His descendants in South Africa                                          Londt1: Compiled by Digby Londt
                                                                                                                            Update: August 2010

Gregory, Geoffrey, Digby and Margaret, Richard, Quentin LONDT - Feb. 95
CORNELIS LOND  *c.1743 / Copenhagen, Denmark.  +? 
x- 3.5.1776/ Lutheran Church, Amsterdam, Netherlands / Christina JANSEN *c.1747 / Zeist, Netherlands +? 
(No records were found in the Amsterdam City Archives of the death of either party, indicating that they probably moved away from this jurisdiction). 

Entry in Marriage Register for 3 May 1776 - Lutheran Church, Amsterdam

According to this entry Cornelis was 33 years old and Christina 29 at the time of their marriage.  The parents of both are said to be deceased.  As witness for Christina is her sister Maria JANSEN and for Cornelis a certain Gerrit LINTEMAN. Note that both parties are able to sign their full names whereas the entry above shows X's.  Cornelis signs his name LOND without a final "T", which appears to be the correct form for the Danish name (Meaning in english is 'Grove' as in a group of trees).

b1 JOHANNES LONDT (Note 1) * March.1778 /Amsterdam ~1.4.1778/Amsterdam +Unknown. 
x- 23.6.1805/Cape Town/ Johanna Maria SCHREEN  *1774/Cape; +4.6.1837/Cape Town (61y1m3d). 
(d/o Coenraad SCHRÖN (2) of Eisenach, Saxony *1731 +1.2.1802 / Cape (71y) and Clara Maria PIETERSE   *c.1743 / Cape +1805 / Cape (61y). (Note 3) 

Entry in Baptismal #  Register for 1st April 1778, City of Amsterdam Archives.

Minister Officiating:  Dominee (Rev.) Willem Noordenhout (*1732/Amsterdam) of the Lutheran Church #
Father : Cornelis Londt
Mother : Christina Jansen 
Witnesses:  Jan Jansen and Maria Lourens 
Jan Jansen may be Christina's brother or father. Christina's sister is now named Lourens so she seems to have married in the interim.  (Note that the Registrar has here added the "T" to his father's name to make 'LONDT' which is how Johannes and his descendants have spelled the name since). (# Details from Joe Ten Broek on 9 Feb.2005 - joetenbroek@hotmail.com, a descendant of Do.Noordenhout. According to her, before 1812 when Napoleon instituted the civil registry in Holland, births were not registered. What was registered was the date of baptism which was usually within 3 to 5 days of birth)

