Thomas HAYDEN , of Cambridgeshire England        
Partial List of His Descendants in Canada, The USA and South Africa  
(Last updated 12 May 2006)  
Symbols: * = Birth  ~ = Baptised   +=Death  
                x = Married (x1 = first, x2 = second, etc)  
Based on information kindly provided by:  
1.    Mr. & Mrs.Arthur Donald Radford-HAYDEN (England and South Africa)  
2.    Mrs. Evelyn Jjoan Ryder (b. Radford-HAYDEN) (Johannesburg, South Africa)  
3.    Mr. Stanley &  Mrs. Barbara HAYDEN (Utah, USA)  
4.    Mrs. Elizabeth "Bessie" Henrietta EVANS (b. HAYDEN)  (Edmonton, Canada)  
5.    Mr. Errol HAYDEN (Maitland, Cape Town, South Africa)  
a Thomas HAYDEN *Oct.1790 / Histon, Cambs, England. Occ. Labourer   
  x-27.10.1822, Impington / Elizabeth GAM (GAMM) *23-27.11.1793-94, Impington, Cambs. England. (d/o William GAM (GAMM)  x-4.1.1789/ Alice PRATT  of Histon, Cambridgeshire.  
b1 Mary HAYDEN *c.1823  ~16.3.1823,  Impington, Cambs.   
  x-14.3.1847 / Isaac RADFORD *c.1823-24, Coltenham, Cambs. Occ. Tailor   
  (s/o Matthew RADFORD *c.1784, Journeyman Tailor x-Sarah PAPWORTH *c.1792, Oakington, Cambs.) - Note here the maternal line.  
b1c1 Alfred Isaac RADFORD-HAYDEN *5.7.1845, Parish of Impington, Cambridgeshire,  Eng.  +6.4.1924 / 79yof Pneumonia, at 'Tredegar', Oakington. Occ. Greengrocer & Dairyman for  "Lord Tredegar" . (Alfred Isaac was born out of wedlock and was therefore given the double name "Radford-Hayden". His siblings were born following his parents marriage and carry only the name "Radford")   
  x-6.9.1869/ Emma Matilda LAVER *14.9.1847, Wedmore, Somerset; +17.4.1924, At 'Tredegar', Oakington (77th year).  
  (Married in Wesleyan Chapel, Queens Rd. Peckham, district of Camberwell, County of Surrey. Address at time of marriage: 5 Elizabeth Place, Clayton Rd. Minister Rev. Frederick Greeves and as witnesses:  James Bick Elcey & William Longhurst) .  
  The photographs below celebrated their Thirtieth Anniversary.  
  Alfred Isaac Radford-Hayden Emma Matilda (b. LAVER)  
b1c1d1 Alfred Thomas Radford-HAYDEN *7.8.1870, 10 Gordon Rd., Peckham, London, England. +14.6.1939, Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa. (Refer the detailed end-notes by Errol Hayden)..  
  Buried in plot  22274C, Maitland Cemetery, Cape Town.  Occ. Various - Clerk / Bookkeeper.  
  x1- England./ Lillian TURNER *? +28.8.1917  
  x2- 30.8.1905, Port Elizabeth, SA / Maude WRIGHT *c.1885 +2.11.1918, P.E / Influenza.   
  x3- Petronella Magdalena STEYN  
  Alfred Thomas Radford-Hayden c.1905. Tramways Inspector in the employ of the Port Elizabeth Electric Tramways Company. Extract from group newspaper photograph.    
  There was an unconfirmed family legend that came down through his brother Don that ATR-H abandoned his wife and children in England and went to South Africa where he may have started a Dairy in Pretoria at some time, possibly named "Tredegar Dairy", and that he married again and had further children. Further,that he was ostracised by the family in England and elsewhere for having done this. However,when Don's daughter Evelyn Joan R-H married in South Africa in Oct. 1938 she was contacted by ATR-H. This suggests that one or more of ATR-H's younger brothers, including it seems Joan's father Arthur Donald R-H, kept in contact with him.   14.6.1939  
  The compiler is indebted to Errol HAYDEN of Maitland, Cape Town who, as a result of an Internet search in 1999, recognised ATR-H as his grandfather and kindly provided details of ATR-H's second and third marriages and his various descendants from these. He also provided the photographs of his grandfather in Port Elizabeth and of his father and his family. His information confirms the story that ATR-H did indeed abandon both his first and second wives and children. His third wife survived him. Errol Hayden's letters are transcribed at the end of this listing.  
b1c1d1e1.1 Alfred HAYDEN *8.1.1892 +1971   
  x. Elsie REID  
  Noel (seated) and Alfred HAYDEN  c.1914    
b1c1d1e2.1 Archibald ('Archie') HAYDEN *16 Feb. 18__ .  Died in action during World War 1 (1914-1918).  
b1c1d1e3.1 Noel HAYDEN *25.12.1896 +1.12.1991   
  x-Mary Louise FRYER  
b1c1d1e3.1f1 Gwen HAYDEN  (Last known address: 2 Roundwood Rd., Sands, High Wycombe, Bucks, England)  
  x- ? PUSEY  
b1c1d1e4.1 Reginald ("Reggie") HAYDEN *11.5.1900 +19.2.1977   
  x. Gladys L. A. DOWNEY  
  (Last known address: 144 Trinton Rd., Kirby Cross, Trinton on Sea, Essex, England C013-OPN)  
  (NB: Mrs. Ann Londt reports that the above couple visited M.V.Hayden in 1973 during her visit to England and that Reg and his wife lived at High Wycombe at the time)  
b1c1d1e5.1 Oliver HAYDEN *29.5.1898  
b1c1d1e6.1 Olive HAYDEN *? +May/June / 6m old.  
b1c1d1e7.2 Richard Edward HAYDEN *12.11.1907, Port Port Elizabeth, South Africa. +27.7.1990  
  Occ. Clerk / Caretaker / Groundsman U.C.T.
  x-27.3.1937, East London / Doris Evelyn LUX  *2.9.1917,  East London +29.3.1996 / Cape Town South Africa.    
  Richard Edward HAYDEN c.1941    
    ������ Leslie�������������������� Errol  
                  Some of the family of Richard Edward Hayden - Errol Hayden extreme right  
b1c1d1e7.2f1 Marjorie Pamela HAYDEN *18.2.1938 / Johannesburg.   Occ. Clerk / Postmistress  
x1/ c.1957 / East London/ Dudley MARTIN  Occ. Clerk / divorce c.1963.  
x2/ Cape Town / Bernard Sidney "Tom" THOMPSON *19.10.1920 /Eng.  +28.1.1998 / Somerset West  RSA. / Occ. Grocer   
b1c1d1e7.2f1g1.1  Barry John MARTIN *24.1.1959./East London.  Occ. Nurse.  Changed name to THOMPSON  
x-31.10.1996, Malvern Worcestershire, England./ Kathryn WAKEFIELD,  Occ. Nurse  
b1c1d1e7.2f1g1.1h1 Matthew James THOMPSON *17.3.1998, England.  
b1c1d1e7.2f2  Errol HAYDEN *30.10.1939, King Williams Town.  Occ. Museum Technician.  
(Significant contributor of details for this branch, Nov. 1999)  
x-19.2.1966, East London /  Lorraine Norah BOTHA *13.1.1946, Parow Cape. (Occ. Receptionist).  
