(Unknown)  HOLTON of  England
    His Descendants in South Africa

    Symbols: * = Birth   ~ = Baptism    +=Death
                    x = Married (x1 = first, x2 = second, etc)
a (Unknown) HOLTON *?/England  +?  x/? 
(Probably served with British forces in India as at least one son was born there) 
b1 Henry HOLTON
b2 Frederick George HOLTON *c.1855/ India +2.6.1929/74y. Port Elizabeth , (Ships Engineer/Ran away to sea) 
x. Ellen Nora Louisa FORBES *c.1860 +1929/71y . P.E.  (See End Notes).

Frederick George - unknown relative -  Ellen 
Children: Top- Frederick; Bottom: Emily  

b2c1 Emily Norah HOLTON *2.6.1881 +22.6.1941 (motor accident)
x. Henry Eden HART *10.8.1886/Rondebosch, Capetown ~19.9.1886/St. Pauls Church, Rondebosch, Capetown. 
(Godparents: Harry Holton, Eden Witney, Lucy Moth) 

b2c1d1 Eileen Emily HART *26.4.1913/P.E. +6.9.2000 / Johannesburg (Stroke)
x. George Herbert BARCLAY *31.5.1910/P.E +19.12.1975/JHB (Stroke)
b2c1d1e1 Margaret Norah BARCLAY *22.4.1944/Johannesburg 
x/12.3.1965/St.Columba's Church Parkview; Digby Edward Radford LONDT *23.7.1941/Johannesburg. 
s/o Gilbert Edward LONDT *1.10.1917/P.E. +12.6.1987/P.E.and x1/1938/Johannesburg, Evelyn Joan HAYDEN *6.1.1913/ Aldershot,England- d/o Arthur Donald Radford-HAYDEN and Minnietea 'Minnie' Violet GOLDSMITH, both of England. 
b2d1c1e1f1 Quentin George William LONDT *25.2.1967/Johannesburg. ~1.10.1967/St.Columba's Church, Parkview, JHB. 
x- 5.11.1994 St.Columba's Church Parkview; Sarah Kate CHESTER *19.3.1966/Nairobi, Kenya, 
d/o Michael CHESTER *19.5.1931 /England and Jane CORK *24.8.42 /England
b2c1d1e1f1g1 Levana Jane Chester-LONDT *5.8.1990/Johannesburg 
(Adopted:  natural d/o Kate Chester & Jeffrey Pitcher) 
b2c1d1e1f1g2 Calvin James Chester LONDT *4.5.1995/Johannesburg. ~5.11.19955/St.Columba's Church Parkview Johannesburg. 
b2c1d1e1f2 Richard Digby Eden LONDT *16.1.1969/Johannesburg. ~6.4.1969/St.Columba's Church, Parkview, JHB. 
x./25.2.1995 St.Columba's Church Parkview; Adele Catherine BURGER *20.8.1970/Port Elizabeth,~NGK Linden, JHB. 
d/o Johannes Gerhardus BURGER *9.7.1943/Kakamas C.P and Sandra Doris DE KLERK *9.10.1946/Port Elizabeth. 
b2c1d1e1f2g1 Jared Eden LONDT *4.6.1997/Dubai U.A.E. ~25.12.1997 /St.Columbas' Church, Parkview, JHB. 
b2c1d1e1f2g2 Amber Louise LONDT *25.3.1999/Dubai U.A.E. ~25.12.1999 /St.Columbas' Church, Parkview, JHB. 
b2c1d1e1f3 Gregory Douglas Edward LONDT *26.4.1970/Johannesburg. ~6.9.1970/St.Columba's Church, Parkview/JHB. 
x/5.7.1997/St.Saviours Church, Midrand S.A.
Kathleen Jeannette SHARP *21.10.1974/JHB. S.A. 
d/o Sidney SHARP *2.4.1938 and Jeannette WEENINK *11.5.49 
b2c1d1e1f3g1 Elliot Bernard George LONDT *11.6.1998/Johannesburg S.A.
b2c1d1e1f3g2 Benjamin Digby Jan LONDT *11.1.2000/Johannesburg S.A.
b2c1d1e1f3g3 Joel Sidney Greg LONDT *12.3.2001/Johannesburg S.A.
b2c1d1e1f3g4 Emily Anna Margaret LONDT *24.8.2003 / Auckland, New Zealand
b2c1d1e1f3g5 (Expected Abt. 5.2005) / Te Kuiti, Kings Country, New Zealand.
b2c1d1e1f4 Geoffrey John Gilbert LONDT *14.10.1972 / Johannesburg. ~25.12.1972 / St.Columba's Church, Parkview, JHB. 
x-14.6.1997 / Modderfontein Conservation Centre/JHB. S.A.  (Divorced Dec.2002)
Claire WALLACE *3.12.72 
d/o Alexander Murray 'Scotty' WALLACE *14.4.1948 and Denise Patricia WOOD *17.4.1951 
Divorced Dec. 2002
b2c1d1e2 Helen Elizabeth BARCLAY *6.7.1947/JHB 
x- 4.4.1970/St.Columba's Church, Parkview/JHB 
Dennis Robert DITTBERNER *19.2.1947 
s/o Harold Robert DITTBERNER *19.11.1920 / Ermelo,  and Shirley Heather ELTON *23.12.1923/Kimberley +? / JHB. 
b2c1d1e2f1 Cheryl Elizabeth DITTBERNER *29.8.1972/Kroonstad, OFS. 
x- 16.12.2002 / Johannesburg / Jurgen VOGT *6.7.1970
(s/o Bruno VOGT *5.7.1942 / Wangen, Switzerland and Dushanka POROBIC *25.8.1944 / Split, Jugoslavia (Croatia)
(Note: Jurgen VOGT has natural son: Dylan VOGT *3.10.1993/Jhb. by Chantelle WRIGHT)
b2c1d1e2f1g1 Evan Brandon VOGT *24.8.2004 / Johannesburg.
b2c1d1e2f2 Malcolm DITTBERNER *13.5.1974/Pretoria, TVL. 
b2c1d1e3 Isobel Catherine BARCLAY *21.7.1949/Johannesburg. x/29.11.1969/St.Columba's Church, Parkview/JHB 
Trevor Ian WALKER *14.10.1943/Port Elizabeth 
s/o Raymond WALKER and Elizabeth PHILLIP of P.E. 
b2c1d1e3f1 Leigh Catherine WALKER *18.2.1974/Johannesburg 
x/19.2.2002 / Cape Town / Simon Oliver ELLIOT *18.1.1974/Port Elizabeth.
s/o Peter John ELLIOT *17.10.1944 and Renee HODGKINSON *29.4.1946 /Queenstown 
b2c1d1e3f1 Karla Christine WALKER *28.9.1978/Johannesburg 
b2c1d2 Arthur Eden HART *18.4.1915 +c.1917 (meningitis)