b1c1 Christina Wilhelmina LONDT *1806; +4.1.1807/C.T. 8m15d
b1c2 Johannes Coenraad Cornelis LONDT *16.4.1809/Stellenbosch; 
+7.12.1888/Burghersdorp 79y7m21d. Cabinetmaker. 
x- Cornelia Margaretha RUTGERS.
b1c2d1 Johanna Petronella LONDT
b1c2d2 Grietje Johanna Jacoba LONDT
b1c2d3 Johannes Coenraad LONDT
b1c2d4 Simon Peter LONDT *1857 / Burghersdorp  +?   Occ:Cabinetmaker. 
x- Burghersdorp /  Eliza Louisa WILHELM  *1860; +30.6.1936
Pretoria News, Saturday March 14, 1942: “Veteran of Six Campaigns joins CPS”
 “A man of 85 years who has fought through six wars, took the oath for the seventh time to serve South Africa.  Mr Simon Peter Londt of 44 Spruit Street who fought his first war 65 years ago, last night joined the CPS, was prepared “to do anything”. He has been appointed “warden in charge of his own house”. Mr. Londt came originally from Burghersdorp in the Eastern Province. Besides bringing up a family of 13 children, he found time to fight in the Gaika-Galeka war in 1877; in the Congabella Rebellion in 1878; in the Basuto wars 1880-81; in the Anglo-Boer war and throughout the Great War. He has, he says, decided to die in ????.  Today, as energetic as ever before he is setting an example to Pretoria Citizens, showing the youngsters at 60 that even at 85 a man may be welcomed by the C.P.S.”
b1c2d4e1 Wilermina Dora LONDT 
x- Harry WILSON  *?/Newcastle-on-Tyne, EngLAND
b1c2d4e1f1 Minnie WILSON 
x1- ?; x2- ?
b1c2d4e1f2 Eileen WILSON
b1c2d4e1f3 Hilda WILSON
x- Charles CHAPLIN
b1c2d4e1f4 Gladys WILSON
b1c2d4e1f5  Son - name unknown. Pilot in air force
b1c4d4e2 John George Peter LONDT *13.5.??/Burghersdorp; 
x- Cornelia Antoinette GROBLER.
b1c4d4e2f1 Simon Peter LONDT *11.12.1907 / Burghersdorp; +20.12.1975 / JHB. 
x- 30.3.1932 / Germiston / Susanna (Sue) KENNEDY *28.2.1910 / Hawick, Scotland.
d/o Matthew John KENNEDY of Scotland and Bridget Van Der WALT.
b1c2d4e2f1g1 Peter Clive LONDT *16.12.1932 / Johannesburg ~1936/ Presbyterian Church, Germiston. 
x- January 1957 / Westonaria / Jean ROBERTSON  *26.2.1933 / Johannesburg.
d/o  Jan ROBERTSON & Christina ?
b1c2d4e2f1g1h1  Cynthia Margaret LONDT *25.1.1958
b1c2d4e2f1g1h2 Grant Allan LONDT *12.10.1960
b1c2d4e2f2 Cornelia Antoinette LONDT *18.12.1909/Burghersdorp. 
x1- Peter BEUKES, 
x2- Michael DUFFIN 
x3- Lesley GIBSON.
b1c2d4e2f2g1.1 Lynette BEUKES
b1c2d4e2f2g2.1 Ronald BEUKES
b1c2d4e2f2g3.2 Rory DUFFIN
b1c2d4e2f3 (Unknown - died in infancy)
b1c2d4e2f4 Stanley George LONDT *11.1.1917/Benoni 
x- Patricia ?  (presently living in Durban area)
b1c2d4e2f4g1 Brian LONDT
b1c2d4e2f4g2 Rodney LONDT
b1c2d4e2f4g3 Susan LONDT
b1c2d4e2f4g4 Jill LONDT
b1c2d4e3 George Joseph LONDT
b1c2d4e4 Lucy Ellen LONDT
b1c2d4e5 Cornelia Rutgers LONDT
x- ?  PEYPER.
b1c2d4e6 Eliza Charlotte LONDT
b1c2d4e7 Walter Simon LONDT *1892 +30.11.1951 (59y1m). 
x- Anna Margaretha Van Der MERWE *23.4.1896/ Wellington, Cape. +23.6.1979 / Pretoria.
b1c2d4e7f1 Simon Peter LONDT *30.5.1915 
x1-  Susan BIENEDELL *1919 +10.4.1942 
x2-  Hendrina SWARTS 
x3- Alice RUSSO
b1c2d4e7f1g1.1 Peter Jack Colin LONDT *1941
b1c2d4e7f1g2.2 Lorna LONDT
b1c2d4e7f1g3.2 Merle LONDT
b1c2d4e7f2 Arthur Frank LONDT *1918 +1.1.1937 /Vaal Dam (accidental)
b1c2d4e7f3 George Edward LONDT *2.6.1921 
x- Olwin ?
b1c2d4e7f3g1 Walter LONDT
b1c2d4e7f3g2 William LONDT
b1c2d4e7f3g3 Rosemary LONDT
b1c2d4e7f3g4  Dawn LONDT
b1c2d4e7f4 Walter Johannes LONDT *3.1.1923
x- Marie UYS
b1c2d4e7f4g1 Hilary LONDT
b1c2d4e7f4g2 Shirley LONDT
b1c2d4e7f4g3 Wendy LONDT
b1c2d4e7f5 Alwyn Donald LONDT *10.11.1925 Occ. Electrician 
x- 22.10.1948/ Magistrates Court Pretoria / Judith Johanna PORTEOUS *1.6.1932
d/o ? PORTEOUS and Elizabeth COETZEE
b1c2d4e7f5g1 Kenneth Patrick LONDT *20.8.1949/Pretoria. 
Occ. Diesel Mechanic / M.D. (Significant contributor to this branch) 
x- 9.10.1971 Pretoria / Cynthia Ann GEEL *28.8.1953 / Maitland, Cape Town.
d/o Lodewikus GEEL and Joyce Shirley McBAIN.
b1c2d4e7f5g1h1 Patricia Ann LONDT *8.8.1974
b1c2d4e7f5g1h1i1 Nikita Bernadette LONDT *26.4.1994
b1c2d4e7f5h1h2 Trevor Warren LONDT *7.1.1977