Occ. Receptionist  
099-020x   �����������������   Errol Hayden Oct.2000    
b1c1d1e7.2f2g1 Susan Anne HAYDEN *20.7.1971, East London, South Africa. Occ. Journalist  
b1c1d1e7.2f2g2 Catherine Pamela HAYDEN *5.10.1981, Somerset West, South Africa. Student  
  099-013f        Susan Hayden 099-012f      Catherine Hayden  
b1c1d1e7.2f3  Leslie John HAYDEN *5.6.1947/ East London  
  (Occ. Car Manufacturer -  'Hayden-Dart' & '-Cobra')  
  x-Cape Town, SA / Jaqueline DUHOUMOIR  (Divorced c. 1980)  
  100-001x   Leslie Hayden Oct.2000    
b1c1d1e7.2f3g1  Cindy Ann HAYDEN *25.2.1972, Cape Town. Occ. Salesperson  
b1c1d1e7.2f4 Glenys Nola HAYDEN *17.6.1949, East London  
x-Cape Town / Barry David ['Dave'] WOLMARANS *5.7.1948/Cape Town. Occ.Businessman  
b1c1d1e7.2f4g1 Lisa Dianne WOLMARANS *2.12.1976, Johannesburg. Occ. teacher  
b1c1d1e7.2f4g2 Michael David WOLMARANS *6.1.1982 , Johannesburg  
b1c1d1e7.2f5  Jillian Ann HAYDEN *13.3.1953, East London.  Occ. Painter  
  x-13.1.1989,  Johannesburg /  Keith Bratherton COLLEY  [his second marriage]  *5.3.1941, England.  Occ. Businessman  
b1c1d1e7.2f5g1  David Graeme COLLEY *27.8.1990, Cape Town  
b1c1d1e7.2f6 Dianne Lynn HAYDEN *4.6.1956, East London. Occ. Medical Technologist  
  x-24.2.1979, Cape Town / Brian Howard D'Arcy SMITH *15.5.1956, Nairobi, Kenya.  
  Occ. Businessman  
b1c1d1e7.2f6g1  Mark Andrew SMITH *27.11.1981, Cape Town  
b1c1d1e7.2f6g2 Lauren Kim SMITH *27.12.1985, Cape Town  
b1c1d1e8.2  Myrtle Hetty HAYDEN *14.11.1909, Port Elizabeth  +29.9.1960, Port Elizabeth.  
  x-4.6.1930, P.E, Methodist Church / Charles Henry [Harry] DAMARELL-MOSS *14.1.1907 +13.5.1993, P.E. (He dropped the -MOSS which was his stepfather's surname) Occ. Plumber.  
b1c1d1e8.2f1 Ralph Neville DAMARELL (later re-assumed DAMARELL-MOSS) *14.12.1931, Port Elizabeth.  Occ. Businessman.  
  x1-c1953, P.E. /  Beatrice Alice LITTON    (They divorced c.1967)  
  x2-Virginia ?   
b1c1d1e8.2f1g1.1 Beverley Anne DAMARELL *?, P.E.  
b1c1d1e8.2f1g2.1  Gary Clive DAMARELL *28.12.19??, P.E.  
b1c1d1e8.2f1g3.2  Russell DAMARELL *14.9.19??, P.E.  
b1c1d1e8.2f1g4.2 Glenda DAMARELL  *?, P.E.  
b1c1d1e8.2f2 Charles Henry DAMARELL *28.12.1932, Port Elizabeth. Occ. Salesman  
  x-1958, Port Elizabeth /  Veronica Alice NEELEY  
b1c1d1e8.2f2g1  Nicolette DAMARELL *?, P.E.  
  x-Cape Town /  Marius NOTHLING  Occ. Hearing Aid Specialist  
b1c1d1e8.2f2g1h1 Geoffrey NOTHLING  
b1c1d1e8.2f3 Kenneth Clive DAMARELL *22.8.1937, Port Elizabeth. Occ. Plumber  
  x-P.E./ Denise Dawn HARWOOD   (no issue).   
b1c1d1e8.2f4  Ethel Merle DAMARELL *12.7.1944,  P.E.  Occ. Nurserywoman  
x-Barry Lynne PULLEN  of Trappes Valley, Albany Cape./ Occ. Farmer  
b1c1d1e8.2f4g1  Jennifer Lynne PULLEN *Aug. 1970, Bathurst, Cape.  
x-Deon VAN WYK  
b1c1d1e8.2f4g2  Jo-Ann PULLEN *1972, Bathurst.  Occ. Draughtsperson.  
b1c1d1e8.2f4g3 Richard Alexander PULLEN *29.3.1976, Bathurst.  Occ. Ceramic Artist  
b1c1d1e9.2 Harry Neville HAYDEN *c.1912 , Port Elizabeth +Oct.1985,  St.Albans. Occ. Footwear Factory Manager   
x-Port Elizabeth./ "Daisy" VAN VUUREN  (Divorced)  
b1c1d1e9.2f1 Desmond HAYDEN *?, Port Elizabeth. Occ. Clothing Manufacturer  
x1-?  - Widowed  
x2-?  - Divorced  
b1c1d1e9.2f1g1 John HAYDEN   *?   Occ. Printer  
b1c1d1e9.2f1g2 Natalie HAYDEN *?  Occ. Attorney  (Twin sister to John)  
b1c1d1e9.2f2 Yvonne HAYDEN *?, Port Elizabeth.  
b1c1d1e9.2f2g1 Paul CASALVOLONE , Occ. optometrist  
b1c1d1e9.2f2g2  David CASALVOLONE , Occ. plumber  
b1c1d1e9.2f2g3  Marcelle CASALVOLONE  
b1c1d1e9.2f2g4 Sabrina CASALVOLONE  
b1c1d1e9.2f2g5 Lisa CASALVOLONE  
b1c1d1e9.2f3 Dennis HAYDEN *?, Port Elizabeth. Occ. Insurance Manager  
x-Ingwalde ?  
b1c1d1e9.2f3g1  Isabella HAYDEN   Occ. Jeweller  
b1c1d1e9.2f3g2  Karl HAYDEN   Occ. Diver  
b1c1d1e9.2f3g3 Sandra HAYDEN   Occ. Computer Programmer  
b1c1d1e9.2f4 Eugene HAYDEN *?, P.E.  Occ. Foodstuffs Manufacturer  
x-Port Elizabeth /  Vina DUBONNET  
b1c1d1e9.2f4g1 Dean Earl HAYDEN *?, P.E.  Occ. Electrical Engineer  
b1c1d1e9.2f4g1h1  (Unknown)  
b1c1d1e9.2f4g1h2  (Unknown)  
b1c1d1e9.2f4g2  Gina HAYDEN *?, Port Elizabeth.  Occ. Psychologist  
b1c1d1e10.3 Alfred Lewis RADFORD-HAYDEN  
b1c1d1e11.3 Vesta Irene RADFORD-HAYDEN  
b1c1d1e12.3  Patricia Olive RADFORD-HAYDEN  
  (Ends insert from Errol Hayden)  
b1c1d2 Amelia "Millie" Henrietta HAYDEN *20.9.1871  +25.7.1950   
x-England / Arthur Edward LAWRENCE  +12.12.1903  
b1c1d2e1 Gladys LAWRENCE   
  x- Francis ('Frank') COLLINS  
b1c1d2e1f1 John COLLINS  
b1c1d2e1f2 David Phillip Arthur COLLINS
x-16.6.1956, Canada / Beryl May ?