Arthur Eden HART (seated) with elder sister Eileen Emily HART
b2c1d3 Iris Gwendoline HART *18.7.1918 / Driehoek, Germiston +4.7.1999 /Petersburg (Heart Failure)
x- JHB/ Johannes Frederik "John" LAMBERT  *1.7.1916 / Gorichen, Netherlands.
(Claimed full family name was "Lambert de Venier Erojia") 
b2c1d3e1 Peter John LAMBERT *15.2.1944/JHB 
x- 20.4.1968 / Umtali S.Rhodesia/  Patricia Frances BAGGETT *18.3.1947 /Salisbury.
b2c1d3e1f1 Tamasin Wendy LAMBERT *10.1971/S.Rhodesia 
x- ?
b2c1d3e1f2 Debbie LAMBERT *4.1973-4/S.Rhodesia 
x- ?
b2c1d3e2 Susan Patricia LAMBERT *20.6.1957 (Adopted)
x- Umtali, S.Rhodesia (Mutari, Zimbabwe) / Sarel Francois MALAN *17.10.1952 / Ndola
b2c1d3e2f1 Peta Ann MALAN *15.9.1982 / Pietersberg SA
b2c1d3e2f2 Megan Iris MALAN *11.11.1985 / Pietersberg SA 
b2c1d4 Patricia HART *3.11.1923/JHB  +13.6.2003 /Pietersburg 
x- 4.1.1947 Johannesburg / Noel Conry WIGG  *7.10.1917 / Natal SA +15.4.1972 / Pietersburg (motor accident). 
b2d1d4e1 Stephen Noel WIGG *25.5.1953 / Johannesburg.
x- Pietersburg / Wanda (surname unknown)
b2c1d4e1f1 Neill Conry WIGG  *29.3.1998 /Pietersburg
b2c1d4e2 Janet Patricia WIGG  *25.10.1954 / Johannesburg SA
x- Pietersburg / 24.10.1987 /  Alexander Lees "Sandy" KELLY *15.5.1954 /Johannesburg.
b2c1d4e2f1 Shona Leigh KELLY *16.8.1989 /Johannesburg SA
b2c1d4e2f2 John Lees KELLY *25.3.1991 / Johannesburg SA
b2c2 Arthur Benjamin HOLTON
b2c3 Harry Reginald HOLTON *3.8.1889 +18.10.1961x- Grace Ellen WELLS *6.12.1891 +31.5.1971
b2c4 Alice Violet HOLTON *30.7.1891 +27.2.1976  (spinster) 
b2c5 Eleanor Maud 'Nellie' HOLTON  *7.5.1893/P.E. +7.5.1969 / 76y. P.E. 
x- James Albert YATES  *10.12.1888 +17.9.1964 / Port Elizabeth.
b2c5d1 Aileen YATES 
x- George MILNE 
b2c5d1e1 Lynn MILNE 
b2c5d1e2 Joy MILNE 
b2c5d2 Margery YATES 
x- Duncan GORTON 
b2c5d2e1 Anne GORTON
b2c5d2e2 Gillian GORTON 
b2c5d3 James YATES 
x- Doreen ? 
b2c5d3e1 Roydon YATES
b2c5d3e2 Kevin YATES 
b2c5d4 Albert 'Bertie' YATES  *? +1990's 
x- Jean ? *? +? (murdered by housebreakers) 
b2c5d4e1 Jane YATES
b2c5d4e2 Shirley YATES 
b2c5d4e3 Pamela YATES 
b2c5d4e4 (Unknown) YATES (Twin to Pamela) 
b2c5d4e5 Peter YATES 
b2c6 (Unknown) HOLTON
b2c7 (Unknown) HOLTON
b2c8 (Unknown) HOLTON
b2c9 (Unknown) HOLTON
1) Frederick George HOLTON:
The following obituary appeared in a Port Elizabeth newspaper on Saturday June 8th, 1928. (Cutting damaged):