b1c2d4e7f5g2 Brian  Derek LONDT *29.7.1951 
x- 14.10.1972 Pretoria / Margaret NEZER *14.1.1953. 
d/o Leon Clive NEZER and Julia MARSHALL
b1c2d4e7f5g2h1 Michelle LONDT *14.4.1977
b1c2d4e7f5g2h2 Raymond LONDT **31.8.1980
b1c2d4e7f5g3 Valerie Ann LONDT *25.9.1955 
x- Pretoria / Niel WEINRICH *16.8.1951 
s/o Clarence WEINRICH & Doreen PARMENTA
b1c2d4e7f5g3h1 Stephen Lloyd WEINRICH *14.2.1980
b1c2d4e7f5g3h2 Kirsty Lee WEINRICH *17.10.1982
b1c2d4e7f5g4 Martin Cedrick LONDT *1.1.1963 
x- 5.1.1985 Pretoria / Reinette VAN ZANTEN *11.11.1963 
d/o Adriaan VAN ZANTEN & Philipina Denheleena LOMBARD
b1c2d4e7f5g4h1 Tinelle LONDT *4.9.1986
b1c2d4e7f5g4h2 Phillip Martin LONDT *30.9.1988
b1c2d4e7f5g5 Leonie Elize LONDT *7.6.1965 
x- 28.11.1987 Pretoria / Andre VAN ZANTEN *13.1.1964 
s/o Adriaan VAN ZANTEN & Philipina Denheleena LOMBARD
b1c2d4e7f5g5h1 Adriaan LONDT *19.9.1992
b1c2d4e7f5g5h2 Alwyn Johan LONDT *18.11.1994
b1c2d4e7f6 Norman Ernest LONDT *7.2.1928 +17.8.1991
b1c2d4e7f6g1.1 Ronald LONDT
b1c2d4e7f7 William Allan "Willy" LONDT *12.7.1932 
b1c2d4e7f7g1 Margaret LONDT
b1c2d4e7f7g2 Allen Clive LONDT *1957
x- Catherina Johanna KIESLING
b1c2d4e7f7g2h1 ? Willie Allen Johannes LONDT *26.2.1981
b1c2d4e7f7g3 Bernice LONDT
b1c2d4e7f7g4 Stella LONDT
b1c2d4e7f8 Annie Irene LONDT *3.9.1935 
x- Fred VAN DYK
b1c2d4e7f8g1 Leonard VAN DYK
b1c2d4e7f8g2 Kevin VAN DYK
b1c2d4e7f8g3 Arlene VAN DYK
b1c2d4e8 William Henry LONDT
b1c2d4e9 Magdalena Henrietta LONDT
x-  ? CRONJE.
b1c2d4e10 Robert Percy LONDT
b1c2d4e11 Henry Edward LONDT *29.8.1902 +? 
x-  Martha Maria BUTLER *15.5.1908
b1c2d4e11f1 Henry Edward LONDT
b1c2d4e11f2 Veronica Elizabeth LONDT
b1c2d4e11f3 Daphne Louisa LONDT
b1c2d4e11f4 Louisa Elizabeth LONDT
b1c2d5 Andries Franciscus LONDT 
x- Jacoba Christina JANZEN *1871; +23.2.1894
b1c2d5e1 Johannes Coenrad Corneiles LONDT.
b1c2d5e2 Maria Susanna LONDT
b1c2d5e3 Andries Franciscus LONDT.
b1c2d5e4 Cornelia Margaretha LONDT
b1c3 Simon Pieter Christoffel LONDT (3) *8.6.1811/Stellenbosch; 
+30.10.1899/Rondebosch.88y. Cabinetmaker. 
x1- Johanna Hendrika Maryna SCHREEN *1815 / Cape +20.6.1877 / Sir Lowry's Pass. 62y.
x2- Cornelia Margaretha MONS (Widow, born McLAGLEN) +1905
b1c3d1.1 A son (name unknown) *1837, +12.2.1838. 1y.
b1c3d2.1 Cornelia Wilhelmina Christiana LONDT 
x. Thomas Brown ADLARD (*1834,+30.5.1881. 47y).
b1c3d2.1e1 Henry Londt ADLARD *1867,+8.10.1898 / 31y. 
x. Unknown.
b1c3d2.1e1f1 Henry ('Harry') Andrew ADLARD *c.1883 / Cape SA. Fought in Boer War, Damaraland and France in WW1 with the Routh African Scottish Highlanders. (Thanks to Margaret below for Information)
x. Eileen Beatrice MORROW
b1c3d2.1e1f1g1 Patrick 'Paddy' John ADLARD *? +1977 .No Issue
b1c3d2.1e1f1g2 Margaret Ann ADLARD */?
x. (first name unknown) MARTIN  (Margaret's surname now: ADLARD-MARTIN)
b1c3d2.1e1f1g2h1 Emily ADLARD-MARTIN
b1c3d2.1e1f1g2h2 Jonathan ADLARD-MARTIN
b1c3d2.1e1f1g2h2 Amelia ADLARD-MARTIN
b1c3d2.1e1f1g3 Eileen Mary ADLARD
b1c3d2.1e1f2 Wilfred ADLARD
b1c3d2.1e1f3 Percy ADLARD
b1c3d2.1e1f4 Alfred ADLARD
b1c3d2.1e1f5 Louie ADLARD
b1c3d2.1e1f6 Sonny ADLARD
b1c3d2.1e2 Thomas ADLARD
b1c3d2.1e3 Percy ADLARD
b1c3d2.1e4 Alfred ADLARD
b1c3d3.2 Henry Benjamin LONDT *1879,+25.8.1947. 68y8m. Bantry Bay/C.T 
x1. Name unknown. No issue. 
x2. Violet Mary ASTON (born DODD)- No issue.
b1c3d4.2 William Edward LONDT (Note 4) *9.1.1881, Rondebosch, Cape Town +2.3.1963, St.Josephs Hospital , Port Elizabeth (6) 
x-1910 / Florence Gladys GILBERT *18.3.1888, Aliwal North; +12.8.1976, Port Elizabeth, South Africa..
(d/o William Ralph GILBERT *6.1853 +3.3.1908 x-Anne Bellaby ('Annie') MURRELL  *21.9.1858 ~29.9.1858).
b1c3d4.2e1 Stella Mary Gladys LONDT *7.5.1911/P.E; +26.12.1933/England. (Killed in Motor Car accident). 
x /England/ Donald Wainwright BEARD. 
b1c3d4.2e1f1 Sally BEARD */England; +12.1933/England 3m, (Killed in Motor Car accident with parents)
b1c3d4.2e2 Florence May LONDT *1.5.1913 / Port Elizabeth. South Africa.
x1 - 6.7.1935 / Ivan HUNT *16.8.1910, +1956 / P.E. 
x2 - 1962 / Ndola, Zambia / Allan LIVINGSTONE. 