b1c1d2e2 Marjorie LAWRENCE  
  x- H. BARNETT    
b1c1d2e3 Muriel LAWRENCE (Became a school teacher)   
b1c1d3 Edward George Radford-HAYDEN *20.12.1873  +28.2.1875 (~1y2m)  
b1c1d4 Harriet Elizabeth Radford-HAYDEN *25.9.1875 +5.4.1877 (~1y7m)  
b1c1d5 Mary Frances Radford-HAYDEN *13.7.1877  +21.12.1880 (~3y3m)   
  (Only girl child of this generation with the 'Radford-' name)  
b1c1d6 Dora Louisa HAYDEN *19.5.1879  +26.10.1956   
  x-England /  Robert ("Bert") W. HAMELIN  *? +6.12.1952  
  (According to E.J.R-H, the couple hurriedly married in a registry office so they could join Dora's brothers, 'Ted' & 'Archie', when they emigrated to Canada in 1901. "Bessie" says NO - they went later in 1906 with their two eldest children Constance and Alfred))   
  A gathering of Hamelins ����������������� Robert HAMELIN (Jul.1941)  
  Granny Dora,�� Doris,Elsie, Phil & Gwen    
  Patricia, Robert and Alfred ('Alf')    
  (Grandad taking the picture?)    
Constance ("Connie") HAMELIN
  x- ? WOODWARD    
b1c1d6e2 Alfred ( 'Alf' ) HAMELIN  
Philip ('Phil') HAMELIN *?, Canada +20.3.1997
  x- Elsie ?  
  ������������ Elsie, Phil & Gwen ������� ElsiewithPatricia&Robert  
b1c1d6e3f1 Robert  ("Bob/Bobby") HAMELIN  
b1c1d6e3f2 Patricia ("Pat/Patsy") HAMELIN  
b1c1d6e4 Gwen HAMELIN  
b1c1d7 Edward ("Ted") Isaac Radford-HAYDEN *9.10.1880  +12.9.1972   
  x-8.2.1908, McDougall Methodist Church, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada / Louisa ("Louie") Emma WRIGHT *31.10.1876 +14.12.1948 (d/o Francis WRIGHT & Louisa Malvina Morton CARTER)   
x2-?/ Grace ?
    'Ted', Grace & Dora (Ted's sister) - 1952  
  'Ted'- Taken in Bow Street, London    
  Probably just before leaving for Canada    
  So he wouldbe about 25 'Archie' & 'Ted'  
  (Mothers address at birth: 39 Coborn Road in the registration district of  "Mile End"  a birth in the sub-district of  "Mile End Old Town E")  Emigrated to Canada 1901 with "Archie" and "Dora".   
b1c1d7e1 Margaret Louisa HAYDEN *5.1.1909,  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada +12.3.1912  
b1c1d7e2 Francis ("Frank") Alfred Edward HAYDEN *30.9.1910, Heatherdown, Alberta, Canada. +2.8.1997, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada (Last known address: 4536 - 52nd Street, Red Dear, Alberta TAN263, Canada)  
  x1-5.8.1939 / Emma Alice PATTERSON *28.12.1917 +13.4.1953   
  x2-22.12.1962 / Elizabeth ('Betty') Leightly Middlemiss PATTERSON (Elder sister of Emma) *11.9.1909 +22.8.1987 /Red Deer, Alberta, Can.   
  July 1957 : 'Tom' HAYDEN, Betty HAYDEN (b.PATTERSON)-'Frank''s wife,  
  'Frank' HAYDEN (Centre), son Edward 'Ted' HAYDEN, Moira HAYDEN (b.EVANS)-'Tom''s wife.  
b1c1d7e2f1 Edward ('Ted') Alfred HAYDEN *28.2.1941, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  
  x1- 30.8.1969/ Roberta RONES (Divorced 1969, Red Deer, Alberta)   
  x2- 4.9.1971 / Alice Joyce PARKER   
b1c1d7e2f1g1.2 Lee Edward HAYDEN *2.1.1973,  Red Deer, Alberta. Canada   
  x-1.7.1998 / Red Deer, Alberta /  'Casi' Dawn WATSON  
b1c1d7e2f1g2.2 Elizabeth Alice HAYDEN *19.7.1975, Red Deer, Ab. Canada  
b1c1d7e2f2 Margaret HAYDEN *16.11.1945 +22.11.1945  
Hugh Stanley Harold HAYDEN *8.3.1913, Heatherdown, Alberta, Can. +4.12.1997, Edmonton, Alberta, Can. 
  x1- Emma Alice PATTERSON +13.4.1953   
  x2- 12.9.1938 / Dorothy BOTTOMLEY  
  ��� Above:������ Hugh, Dorothy and son Stan    
  �� Right:�� Top: Stan Bottomley & Bessie Evans    
  Bottom:Hugh and Dorothy on their wedding day    
Frank Edward HAYDEN *5.1.1940 
  x-8.9.1962 / Thelma Lavaine BROWN  
    ���������������� Frank at 17  
b1c1d7e3f1.2g1 Tracy HAYDEN *13.11.1964  
b1c1d7e3f1.2g2 Jeffrey HAYDEN *27.8.1967  
b1c1d7e3f1.2g3 Cindy HAYDEN *1.1.1971  
b1c1d7e3f2.2 Stanley Hugh HAYDEN *24.10.1943   
  x-28.4.1964 / Barbara Elaine COX  (Major contributors to this listing).  
  ����������������������������������������������� Shari,  Craig,  David,  Wendy  
  ����������������������������������������� Tanner,  Barbara,  Stan ,  Shelby  
  ������������������������������������������������� Tayler,  Marlee,  Riley  
b1c1d7e3f2.2g1 Wendy HAYDEN  *?  
   x-20.11.1987 / David JOHNSON  
b1c1d7e3f2.2g1h1 Shelby JOHNSON (f) *16.10.1990  
b1c1d7e3f2.2g1h2 Riley JOHNSON (m) *3.8.1993  
b1c1d7e3f2.2g1h3 Marlee JOHNSON (f) *14.9.1996  
b1c1d7e3f2.2g2 Craig HAYDEN   
  x-18.9.1997 / Shari MESSERSCHMIDT  
b1c1d7e3f2.2g2h1 Tanner HAYDEN (m) *23.9.1995  
b1c1d7e3f2.2g2h2 Taylor HAYDEN (f)  *24.12.1996  
b1c1d7e4 Elizabeth "Bessie" Henrietta Radford-HAYDEN *28.11.1914, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.   
  x-19.7.1952 / William ("Bill") Alexander EVANS *6.4.1911, Bishops Aukland, Durham, Eng.+20.10.1974, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Occ. Heavy Duty Vehicle Mechanic.  
