTHUYS) 
b4.3 Jacob Willem LONDT *25.12.1747 ~10.11.1748 / Padang Church, Sumatra 
(witnesses to baptism: Willem KRIJGSMAN, Pieternella POTHUYS). 
b5 Maria LONDT (ZULLENDE) *? ~21.11.1753
(Formal adoption papers by Jacob LONDT on 21.11.1753 at Makasser). 
b6 Abraham LONDT *24.2.1766/Padang ~9.11.1766 / Padang
(Adopted child, mother was "Sidilam of Batavia")
(Witnesses to baptism: Jan LONDT, Petronella Pasqual, widow Fokke Jansz) 
1749 a Casper Pieter(sz) LOND *? of Laarwijk +1.8.1765. 
- Ships Master "Schipper" in service of the V.O.C. Died at Moorsche Gracht. 
- Was "oppertimmerman", senior carpanter on the ship "Ouwerkerk" 20.3.1749 from Siam to Batavia. Was made "Schipper" on 22.8.1747. 
- Applied July 1749 for the rank of Captain-Lieutenant" (trans) and was appointed 25 July 1749. 
- Was "onderstuursman" - second helmsman/navigator (?) on the ship "D'Drie Papagayen" (The Three Parrots) in 1756 
1760 a Anna Johanna LONDT 
x. Andries ? 
b1 (Unnamed) *? ~4.7.1760 Padang, Sumatra 
b2 Johannes Francois ? */~26.12.1766 Padang, Sumatra 
b3 Jacobus ? *? ~17.10.1769/ Padang, Sumatra 
1762 a Elizabeth LONDT
x. Bartholomew Francois TORCADE 
b1 (Unnamed) *4.7.1760/Padang, Sumatra ~19.12.1762/Padang. 
1763 a Barendt LONT
Occ.: Senior Carpenter (oppertimmerman) on the ship LAPINENTE from Amsterdam to India 1763 
(Was registered as a "Schipper" Ships Master on 20.7.1734) 
1766 a Jan LONDT 
x. Maria Magdalena PIETERSZ
b1 ? LONDT (adopted child VELTHUYSEN) *4.7.1760 ~19.12.1762 
b2 Adriana Gertruyda LONDT ~19.12.1762 
(Witnesses to baptism: Bartholomew Francois TORCADE, Adriana ARONDSZ. Minister Ds.Willem Wilbers) 
b3 Johanna Maria LONDT *24.4.1766 ~9.11.1766 / Padang, Sumatra 
(Witnesses to baptism: Dirk HOLTING, Christina FLOUNDA (?) 
1769 a Leendert Pieter LONDT 
x. Schie ?
b1 Yoris LONDT *5.11.1769 ~23.11.1769 / Padang, Sumatra 
1769 a Adriaan Daniel LONDT
b1 Adriesen LONDT ~17.10.1769 / Padang, Sumatra 
b2 Catharina Adriana LONDT *9.7.1768 ~5.11.1789 (by minister Ds.J.J.Meyer)(adopted illegitimate child of free Malay woman Sedelam) 
(Witnesses: Leendert Pieterz LONDT, Adriana ARONSZ, widow LONDT) 
17?? a Willem Cornelis LONDT
Buried at Manado, town on the main spice island of Molluka) 
1804 a Christiaan LOND /van Amsterdam 
- Young Sailor promoted to "Onder-Luitenant ter Zee" on 7 June 1787. 
- In 1792 he arrived on the ship "De Arend" from the "Kamer" Amsterdam to India . - On 6 July 1804 contract was extended as "Lieutenant of the Sea" (Cie. Luit. ter Zee") at 32 Florins per month for three years. 
x1(?) 9.7.1794 / Batavia / Sophia Dorothea Maria HEYNING of Batavia 
x2(?) 8.1.1805 / Soerabaja / Maria Geertruida GOLDMAN 
b1.1 Johan Christiaan LOND ~16.2.1800 / Soerabaja, Java. 
(Witnesses to baptism "Roelofs and wife") 
1824 - Salie Emiliea LOND *c.1799 / Padang, Sumatra 
x. 12.6.1824 / Sourabaya / Jacob Johannes GESCHWIND (GESWIEND) *c.1801/Sourabaya
1840 a Willem Daniel LONDT *25.9.1840 +23.2.1907
(Buried at Manado, a town on the main spice island of Molluka) 
1873 a Robbert Hendrik LONDT *? / Occ.: "Mynopsiener by de Umbilien Kolenvelden" (Mine Superintendant at the Umbilien Coal Fields) x./? 
b1 George Leonard LONDT SCHULTZ *14.5.1873 / Padang, Sumatra 
(NB: Not clear what the significance of the name Shultz is)
???? - Maria Magdalena LONDT
"Orphan girl. ...30 March.. Johannes Jocobus Ess....Ulak"  ?
Digby E.R. L ondt
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