b1c3d4.2e2f1 Errol Ivan HUNT *5.2.1939 / Port Elizabeth - +12.6.2013/Sydney, Australia  
x-  /Port Elizabeth / Valerie SIMONS 
(Whole family emmigrated to Australia c. 1972) 

040-009x  Graham

040-006x  David

040-007x  John

040-008x  Simon
b1c3d4.2e2f1g1 Graham Errol HUNT *3.6.1962 
b1c3d4.2e2f1g2 David Ivan HUNT *17.1.1964 
x /.../Sydney, Australia / Diane ? 
b1c3d4.2e2f1g3 John Arthur HUNT *24.1.1966 
b1c3d4.2e2f1g4 Simon Edward HUNT *7.3.1967 
b1c3d4.2e2f2 Marion May HUNT *16.10.1941 /Port Elizabeth 
x1 / .../Port Elizabeth / Peter SLACK  (Subsequently Divorced). 
x2 /.../ Johannesburg / Malcolm BUNYARD (2nd Marriage) 

Marion May Bunyard -1998

Malcolm 'Mac' Bunyard - 1998
021-005 & 020-017
b1c3d4.2e2f2g1.1 Frank John SLACK *25.10.1965  Occ. Ph.D. Assoc. Professor, Cellular & Developmental Biology, Yale Univ.
x. 8.7.1995 /Nantucket, MA, USA / Carol Ann BASCOM *?
                                                          Carol, Frank / Claire, Evan
b1c3d4.2e2f2g1.1h1 Evan Hunt Bascom SLACK *12.11.1998/ Boston, MA, USA
b1c3d4.2e2f2g1.1h2 Claire France SLACK *5.9.2001 /New Haven, Connecticut, USA
b1c3d4.2e2f2g2.1 Grant SLACK *19.12.1966 
x / Durban /  ?
b1c3d4.2e2f2g3.1 Catherine May SLACK *6.8.1970
x- Douglas "Doug" Richard WASSENAAR *31.10.1953 
b1c3d4.2e2f2g3.1h1 Daniel Richard WASSENAAR *2.9.2004 (Pietermaritzburg)
b1c3d4.2e2f3 Sandra Anne HUNT *12.11.1948 / Port Elizabeth 
x1 /6.2.1971 / Simon DAYNES (divorced 31.8.1976) 
x2 /11.4.1980 / Port Elizabeth / Peter Graham MARTIN (divorcee)
b1c3d4.2e2f3g1.1 Bradley Guy DAYNES *23.6.1972
b1c3d4.2e2f3g2.1 Sasha May DAYNES *17.12.1974
b1c3d4.2e3 Gilbert Edward LONDT  *1.10.1917/Port Elizabeth, +12.6.1987/Provincial Hospital Port Elizabeth. Emphysema / Asthma. Occ. Architect (Wits).
x1- 26.10.1938/Johannesburg / Evelyn Joan HAYDEN *6.1.1913 / Aldershot, England- +7.11.2012/Pinetown, Natal RSA (d/o Arthur Donald Radford-HAYDEN and Minnietea (Minnie) Violet GOLDSMITH, both of England). Sep. c1952 / Div. 30.6.1954
x2- 1954/Durban, Jeanne Frances WAKELIN  (div. EVANS) *10.7.1919, +3.7.1982/ Port Elizabeth). Lung Cancer.
x3- 4.9.1982 /Port Elizabeth, Naida GLOAK *27.5.1962 / Zimbabwe, +13.6.2004 /Port Elizabeth. Diabetes related complications.
L to R Back:  Chiazzari, Wolstenholme,  Londt
Front:  Howles,  Barnes. St.Andrews College, Grahamstown c.1936/37
 (Photo kindly provided by Mr. William Leonard Chaizzari (89y) in 2006)

           Gilbert 'Gibby' c.1941                                                       Joan c.1957
b1c3d4.2e3f1.1 Digby Edward Radford LONDT *23.7.1941 /JHB c 4.1.1942 St.George Church, Parktown. JHB 
x /12.3.1965, St.Columbas Church, Parkview JHB / Margaret Norah BARCLAY *22.4.1944 /JHB 
                                                                Digby & Margaret c.2001
b1c3d4.2e3f1.1g1 Quentin George William LONDT *25.2.1967/Oxford Maternity Home, Emmarentia, JHB  ~1.10.1967/ St. Columbas Church,  JHB. 
x- 5.11.1994 / St.Columbas Church/  Sarah Kate CHESTER *19.3.1966 / Nairobi, Kenya.
d/o Michael CHESTER *19.5.1931 &  Jane CORK *24.8.1942

           Calvin 2004
b1c3d4.2e31f1g1h1 Levana Jane Chester-LONDT *5.8.1990/ Johannesburg. 
(Adopted natural daughter of Kate CHESTER and Jeffrey PITCHER) 
b1c3d4.2e3f1.1g1h2 Calvin James Chester LONDT *4.5.1995 / Mary Mount Maternity Home Johannesburg. ~5.11.1995 /St.Columbas Church. Parkview JHB. 
b1c3d4.2e3f1.1g2 Richard Digby Eden LONDT *16.1.1969 /Oxford Maternity Home, Emmarentia, Johannesburg.  ~6.4.1969/St. Columbas Church Parkview. 
x /25.2.1995 /St. Columbas Church/  Adele Catherine BURGER *20.8.1970/Port Elizabeth. ~NGK Linden, JHB. d/o Johannes Gerhardus BURGER *9.7.1932/Kakamas, N.Cape & Sandra Doris DE KLERK *9.10.1946 /Port Elizabeth 
Richard & Adele 1995

             Rich & Adele - 2018                                            022-014  Richard & Adele 2018
 Jared 2004

Amber 2004
  b1c3d4.2e3f1.1g2h1 Jared Eden LONDT *4.6.1997/Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
~25.12.1997/ St.Columbas Church, Parkview, Johannesburg.  b1c3d4.2e3f1.1g2h2 Amber Louise LONDT *25.3.1999/Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
~25.12.1999/ St.Columbas Church, Parkview, Johannesburg.  b1c3d4.2e3f1.1g3 Gwegeli Douglas Edward LONDT *26.4.1970 /Oxford Maternity Home, Emmarentia, Johannesburg. ~6.9.1970/St. Columbas Church, JHB. 
x/5.7.1997 /St. Saviours Church, Midrand, S.A./ 
Kathleen Jeannette SHARP *21.10.1974/Johannesburg. d/o Sidney SHARP *2.4.1938/Johannesburg & Jeannette WEENINK *10.5.1949 / Suribaya, Java, Indonesia. 