  Bessie' HAYDEN in 1935 -Age 21�������������� 'Chuck' & 'Bill' / 'Bessie' & 'Peggy' - 1973      
b1c1d7e4f1 Margaret ("Peggy") Florence EVANS *25.5.1954, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada   
x-20.8.1977, Maramata, BC, Canada / David Anthony John GALESKI   
(Peggy did not take her husbands name. Children carry both surnames)  
b1c1d7e4f1g1 Emily Jane EVANS-GALESKI *27.4.1984, Edmonton, Alberta. Canada  
b1c1d7e4f1g2 Reuben Avery EVANS-GALESKI *28.10.1987, Penticton, BC, Canada  
b1c1d7e4f1g3 Morgan Robert EVANS-GALESKI *9.3.1989, Penticton, BC, Canada  
b1c1d7e4f1g4 Kate Elizabeth EVANS-GALESKI *24.1.1992, Penticton, BC, Canada  
b1c1d7e4f2 Charles ("Chuck") William EVANS *19.8.1956, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  
b1c1d7e5 Thomas Arthur HAYDEN *15.10.1918, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada   
  x-5.6.1950 / Moira EVANS *26.5.1925, Bishops Aukland, Durham, England (Younger sister of Bill Evans, above, who married Thomas' sister 'Bessie') . No Issue  
b1c1d8 Emma Matilda May HAYDEN *23.3.1883 +17.4.1883  (~1m)  
b1c1d9 William John Radford-HAYDEN *30.5.1883 +4.4.1885  (~1y11m)  
b1c1d10 Archibald ('Archie') Charles Digby HAYDEN *15.5.1885 +11.2.1955   
  (Emigrated to Canada c.1909)   
  x1-"Queenie" JACKSON *? +29.3.1940  
  x2-Elizabeth Jane RAY  *? +11.2.1955  
  Archie and Elizabeth - Christmas Day 1942 Again in August 1953  
b1c1d11 Arthur Donald Radford-HAYDEN *4.12.1886, London, England. +26.5.1972, Johannesburg South Africa.   
  x-16.10.1911 / Violet Minnietea GOLDSMITH *7.8.1886, Southwold, Sussex, Eng. +2.2.1992,  Johannesburg, South Africa.  
  (Couple emmigrated to S.A. in 1950 following his retirement from Chivers PLC, Salisbury, England. Their eldest daughter had preceded them c.1938 and married in S.A.).  
         ADRH - Royal Flying Corps. c.1916  
         Oct. 1911-Wedding Day - 'Don' & 'Vi'    
   He in 11th. Hussars Uniform with sword and fur bonnet  
    Badge of  "The Old Contemptibles Association" Those who saw service in WW1 between Aug.5th to Nov.22nd 1914.  
  The German bullet retrieved from the neck of ''Don' HAYDEN and his 'Dog Tag' No.5717-11th Hussars        
  'Vi' Hayden with daughters- Joan (left) and Gwen (c.1916)     Daughter  Ida - 2y8m - 4th Nov. 1925  
  ��������������������������������� The whole family together c.1927  
The Post Card below shows the "American Ambulance Hospital' Paris in 1914-1915, where the story goes that Arthur Donald Radford Hayden and another soldier wearing only a Kilt were the first two to enter its doors - he no doubt on a stretcher as he had been seriously wounded during the WW1 engagement at Le Cateau on 26th. August 1914. The Doctors and Nurses lined up to welcome them.  The Postcard is from his nurse a year later when he had returned home to England, it reads: "Aug 5, 1915 - I should so much like news of you for I think of you so very often. It will soon be a year since you came...........this reaches you or your family that I may have a line about you. With best wishes from your old nurse, Camilla Treadwell "  
The' American Ambulance' hospital , Paris 1914-1915  
Eighty-six years later  the compiler of this page received the following eMail message as a direct result of the obove having been published on the internet:  
  Subject: Hayden genealogy    
  Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001 15:45:41 -0700 (PDT)    
  From: James DeSalvo     
  Dear Mr. Londt,    
  I am searching for the family of Arthur Donald Radford-Hayden.  I have the letter that he wrote in response to Camilla Treadwell's post card and thought that the family would be interested in its content.    
  James DeSalvo    
  P.O. Box 2717    
  Merrifield, VA  22116-2717    
And here follows a transcript of the letter as kindly provided by Mr. James De Salvo:  
                                                                          Farnham Hants�����  
                                                                          November 11, 1915  
 Dear Miss Treadwell,  
Many thanks for your P.C. I'm awfully pleased to see you are still with the American Ambulance in Paris.  I must apologize for not writing before but it was not that you and the other good friends I had in Paris were forgotten, but chiefly on account of not being able so settle down.  
On leaving the Ambulance Harrowven and I, with some 200 others, went down to the Base Hospital at Rouen.  It took us 6 hours to get there.  Poor Harrowven complained greatly about the horrible shaking we got.  Our arrival was unexpected so you can imagine the feeling of some of the poor fellows, when we were told that they didn't know anything about our coming and knew not where we could get a bed - this was at 12 o'clock at night.  Many of the men had not had any food from early morning, after about an hour's confusion & bustle beds were obtained for us.  We left this Hospital the following day and arrived in England two days later. Harowven and myself were sent on from Southampton in a splendidly equipped Hospital Train - rather different to the cattle truck we travelled down to Paris infrom the front -�� to PortsmouthHospital.We were both feeling a bit groggy but Harrowven's leg was so bad that he could hardly walk and he had to go back to bed again, where he was when I left the Hospital a week afterwards.I wrote to him two weeks ago but I am still waiting for a reply.Guess he is like myself, would sooner handle a gun than the pen, although we are told that the latter is the better  
weapon of the two.  I obtained my discharge from Hospital after being there a week.  I could not content myself there being so near home - naturally I wanted to see my dear ones. I was awfully pleased to find my family looking the picture of health, I have a bonnie little girl just over 8 wks. old, my wife although she had been told some most outrageous yarns about me and also that I was dead, kept a brave heart through it all.  I've been traveling about a good deal seeing one friend and another that really the time has passed very quickly.  I've been on 5 weeks leave and returned to duty last Monday although I'm unable to open my mouth properly yet and can't get about as actively as I used to do…  Many's the time when my thoughts have gone back to the days I spent in Paris and believe me they would have lost much of their happiness if it hadn't been for your care and kindness and bright smile you always had for all of  us.  Harrowven and I often used to recall the days which we had spent in Paris.  I don't know when I shall be off to the front again, at present I'm training our new Army and we are working hard from early morning till evening, trying to train the new Army so that they  
can give as good account of themselves when the time comes as our men are doing now. Remember me kindly tp all who remain in the Ambulance.  
                                With sincere best wishes  
                                                                           A.D. Hayden    
 Mr De Salvo further explained;  
"Camilla Treadwell was an American who spent most of her life in France.  She never married and died about  thirty years ago.  Although I am not a blood relative, I am the one who has been keeping her memory alive."  
( Thank you James )  
Don & Vi Hayden c.1970 in Johannesburg South Africa  
b1c1d11e1 Evelyn Joan Radford-HAYDEN *6.1.1913, Aldershot, England.   
  x1-19.10.1938, Johannesburg S.A. / Gilbert Edward LONDT  *1.10.1917 / Port Elizabeth, +12.6.1987 / Provincial Hospital Port Elizabeth. Architect. (Separated Jan 1952, Divorced 30.6.1954) (Note their marriage 18 days after his 21st. birthday, against the wishes of his parents)   
x2-31.1.1957 / Douglas Reginald RYDER *26.7.1904, Middelsborough, England. +6.2.1982, Johannesburg S.A.