On Sunday, June 2, there entered into rest an dold Empire warrior in th eperson ofMr. Fred G. Holton. Born into the army, his father being a commissariat officer of the old 88th in India, Fred, as a soldiers son, was “taken on the strength” and he died an honoured and respected member of the Prince Alfred’s Guard Comrades Association.

Having joined the Navy, he forst came to South Africa in the H.M.S. Active, and taking his dischargehere, settled down in Port Elizabethand joined the Prince Alfred’s Volunteer Guards, as it was called in those days, as a bandsman.

On the outbreak of hostilities in the Transkei he served with the 1st Detachment underCaptain Deareand Lieut O’Flaherty, and later with the 3rd Detachment in Basutoland, taking part in the bayonet charge at Lerethordie Village,  and was one of those heroic bandsmen who, when the troops were hard pressed during a night attack, dropped his rifle, picked up his instrument, and with the rest of the band inspired the sorely pressed troops with martial music, and saved the situation.

Not content with theses months of hard fighting, he later joined Baker’s Horse and took part in the combing of the coastal belt, clearing out the straggler rebels, and from there passed on with Baker’s Horse into Natal, becoming attached to Lord Chelmsford’s column, and was with the column when it left the ill-fated camp at Isandwhlana.

His description of their retururn from the camp was painful and heart-breaking. As he said: “We returned... camp of  dead, a heart-breaking s.... at which strong men broke down...

After the Zulu campaign he returned to Port Elizabeth and settled down to a quiet life, but always ready to “take post” when called upon.

On the formation of the Prince Alfred’s Guards Comrades’ Association he at once joined and was always ready to help Guardsmen, past and present. A regular attendant at the monthly gatherings of the Association in the mess at the Drill Hall, his stories of the stirring times he had passed through with the Regimentwere always appreciated.

A lovable man, he endeared himself to all, and was laid to rest covered by the Union Jack, under which he had so often fought, and the pall-bearers were members of the Prince Alfred’s Guards Comrades’ Association, as befitted the gallant old warrior.

“May his rest be undisturbed till heaven’s reveille sounds” “

Family legend has it that his Fred's instrument (a Cornet) was  transfixed by a Zulu assegai during one skirmish. This is still a treasured memento in the keeping of one of his descendants. 

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