(L to R)  Elliot, GREGORY, Emily, Joel, KATHLEEN, Benjamin - Jan 2004 / Auckland, New Zealand

b1c3d4.2e3f1.1g3h1 Elliot Bernard George LONDT *11.6.1998/17h40 / Sandton Medi-Clinic, Johannesburg. b1c3d4.2e3f1.1g3h2 Benjamin Digby Jan LONDT *11.1.2000 /07h44 / Sandton Medi-Clinic, Johannesburg. b1c3d4.2e3f1.1g3h3 Joel Sidney Greg LONDT *12.3.2001 /14h35 / Sandton Medi-Clinic, Johannesburg. b1c3d4.2e3f1.1g3h4 Emily Anna Margaret LONDT *24.8.2003 / Auckland, New Zealand. b1c3d4.2e3f1.1g3h5 Mary Kathleen Jeannette LONDT *3.6.2005 /../18h15, Hamilton Hospital, New Zealand, 3.3kg b1c3d4.2e3f1.1g4 Geoffrey John Gilbert LONDT *14.10.1972 /Park Lane Clinic, Parktown, Johannesburg. ~25.12.1972/St. Columbas Church, Parkview Johannesburg.. 
x1- 14.6.1997 / Modderfontein, JHB  then Divorced.- Dec.2002 / Claire WALLACE *3.12.1971 
x2- 1.5.2008 /Benoni RSA./  Tania Elaine PENDOCK (Widow b.WILLIAMSON) *22.10.1967  Belfast N.Ireland
(d/o Desmond WILLIAMSON *30.3.1939 Belfast/ N.Ireland &  Frances Josephine O'Donoghy *27.11.1936 Donegal / N.Ireland.
             Geoff, Tania & Kai                                                                                        
Geoff, Tania & Kai 1st May 2008

Kai PENDOCK *3.3.1998/ RSA -.Son of Tania WILLIAMSON & Allan PENDOCK -(Deceased) 1c3d4.2e3f2.1 Jason Gilbert Hayden LONDT *1.4.1943/Johannesburg. 
x - 2.3.1968 / St.Francis Methodist Church, Forrestown, Jhb  / Ann PARKIN *3.3.1947
(d/o  Neville Edwin PARKIN and Esme JEWELL
  b1c3d4.2e3f2.1g1 Brendan Donald Edwin LONDT *26.11.1970
x. 11.12.2004 / Cape Town / Nicole CHRISTENSON (Div.) (*.?)

                 Brendan & Nicole Apr.2005

b1c3d4.2e3f2.1g1h1 Keegan LONDT *21.9.2006 / Cape Town RSA
b1c3d4.2e3f2.1g2 Cynthia Ann LONDT  *14.12.1972
x- 30.3.1999/East London/ Andre Desmond MORRISH *6.12.1970 / Durban S.A.
(s/o Desmond MORRISH */Ireland &  Charlotte SMIT)

Cynthia & Andre  1999 
b1c3d4.2e3f2.1g2h1 Olivia Ann MORRISH *9.1.2002 /Cape Town

                         Olivia MORRISH

                           Rachel MORRISH

b1c3d4.2e3f2.1g2h2 Rachel Charlotte MORRISH *26.5.2004 /Cape Town b1c3d4.2e3f2.1g3 Hilary Jewell LONDT *10.3.1976
x.17.10.2000/Pietermaritzburg SA /  Peter KONIGKRAMER *?
(s/o  Arthur KONIGKRAMER and Rosemary ?)

              Konigkramers - April 2004                                            022-014  Hilary 1989


b1c3d4.2e3f2.1g3h1 Nathan Peter KONIGKRAMER *25.8.2002/ Durban SA  b1c3d4.2e3f2.1g3h2 Sarah Rose KONIGKRAMER *10.11.2003/ Durban SA b1c3d4.2e3f3.1 Deborah Joan LONDT *26.5.1947 /Salisbury, England. 
x1-  29.11.1969 /St.Francis Church, Parkview, JHB/ James William DEALE *25.9.1944/JHB +23.9.1997 Durban (Heart Failure) Occ. Airline Pilot. 
x2- 18.4.1999/Westville Baptist Church, Durban. S.A./  Ernest CALDER / 22.10.1936 /Scotland. Occ.Civil Engineer.
022-007 Deborah 1989