  ������ 'Gib' and Joan c.1938  
  Evelyn Joan RADFORD-HAYDEN (at 16 c.1929) Borrowed Mothers makeup and necklace without permission and put up her long hair in the latest "ear-phone" fashion then hurried out and had her photo taken     
  Evelyn Joan RYDER c.1968���� Douglas RYDER c.1968���������������������������������  
  Joan RYDER  (nee Londt/ b.Radford-HAYDEN with (L-R) Deborah, Digby & Jason.������������������������ ( 6th January1993 - 80th Birthday)  
b1c1d11e1f1.1 Digby Edward Radford LONDT *23.7.1941 / JHB  ~4.1.1942/ St.George Curch, Parktown /JHB   
  x-12.3.1965 / St.Columba's Church Parkview;   
  Margaret Norah BARCLAY *22.4.1944 / Johannesburg   
  d/o George Herbert BARCLAY *31.5.1910/P.E, +19.12.1975 / Jhb (Stroke) and Eileen Emily HART *26.4.1913  / Port Elizabeth SA  +6.9.2000 / Johannesburg (Stroke)  
b1c1d11e1f1.1g1 Quentin George William LONDT *25.2.1967, Oxford Maternity Home, Emmarentia, Johannesburg ~1.10.1967/St.Columba's Church, Parkview, JHB.   
  x- 5.11.1994 St.Columba's Church Parkview;   
  Sarah Kate CHESTER (b. CORK) *19.3.1966, Nairobi, Kenya,   
  d/o Michael CHESTER *19.5.1931 and Jane CORK *24.8.42  
b1c1d11e1f1.1g1h1 Levana Jane Chester LONDT *5.8.1990/Johannesburg   
(Adopted, natural d/o Kate Chester & Jeffrey PITCHER)   
b1c1d11e1f1.1g1h2 Calvin James Chester LONDT *4.5.1995, Mary-Mount Nursing Home, Johannesburg. ~5.11.19955, St.Columba's Church Parkview Johannesburg.   
b1c1d11e1f1.1g2 Richard Digby Eden LONDT *16.1.1969,Oxford Maternity Home, Emmarentia, Johannesburg ~6.4.1969/St.Columba's Ch. Parkview, JHB.   
  x- 25.2.1995 St.Columba's Church Parkview;   
  Adele Catherine BURGER *20.8.1970 / Port Elizabeth,~NGK Linden, Jhb.  
  d/o Johannes Gerhardus BURGER *9.7.1943/Kakamas Cape and Sandra Doris DE KLERK *9.10.1946/Port Elizabeth.   
b1c1d11e1f1.1g2h1 Jared Eden LONDT *4.6.1997/Dubai U.A.E.   
b1c1d11e1f1.1g2h2 Amber Louise LONDT *25.3.1999/Dubai U.A.E.  
b1c1d11e1f1.1g3 Gregory Douglas Edward LONDT *26.4.1970, Oxford Maternity Home, Emmarentia, Johannesburg ~6.9.1970/St.Columba's Ch., Parkview / JHB.   
  x- 5.7.1997, St.Saviours Church, Midrand South Africa   
  Kathleen Jeannette SHARP *21.10.1974, Johannesburg S.A.   
  (d/o Sidney SHARP *2.4.1938 and Jeannette WEENINK *11.5.49)   
b1c1d11e1f1.1g3h1 Elliot Bernard George LONDT *11.6.1198/Johannesburg.  
b1c1d11e1f1.1g3h2 Benjamin Digby Jan LONDT *11.1.2000/Johannesburg  
b1c1d11e1f1.1g3h3 Joel Sidney Greg LONDT *12.3.2001/Johannesburg  
b1c1d11e1f1.1g3h4 Emily Anna Margaret LONDT *24.8.2003 / Auckland, New Zealand  
b1c1d11e1f1.1g3h5 (Expected 5.2005) / Te Kuiti, Kings Country, New Zealand.  
b1c1d11e1f1.1g4 Geoffrey John Gilbert LONDT *14.10.1972, Park Lane Clinic, Parktown, JHB ~25.12.1972/St.Columba's Church, Parkview/Jhb.   
  x-13.6.1997, St.Columbas Church, Johannesburg and 14.6.1997,Modderfontein Conservation Centre, Johannesburg S.A. /  Claire WALLACE *3.12.73  (They divorced Dec. 2002)  
  (d/o Alexander Murray 'Scotty' WALLACE *14.4.1948 and Denise Patricia WOOD *17.4.1951)   
b1c1d11e1f2.1 Jason Gilbert Hayden LONDT *1.4.1943 / Johannesburg.   
x- 2.3.1968 St Francis Methodist Church, Forrestown, Johannesburg /    
Ann PARKIN *3.3.1947  
(d/o Neville Edwin PARKIN *? +?, Pietermaritzburg x-Esme JEWELL *? +?, Johannesburg.  
b1c1d11e1f2.1g1 Brendan Donald Edwin LONDT *26.11.1970.~4.4.1972, Commemoration Methodist Church, Grahamstown.
x-11.12.2004, Constantia,Cape Town /Nicole ? 
b1c1d11e1f2.1g2 Cynthia Ann LONDT *14.12.1972.   
  x- 30.3.1999, East London  / Andre Desmond MORRISH *6.12.1970, Durban, South Africa.  
  (s/o Desmond MORRISH *?, Ireland x-Charlotte SMIT *?)  
b1c1d11e1f2.1g2h1 Olivia Ann MORRISH *9.1.2002, Cape Town  
b1c1d11e1f2.1g2h2 Rachel Charlotte MORRISH *26.5.2004, Cape Town  
b1c1d11e1f2.1g3 Hilary Jewell LONDT *10.3.1976.   
  x- 7.10.2000, All Saints Church, Pietermaritzburg / Peter KONIGKRAMER*?  
  (s/o Arthur KONIGKRAMER and Rosemary ?)  
b1c1d11e1f2.1g3h1 Nathan Peter KONIGKRAMER *25.8.2002,Durban SA  
b1c1d11e1f2.1g3h2 Sarah Rose KONIGKRAMER *10.11.2003, Durban SA.  
b1c1d11e1f3.1 Deborah Joan LONDT *26.5.1947, Salisbury, England.   
  x1- 29.11.1969 St. Francis Church, Parkview, Johannesburg /  James William DEALE *25.9.1944, Johannesburg +23.9.97, Durban S.A .-Cardiac Arrest. Occ. Pilot S.A.Airways.  
  x2- 18.4.1999, Westville Baptist Ch. Durban / Ernest CALDER *22.10.1936, Scotland (Widower).  
b1c1d11e1f3.1g1 Jeremy James William DEALE *10.11.1970, Johannesburg.   
  x- 29.8.1998 / Candice MASHALL *? (d/o ? MARSHALL and Shirley ?)  
b1c1d11e1f3.1g2 Samantha Joan Muriel DEALE *27.4.1972,Johannesburg.   
b1c1d11e1f3.1g2h1 Jessica Christen DEALE *4.5.1993, Durban South Africa.   
  (natural d/o Gerard Herve LETIMIER *11.3.1968, Mautitius;  
  (s/o Pierre LETIMIER and Maude ?)   
b1c1d11e1f3.1g3 Katherine Elizabeth DEALE *23.6.1978, Johannesburg.   
b1c1d11e1f3.1g4 Carolyn May DEALE *21.7.1980, Johannesburg.  
b1c1d11e2 Gwendolyn Joyce HAYDEN *5.10.1914, Aldershot, Eng. +1.1.1989./ Southampton, England. (Stroke)   
  x1-George BURDEN   
  x2-Bertal ('Bert') JONES *7.11.1902., England. +c.1991 / Southampton, England.  
  ������������������ 'Bert' and'Gwen'JONES�������������������������������� 'Bert' JONES  
b1c1d11e2f1.1 Josephine BURDEN *21.12.1935 / England.   
x1- Douglas ? �� (They were divorced - he remarried)  
x2-South America / Bela RITTER *8.6.1924, Budapest, Hungary +3.1971, England (Cancer).  
������� Josie, Alison & Douglas (date unknown) ���������������� Josephine - 1989  
  Bela RITTER  
b1c1d11e2f1.1g1.1 Alison  ?.   
b1c1d11e2f1.1g2.2 'Frank' (Francesco) RITTER *11.7.1963 / Ecuador, South America   
  x / ? (Separated, No Issue)  
b1c1d11e2f1.1g3.2 Nicholas RITTER *24.12.1964 / Ecuador, South America   
  x1 / Eng./ Violet .....  
  x2 / ?  
b1c1d11e2f1.1g3.2h1 Tristan RITTER *26.3.1989 / Eng.   
b1c1d11e2f1.1g4.2 Clare RITTER *26.4.1966 / Ecuador, South America   
  x1 /c.1986/Eng./ Andrew JOYCE (divorced)  
  x2 / 24.12.2004 / Charles LAMDEN  
b1c1d11e2f1.1g4.2h1.1 Thomas JOYCE  *20.10.1986 / Eng.   
b1c1d11e2f1.1g4.2h2.1 Stephanie JOYCE  *4.1.1989 / Eng.   
b1c1d11e2f1.1g4.2h3.1 Rowan JOYCE  *9.7.1993 / Eng./ ~7.1994   
b1c1d11e2f1.1g5.2 Maria Christina RITTER *1968 / Ecuador, South America   
  x / 1995 / Eng. John ?   
b1c1d11e2f2.2 Trevor JONES *../Eng. +c.Age 18/Asthma.   
b1c1d11e2f3.2 Colin Barry JONES *../Eng.   
x1- Southampton England/ Carol ?.���� (They divorced c.1995)  
x2- England / ?    
������������������������������������������������������������������ Carol & Colin att the birth of Hannah  
����������� Hannah������������������������������ Amy�������������������������������� Sarah  
b1c1d11e2f3.2g1 Hannah JONES *../Eng.   
b1c1d11e2f3.2g2 Amy JONES *../Eng.   
b1c1d11e2f3.2g3 Sarah JONES *../Eng.  
b1c1d11e3 Ida Winifred Radford-HAYDEN *c.1923, England. +c.1928, England (Killed by motorcycle)   
  Harold William Radford-HAYDEN *9.5.1889 / England. +10.6.1911, India (Typhoid)..  
(In British army cavalry regiment)
b1c2  Eliza RADFORD *c.1848 /Histon, Cambs. England   
(Born IN-wedlock so not HAYDEN or RADFORD-HAYDEN)  
b1c3 William RADFORD *c.1866 /Oakington, Cambs. England. (As above)  
b1c4, etc..   (Possible additional siblings)    
b2 William HAYDEN *29.4.1825 / Impington    
b3 Elizabeth HAYDEN *9.5.1828 / Impington    
b4 Alice HAYDEN *11.10.1831 / Impington    
b5 John HAYDEN *19.1.1834 / Impington    
  Uniform of the 11th. Hussars in 1840  
Newspaper cutting c.1911:  "THE KING'S FORCES. GERMAN CROWN PRINCE AND 11th HUSSARS" :  
"The 11th (Prince Albert's Own) Hussars, of which the German Crown Prince has just been appointed Colonel-In-Chief, is a regiment within four years of being 200 years old, having been formed in 1715.  It had much service in the campaigns of the eighteenth century, was in Egypt in 1801, in the Peninsula War was at Salamanca and in other actions, and as the 11th Light Dragoons was at Quatre Bras and Waterloo. The later battle honours of the regiment are Bhurtpore, Alma, Balaklava (where it formed part of Lord Cardigan's Light Brigade), and Inkermann. Peculiar amongst the British cavalry by wearing crimson overalls, the 11th is now at Shorncliffe under Lieut.-Colonel J.D.T.Tyndale-Biscoe, Lieut.-General Sir Arthur Lyttelton-Annesley being the colonel of the regiment"  
 The following account is given in the "History of THE ELEVENTH HUSSARS 1908-1934" Pub.1936��������������������� (Motto "Treu und Fest")  
- Amongst the list of non-commissioned officers and men: Squadron A :    
 �5717 Sergeant Hayden�.    
 - Amongst the list of wounded 1914-18:    
 No. 5717 Sergeant A. Hayden of Squadron A . Wounded at Le Cateau, France, 26th August 1914.  
"At about 5.30am Brigadier-General Gough began to move his 3rd Cavalry Brigade out of Catillon westwards. He had received orders that the Cavalry Division was to assemble at Ligny, some 12 miles to the west. But he had no further information and was ignorant of the decision to stand and fight. He asked Colonel Pitman to make a reconnassaince towards Basuel with the two squadrons of the Eleventh Hussars which he had with him. With A-Squadron leading, they got as far as Basuel and there saw our infantry retiring before the enemy, who was already advancing up the high ground between that village and Le Cateau. The advancing Germans were opposed by the 1st. Battalion Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry and half of the 1st Batallion East Surrey Regiment. These troops, which belonged to the 14th Brigade, had formed up at daybreak on the south-eastern outskirts of Le Cateau, ready to march, as they too had received no order to stand fast. While in this close formation they had been suddenly fired on from the houses in the Faubourg de Landrecies. The Germans, it was said, had entered the town during the night, dressed in khaki overcoats, and had lain quiet until this  
fine target was offered to them. Whether this was true or not, the fact was evident that already the town of Le Cateau was in the hands of the enemy, and that they were within reach of the important high ground near Basuel.  It was evident too that the Germans might be creeping up the Selle Valley from which they could strike at the rear of the position of the II Corps. On receiving Colonel Pitman's information, Brigadier-General Gough moved further west with his own brigade and took up a position on the high ground nearer the valley of the Selle. He made this move under cover of the two squadrons of the 11th Hussars whom he left in position near Basuel. This dangerous early morning thrust of the enemy on the right flank was not pressed with great vigour. Brigadier-General Gough's brigade and Colonel Pitman's squadrons did a very good morning's work. They had a lot of dismounted skirmishing and had no difficulty maintaining their position on the Basuel spur. The casualties in the regiment were few. Sergeant Hayden of No.3 Troop of A Squadron was dangerously  
woundedat a cross-roads near an estaminet and had to be left in Le Quennelet Farm; he was brought back eventually and he recovered.As a result of the support brought to them by the cavalry the D.C.L.I. and East Surrey began to move west to rejoin their brigade..."  