Ernie CALDER and Deborah  1999
b1c3d4.2e3f3.1g1 Jeremy James William DEALE *10.11.1970/Johannesburg  . Occ.Architect.
x/29.8.1998  /Durban, SA/ Candice MARSHALL *?
Emmigrated to Sydney Australia.
  b1c3d4.2e3f3.1g1h1 Tannah DEALE * Sept.2009 / Sidney, Australia
b1c3d4.2e3f3.1g2 Samantha Joan Muriel DEALE *27.4.1972/Johannesburg. 
022-015 Samantha 1998

  b1c3d4.2e3f3.1g2h1 Jessica Christen DEALE *4.5.1993/Durban
(Natural d/o Gerard Herve 'Richard' LETIMIER *11.3.1968/Mauritius. s/o Pierre LETIMIER & Maude ? ) 
                                                    022-020 'Richard' & Jessie 1998
  b1c3d4.2e3f3.1g3 Katherine Elizabeth "Katie" DEALE *23.6.1978/Johannesburg.
 x- 15.3.2008, Natal RSA / Brett Robert LINGLEY *1.9.1978 / .......
(s/o Roger LINGLEY & Janet AIREY)
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b1c3d4.2e3f6.3 Aidan William LONDT *27.5.1986 / Port Elizabeth Cape SA, ~5.10.1986 / St. Cuthberts Church, Port Elizabeth.
b2 Lucas Joachim Wilhelm LONDT *c.1813
No Information found. According to his mother's Death Notice he was 'mondig' (ie. "of age" +21years) at the time of her death.



- The name is spelled LOND in several official entries found in South Africa. This same confusion exists with other related and unrelated persons
of the same name and period. In his own handwriting Johannes Londt spells his name LONDT, as have all his descendants without exception.
In the marriage register and in a letter of 1805 the name "Londt:/Janzen:/" is given. (The significance of the "Janzen" is thought to be a Dutch practice
indicating the maternal surname. Any information on this would be appreciated).
It has now been found that his father was indeed named LOND (a name still appearing in Denmark today, whereas LONDT does not), and that the registering clerk in Amsterdam almost certainly added the 'T' himself when Johannes' baptism was registered. The following are the only snippets of information on the life of Johannes that have been found to date:

- According to the Cape Directory of 1800 (in which his surname is strangely, but in fact correctly, given as LOND ) he was 'Of Amsterdam' and a 'Matroos' (Sailor).  He was apparently boarding at the home of the widow Ziedeman at the time along with two other men. The directory further states that he had 'remained after the capitulation' (presumably of the Cape to the British in 1795). His address at the time is given as: 1 Graave Street, Cape Town. The date of his arrival at the Cape is unknown. His date of baptism was found for the first time in the Amsterdam City Archives in 1998 by Geoffrey and Claire Londt. The date of his death is not known as yet. (Strangely there is also a Cornelis LOND listed in Cape Town at the time - One wonders if this was his father ?)

-In 1802 he was paid 7 Rixdallers by the NGK 'Moederkerk' in Stellenbosch "voor het schilderen en vergulden in de kerk van 134 letters" (for the painting and gilding in the church of 134 letters) over the organ. It has been suggested that these made up a verse from the Bible - 1.Corinthians 13:1. (Ref: Die Kerk van Stellenbosch. A.M.Hugo & J. v.d. Bijl. pub.1963)

-In the NGK marriage register he is named as a "Bombardier by Auxiliare Artillerie 1ste Classe". A few months later, in a letter written to the administration on behalf of a sister-in-law, he styles himself  "Bombardier Commandeerende Battery Pyman in de Hout Bay". (It is understood that historians were unaware of such a Battery).

-J.A.Heese's book "Slagtersnek en Sy Mense" (Tafelberg Uitgewers. 1973) was an unexpected source of additional information. From this we are told that Johannes was a Messenger of Court (Geregsbode) in Stellenbosch prior to transfer to Graaff-Reinet in January 1813 where he was Deputy Sheriff/Bailiff (Onderbalyu). It was he who was
delegated to serve the warrant of arrest on a certain Frederik Bezuidenhout on 10 October 1815. We are told that Johannes was 39 years old at the time (we now know that he was about 37). Bezuidenhout was shot by one of the undisciplined border troops who had attached themselves to Johannes as an escort. This incident, in which Johannes was an unwitting participant, contributed to the later uprising and events known to S.A. history as "Slagtersnek".
- The 1846 Almanac lists Johannes as the 'Tyler' of the Freemasons Lodge 'de Goede Hoop' in Bouquet Street, Cape Town. His wifes Death Notice, filled out by Johannes, states that they were living there when she died. He would have been about 70 years old in 1846. This is the last piece of information found. In this same death notice he lists the
children of his marriage. He omits the child who died in infancy but includes a fourth, Lucas Joachim Wilhelm, of whom no information at all has been found.

2) The name is also found recorded as Schee, Schreyn, Schrijn, Schree, Schreen , Schron and Schrein. Coenraad 'Schee', in the service of the V.O.C, arrived at the Cape on the ship 'Tulpent' in 1754. He was made a "free-burgher" on 8 Mar.1757.2)   Coenraad married twice. His first was to Barbara VOGELSLANG who bore him two children: Barbara Catherina and Johannes Simon. Both children had died before his second marriage to Clara Maria PIETERSE.  She bore him five Children: Johanna Maria, Sara Wilhelmina, Simon Christoffel, Anna Petronella and Clara. It would seem then that Coenraad’s first grandson Johannes Coenraad Cornelis LONDT was named after his father and/or paternal great grandfather  Johannes and  his grandfather Coenraad.  Coenraad’s second grandson Simon Pieter Christoffel being named after one of his uncles, Simon Christoffel  and his great grandfather Pieter. Volume 2 of FAMILIA for 1983 pg.38 has an interesting article by Margaret Cairns entitled "The Schröns, a Cape Family 1758-1841". This is the same Schrön. Clara Maria PIETERSE seems to have been the daughter of a certain Pieter VAN INNEAS and ‘Elizabeth’ (whose family name is unknown). ‘Pieterse’ derives from ‘of Pieter’ or ‘belonging to Pieter’. Pieter may have been a Malay on Indonesian slave imported to the Cape by the Dutch East Indies Company (VOC). Elizabeth  was probably of mixed cape blood (ie “coloured”). This information derives from the article mentioned above.

3) Simon Pieter Christoffel LONDT (also found as Petrus and Peter)
Was a master craftsman and cabinet-maker of distinction. In the Reinse Sendings-Kerk in Stellenbosch stands one of his creations pictured below- the pulpit, which is now a National Monument. His unmarked grave was located in the Lutheran section of Maitland Cemetary, Cape Town. (The attendants office has the original register of graves). The plot had apparently been owned by someone else who had allowed his burial there. It is located between the graves of Justus Carl Deist No.1900 and Darling Violet Bohle no.1922 and backs onto the graves of Maria Stallbaum No.1903 and Catharina M.Herbst. It is two graves from the end of the row at the railway side of the cemetery.. He died on the Monday and was buried on Wednesday 1st Nov.1899. The funeral notice was carried in the Cape Times of the same day. At the time of his death he was living at Bower Cottage, Roukoop Road, Rondebosch.  His second wife was the widow of Charles Louis Kuypers MONS of Brussels, a diamond merchant. (*c.1835, +28.11.1872/Cape Town 37y). There were three children by her first marriage:
 1- Joseph Louis Kryn Kuypers MONS;
 2- Jacobus Barend Kuypers MONS;
 3- Margaret Clara Francis MONS.
 (The film actor Victor McLaglen is believed to have been  a nephew of Cornelia Margaretha).


4) William Edward LONDT
A short powerfully built man. 5'-5 1/2" tall according to a passport of his. At age 13 (c.1894) Billy walked to East London where he was employed by a Mr William Smaile, a shopkeeper who specialised in footware. While there he stayed with a family by the name of Dodge. He worked long hours but found time to study bookkeeping and shorthand. When he was 17 (c.1898) he rejoined his parents in Cape Town (his fathers ailing health may have had an influence on his move). There he became a clerk in the Standard Bank. Within six months he was working in the offices of Herbert Baker (later to be Sir Herbert Baker), who had newly established himself as an architect in Cape Town. After the outbreak of the South African War in 1899 he enlisted in the colonial unit Roberts Horse as Trooper No.1157 (probably c.1900 in Cape Town after his fathers death). The five bars of his medal show the extent of his service before he was wounded. He was discharged from the forces as medically unfit due to a gunshot would in the shoulder and received the “Kings Shilling” as a pension from the British Government. He tried livestock speculation but lost his money due to the 'Rindepest'. Other speculations included diamond digging.

 In 1906 he settled in Port Elizabeth. There he became involved in the brewing business but sold out as he was in principle against the use of liquor in any form (this concern appears to have been the beginning of what was eventually to become South African Breweries). In 1907 he was offered control of the insolvent Algoa Boot and Shoe Company but did not have the capital. However, in partnership with a Mr.Frank Packer and Mr.Gibaut he acquired the assets of this company which had started business in 1890. The plant was two sewing machines and a staff of not more than half a dozen. He bought out his minority partners in 1910 and moved to bigger premises. When he married Florence Gladys Gilbert she took over some of the bookkeeping tasks.

 In 1913 an important development occurred, the introduction of a scheme to sell shoes by mail order. The company changed name to Edwards Leather Works and again in 1914 to Edworks Limited.

 During WW1 Edworks with a staff of 150 made thousands of pairs of army boots as well as saddlery and harness. The mail order catalogue continued to grow, 100 000 copies of 6 pages in the 1920's. At the 1925 Rosebank Show, Edworks displayed 300 different types of footwear. A new plant was built at Sydenham, North End and output increased to 8-10 000 pairs a week. In 1926 the company resolved to open their own retail shops which eventually spread around the country.  A substantial export trade had also developed to many countries in the commonwealth. The second world war saw a further increase in output. In 1946 he decided to retire and sold out to the Dodo Group. Thereafter he became active in property
 investment and development in and around Port Elizabeth, notably the suburbs of Sunridge Park and Framesby.

 He was a very active sportsman. As a member of the P.E.Gymnastic Club he excelled at 'Single Stick' and Boxing. He was also a noted sprinter in his youth , regularly winning medals at Greenpoint Stadium including at least one gold. He is mentioned in "The South African Review" of Jan.10th. 1902 as having run the 100 yards in 10.2 seconds. He was active in promoting the first commercial air flights from P.E. He served as a City Councillor and was a supporter of a number of charities and associations. He was a member of the Port Elizabeth Golf Club.

Florence Gladys (b. GILBERT) passed the School Higher Examination in 1903 and obtained a certificate from the University of the Cape of Good Hope in English, Latin, Arithmetic and Mathematics.

William Edward Londt: (from an e-mail letter from Errol Hunt to his son John. CC ro DERL)

 Subject: Roberts Horse
 Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 22:40:50 +1100
 From: Errol and Valerie Hunt <valerrol@bigpond.com>
 To: John Hunt <johnah@moe.edu.sg>
 CC: LONDT Margaret/Digby <mardig@iafrica.com>,
 Jason Londt <jlondt@nmsa.org.za>, David Ivan Hunt <ddinht@yahoo.com.au>,
 Simon Edward Hunt <jaden@jaden.com>, Graham Errol Hunt <ghunt@singnet.com.sg>

 Dear John,
 As you are such a history buff and in particular interested in Family history I have found a few more references to Roberts Horse in the dispatches of Banjo Paterson to the Sydney Morning Herald than were advised in the index of the book you looked at.