A.D.R.Hayden’s own account gives more personal detail. He had apparently led a small scouting party and was shot off his horse bya sniper. The bullet lodged in his neck and he was left for dead by his comrades who covered him with his riding cloak and led hishorse away. He recovered consciousness however and managed to crawl through the field to a nearby road.  French refugees evacuatingthe area found him at the roadside and loaded him onto their cart amongst their belongings.  They in turn left him at a convent where for'two weeks the nuns tried to treat the effects of massive internal bleeding by drawing out blood with hot cups applied to his body.He could not eat as "lockjaw" had set in. (When he was eventually admitted to hospital a number of his teeth were removed to allow a tube to be inserted to feed him). His entire upperbody was blackened from internal bleeding. The story is told that he was one of the first patients admitted to the then new American-Ambulance Hospital in Paris. In the meantime his wife in England had received the statutory telegram stating that her husband had been killed in action.  
Some three months later his wife saw a man hobbling up the street and realised it was he husband 'returned from the dead'. About a year after his admittance to hospital in Paris he received a post card, dated 5th August 1915, from his nurse at the American Hospital, Camilla Treadwell. (See the notes below for the extraordinary sequel to this).  
2. The writer made contact made with Craig HAYDEN and then with his parents Stan and Barbara HAYDEN as a direct resultof the Internet listing of the Hayden family line having been found by Craig. Stan is a grandson of Edward "Ted" Isaac Radford-HAYDEN who emigrated to Canada c.1910. (The compilers grandfather A.D.R. Hayden corresponded regularly with his brother 'Ted").The last known address of Stan Hayden for other researchers is:  Mr. S. H. Hayden,2110 E Commotion Drive, Sandy,Utah 84093,USA.  E-Mail:  
The earlier Radford / Hayden information provided by Stan & Barbara shows the extraordinary fact that the family name of  
HAYDEN  was from a relatively recent maternal line (Mary Hayden *1823 married Isaac Radford *1823, on 14 March 1847).  
The reason for their son Alfred Isaac Radford-Hayden having the last name "Hayden" appears to be because he was born out of wedlock, ie. his birth date seems to have been in 1845/46, one or two years before his parents marriage.  
3. Additional information was provided by Elizabeth "Bessie" Henrietta EVANS(b.HAYDEN) in September 1998.  
Her address (as at Nov. 2000) is: Suite 801 Churchill Retirement Community. 10015, 103rd Ave. Edmonton, Alberta T5J 0H1, Canada.  
The following letter, received before her move to the above address, casts more light on the circumstances surrounding the emigration of some of the Hayden family to Canada:  
Aug. 17th,  2000  
Dear Digby,  
Thank you for the letter and family tree of the Haydens, etc. One very important member of the Evans tree is my son Charles William Evans born Aug.19 1954. 'Chuck', as he is called, is not married, has his own home, 2 stories, he lives on the second floor and rents the basement and main floor, he has two cats to keep him company and works at the University (of Alberta) Hospital, Edmonton, in the diagnostic maintenance department. Chuck comes every Sunday and fixes my medications (pills) in their everyday little boxes and other days if I need him - phone calls most days. It is 5,20 PM and I have just come to the dining room where my Inhaler (?) is set up and am now on my Nebuliser with one tube of Combinest (?) which includes 1 Prodizone (?) , 1 Parandase (?) and 1 Contram (?) And 2 Puffs of Pulmicost (?). I take this medication 5 times a day and it must be working wel as I'm usually keeping well and able to do lots of things for which I'm truly thankful. I havn't been shopping for nearly a year but do all my grocery shopping by phone. Just give them��  
my order and they deliver it, very convenient. Only costs a small amount to have it delivered but to take a Taxi there and back it would cost $12.00, 1 dollar is worth 100 cents so it is cheaper my way. I havn't driven my car for nearly a year, it just sits in the garage gathering dust, Chuck says 'dont sell it Mum, you would not get much for it because it is an older model and parts of it would fit my car'. Chuck drives a low-slung Plymouth make too and apparently parts are interchangeable. Bill was a Auto and Heavy Duty Mechanic and worked fior Silverwood Dairies keeping their trucks in top notch running order, so I'm sure Chuck has inherited his father's love of cars and ability to fix them. I was just sitting here thinking back over the years and realising how the diary has played a very important part in our lives. Grandad Hayden ran the Tredegar Dairy in London, England. Aunty Doris and Unce Bert Hamelin ran the Tredegar Dairy in Kamsat, Saskatchewan and my father Edward Hayden worked for Edmonton City Dairy in early years and my sister-in-law Dorothy  
(Hugh's wife) worked for Silverwoods Dairy and Bill my husband also worked for Silverwoods Dairy as a mechanic in the garage, but some years after Dorothy had left, so all in all the Haydens had a lot to do with the Dairy Industry, and now, no one has any connections with the business and I buy the milk from the store. How times have changed.  
......Thursday August 31st, 2000  
Greetings again; this is the last day of summer and it is dull and overcast and cool. I have put my furnace on to take the chill off the rooms. I hope this is not a sample of autumn weather, its too early. The children will be starting back to school after their two month holiday and I'm sure that some of them are happy about that but others would like it to last a little longer. My grandchildren in BC (British Columbia) dont go back until September 4th but here they return Sept.1st. I have been thinking about giving up my home and moving into a Seniors Apartment building where you have your own apartment. but can go down to the dining room for your meals or make your own in your apartment. This evening Chuck and I have been invited to have dinner at the 'Churchill Retirement Community' building where my friends live so we will get a tour of the building plus a free dinner and chance to visit with other people. I will not be moving for some time but it helps to have  
your name down and keep in touch with these people. There are a number of Retirement Centres in the city but they are as different as chalk and cheese. They may look good on the outside but can be questionable on the inside. I remember one apartment building I used to deliver 'Meals On Wheels' to and the odour of garlic nearly knocked you over, it was a Ukranian Seniors Aptartments. And of course Ukranians are known for their love of garlic. A little of that goes a long way with me  
Reading your letter Digby regarding when Aunty Dora and Bert Hamelin got married. They just married in a registry office because Grandad Hayden (Dora's dad) would not give his permission for the marriage - he said Bert was lazy and unreliable. As far as coming to Canada withTed and Archie, there was never any mention of them accompanying them.This is what my father told us how it was he and Uncle Archie came to Canada: When Archie was a little active 2-year old the Hayden family lived above the Tredegar Dairy in east London and behind the house and Dairy were the stables where the horses and cows were kept. One day the maid (Grandma Hayden allways had a maid) stood Archie on a table so he could look out the wondow and see the cows coming in the barn from a pasture to be milked. For some reason she didn't hold onto him and he fell off the table and struck his head.  
Apparently he ran a high fever and was bed-ridden for a time and when they got him up he couldn't walk or talk. Knowing what we do 'today we could say he had 'cerebral palsy' caused by a fall or blow to the head, anyway he had to be carried everywhere he went. Gradually over several years he was able with help and exercises to walk but his speech never fully returned although he could talk to my father who understood what Archie was saying but I could not understand him. Dad used a lot of sign language with Archie but they had been together so many years they had hand movements just they knew about. If Dad wished to say 'I' he would point to his eye and Archie would know what he meant. I couldn't talk to him, so I wrote it down and he could answer it. He loved horses and drove his team of horses for his brother-in-law who was in the construction of sewer and gas lines - the first in Edmonton so that had to be around 1920 or a little earlier.  