 As you know your great grandfather Edward William Londt fought with Roberts Horse and was seriously wounded in battle; so badly that he was thrown on to an ox-wagon as dead, but survived. I can remember him telling me stories of his life when I was a little boy and I used to listen fascinated, for hours,  to his tales.  He also showed me the huge hole in his shoulder that the bullet made and as well the actual bullet they dug out of him.  In the bullet you could see the scrape marks of the surgeons clamp as he struggled to remove that lump of lead from the body. Later he had a ruby mounted in the bullet to commemorate all the blood lost as well as a near death experience. He also used to tell me of long rides chasing the Boers in the veld and that there was always a shortage of water - so he used to put a peach pip into his mouth and roll that around to keep the saliva and offset the pangs of thirst. Try it, it works!

 He also told me how he had many horses shot under him in battle before that bullet got him so he obviously had a long time in service (see note 1) and was rewarded by the British with a pension of a shilling (10c) a day for the rest of his life.  It was the rate of pay in the army going back to before the battle of Waterloo (the Kings shilling for military service). I wish I could remember more but I do recall one last thing- he used also to break in wild horses for the regiment.

 Now as to what I have found out about Roberts Horse and my guess as to where he was wounded. Remember Patersons dispatches were intended for Australian consumption and W.E.L. was South African colonial as thay called them then. I missed a couple of refs early on, but they were inconsequential so here is the meatier part

  " ...2/5/1900. Skirmishes at Leeukop, (lionshead) Roodekop, Grootfontein ( bigfountain), Jacobsrust and Thaba 'Nchu ... I have seen three or four fights, captured two cities and been in amongst the Boers.(he was with General French's cavalry most of the time he was in SA)

 One day we saw troops going out to Leeukop and heard guns in the distance We found a lot of African volunteers and Roberts Horse under the shelter of a big stony hill holding their horses. They had been there all day and not seen a shot fired. We heard the clatter of the pom pom gun about three miles off.....On 23rd April French and his force advanced on Dewetsdorp where the Boers had established themselves along a ridge four miles from the town. The key being the hill of Roodekop.....there had been a fight there that day and the Boers had fired from their farmhouses, though they were flying a white flag and a Major from Roberts Horse was fatally shot.- in revenge our people ignited the property.....The battle near Heidelberg....Roberts Horse sustain casualties...Four columns were sent out to capture Gen De Wet. Lt General Hamilton with three mounted brigades an infantry brigade and three batteries of artillery made for Heidelberg where they met sharp resistance. Roberts Horse a colonial unit named after Lord Roberts had been created in the Cape in February 1900. A number of Australians served in their ranks. In March 1900 it had a tough fight at Sannas post. Paterson writing from the town on the day it fell recorded a battle that led to Roberts Horse losing a number of men.....Gen Hamilton sent troops around the hill to outflank the Boers. The Boers were quite prepared for this and they peppered Roberts Horse in great style, seriously wounding five officers and six men..... The war was to continue long after Paterson left on 6/8/1900. Finally ending on the 31st May 1902.

 Now as to where and when "Oupa" (Grandpa in Dutch) Londt met with that bullet I can only guess but I do have newspaper report to quote from " After the outbreak of the Boer war in 1899 Londt enlisted in the colonial unit Roberts Horse. The five bars on his medal show the extent of his service before he was wounded....." My guess is late in the campaign (Apr 1902) when the British forces were somewhat stretched chasing the Boer commando's around the veld.

 Hope all this was of interest as I should welcome any further input you may happen upon .
 Love Dad.”

 (Note 1: by DERL: He was in service for “1 year 24 days” according to his discharge papers).

 William Edward Londt: Additional information recovered from personal documents in the keeping of Price Waterhouse until January 2004 and now in the keeping of D.E.R.Londt
1. Copy of baptismal/birth certificate obtained 26 July 1911. Explains perhaps why his father Simon Peter was buried in the Lutheran section of Maitland cemetery
2. Copy of marriage certificate to Florence Gladys Gilbert on 16 July 1910
3. Letter of recommendation from W. Smaile & Co, East London, October 1897 when leaving their service to return to Cape Town.
4.  Letter of commiseration from Herbert Baker (later “Sir” ) dated 31 October 1899, the date of his father Simon Peter’s burial.
5.  Letter of recommendation from Herbert Baker dated 7 December 1899 to the Officer Commanding S. A. Light Horse (later “Roberts Horse) supporting W.E.Londt’s intention to enlist with them
6. Certificate of Discharge dated 31 December 1900. Gives a length of  service of 1 year 24 days. Decoration: S.A.War Medal.
7. Letter of reference from adjutant of Roberts Horse dated 1 June 1901 attesting to discharge previous September 1900.:

“No.1157 Trooper W.E.Londt Roberts Horse was discharged owing to wounds (pension) last September. He acted as interpreter during the campaign to several Generals and O.C. Columns amongst others, Generals Broadwood, MacDonald and Pole-Carew.
Character very good.
.......(name indistinct possibly ‘Methuen’ ?)
Adjutant Captain
Roberts Horse
Cape Town 1/6/01 “

8. Finally, a testimonial from Herbert Baker’s office dated June 1902 referring to W.E.Londt’s work there as a “typist” for two years prior to his enlistment.
   The above note reads:

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