Sorry I got off the track here, although Archie couldn't hear he knew when he was visiting our house and his team of horses were waiting outside. If they moved he would say 'team restless..must go' He could feel the vibration somehow and sure enough they had moved just a little but he knew it. Archie's wife Aunty 'Queenie' never left her house. She had telephone neighbours that she talked to on the phone but never visited them and she never came to our house although we would drop in the odd Sunday afternoon to visit them. Uncle Archie and Aunty Queenie didn't have any children and yet when I was doing research on the Haydens in Edmonton I discovered Arch and Queenie had had a son but he only lived about 2 years or less and they never had any more. Queenies mother,Mrs.Jackson, was a well educated English  
woman and apparently her father had been a teacher or Head Master in an English school before giving it all up and coming out to Homestead in Alberta. I never knew him but when we visited Uncle Archie we could hear shouts and banging on a wall in another part of the house. When I asked my mother (when I was a little older) what those noises were, she told me Aunty Queenies's father was locked up in a back bedroom because he didn't know how to meet people or how to act with strangers. I have since realised he had Altzheimers but little was known of that disease then and so people were put away and not allowed to mix with other people. What a terrible tragedy because it made them more frustrated than ever. Thank goodness we know a lot more about it now and how to cope with it.  
Getting back to Archie and his fall from the table. When Archie was 18 years old (as far as I can figure) Grandma Hayden (she seemed tohave all the say) decided that London was too risky a place for a boy who couldn’t hear to live with all the traffic etc,, so she arranged to haveTed (my Dad) accompany Archie to Canada and get him settled on a farm with a farm family and then Dad (Ted) would leave Archie and returnto England and work in the Store and Dairy and eventually take over the business.Well it didn’t work out that way. Ted had always had weak lungs and caught cold very easily and was confined to the house for weeks, but'in Canada he was much better and didn’t get colds so after 3 years in Canada Ted and Archie went home for a visit. After 2 weeks Archiewanted to go back to Canada but I think they stayed longer than that but Ted told his folks he was going back to Canada because the climatewas better for him out there. It was much drier and not the damp cold of England, so back they came, visited a cousin Tom (Thomas) andMaggie (Margaret) Laver in Montreal. Quebec, Canada, before travelling by train to Edmonton, Alberta, the year was 1905.  
NOTE: LAVER was Grandma Hayden's maiden name. Thomas Laver was her nephew some years older than Ted her son. Some years later after 1905, Tom and Maggie moved to Alberta, a little town called 'Lousiana' where they tried farming but gave that up and became the agent for an oil company to sell their products to the farmers of that area. They applied to the Government of Canada to become Post Masters of Louisiana and area, which was granted and that is what they were doing when my father finally found them again after all those years. They, like my parents, have passed away and as they had no children there is no one to carry on that part of the Laver family. It has been good to write to you Digby and hope this finds you and yours all well and enjoying good weather. I am thinking of moving into an apartment down town and will go with Charles and have a good look at it and see if I would like to live there. After living in a house all my life it will be strange to only have a few rooms, Oh well, time will tell.  
 Cheerio for this time, I will let you have my new address Later.  
 Love and best wishes,  
 Bessie "  
4. Arthur Thomas Radford-HAYDEN  
A very significant contribution has been made by Mr. Errol HAYDEN of the Cape, S.A. which was prompted by his discovery of the web-page information published by DERL concerning the Radford-Hayden family. An e-mail was received in November 1999 with details of the South African descendants of Arthur Thomas Radford-Hayden following the reported abandonment of his family in England. Here follows the notes given by Mr.Errol Hayden. Address at the time: 43 Dreyer Road, Rugby, Maitland 7405 Cape Town, South Africa.  
 1 November 1999  
"Dear Margaret and Digby  
Thanks to the generosity of my friend Karl von Staden ( ), I have gained access to your file on the Radford-Hayden family, which has resolved many questions for my immediate family. The following contribution concerns Alfred Thomas Radford-Hayden and the issue of his second and third marriages, and although incomplete, it will supplement the diligent work of previous contributors. When Karl stepped in, I was actually contemplating writing to Jason at the Natal Museum to ask him how much he knew, because I was sure that Arthur Donald RH had to be a close relative of my grandfather. My father, Richard Edward Hayden died at the age of 83 without knowing what became of his father "Alfred Radford Hayden". His younger brother Harry had sent him a newspaper clipping from Port Elizabeth in around 1974,  
asking Dad whether he recognised an individual in an early group photograph of staff of the P.E. Electric Tramways Company: referring to a figure in white dustcoat and peaked cap, Dad wrote back "I think that's the bugger!" Dad then contacted the widow of ATRH's erstwhile colleague, Henry Roach, in Cape Town because she had tentatively identified Alfred Hayden in the photograph, and related how her husband had often wondered what became of his old friend Alf. ATRH had been Best Man at the Roach's wedding in Port Elizabeth, and Roach had returned the favour when ATRH married Dad's mother. After the Boer War, Roach had joined the Cape Tramways Company, and soon was transferred to P.E. It's possible that ATRH did likewise, but there is as yet no evidence that he served in the British Army. When in P.E., he didn't mind demonstrating the ease with which he could throw a horse to the ground, but he could have learned this party trick on  
some farm.  I regret leaving my enquiries so late in life, and I would like to know more about the characters of other family members. The bare facts are useful enough, but it is so much more interesting to try and determine what motivates people, what moulded their personalities, and why a husband and father would behave in such a callous, even brutal manner as ATRH.  
ATRH'S Port Elizabeth father-in-law did not like him, and after a final quarrel, around 1913-14, ATRH abandoned his family and was said to have gone up to the Reef. My father and his siblings then lost their mother during the 1918 'Flu pandemic, and they were subjected to harsh treatment at the hands of their uncles and aunts who fostered them. My father overcame a boyhood stammer, and drifted from job to job until he enlisted; he was shell-shocked in a bombing raid on Alexandria harbour, and when he was returned home he was claustrophobic, stammered, and he consistently sedated his inherent emotionalism with alcohol until he eventually became too infirm to buy his liquor. In retirement, relieved of responsibilities, he was a genial old gentleman, much liked in the retirement home. His sister succumbed to heart failure in her early fifties, a weakness probably inherited from the Scots grandmother after whom she was named.  
His younger brother Harry, although more slightly built, was easily as physically durable as Dad, but he was brutally murdered on his smallholding at St. Albans outside P.E., at the age of 73. The culprits were caught and convicted.  
My search for information really gained impetus after my retirement. The sole Alfred Radford Hayden in the relevant timespan whom I have been able to trace in the Cape Archives or in London was Alfred Thomas R-H.I have a copy of his birth certificate which shows he was born on the 7th of August 1870 (not the 11th), and in 1995 I viewed his place of birth: 10 Gordon Road, Peckham is at the end of a block of five moderately sized terraced houses, two floors each and a fair amount of detailing in the frontal plastering, once a quite respectable address, but I have no evidence that the family resided there for any length of time: it seems likely that his mother went to that address for her confinement. His father's occupation was given as Master Greengrocer, but searches through street directories and London Census Returns revealed nothing in the time available.  
ATRH's Death Notice shows that he died at Groote Schuur hospital, and that he was described as a bookkeeper. He was buried in a single plot, numbered 22274C, quite near Gate 3 in Maitland Cemetery. A low blocky headstone is inscribed: "Alfred Thomas Radford-Hayden," -- {I cannot remember the next word} --"... husband and our Daddy. Until we meet again"His widow was Petronella Magdalena, formerly Steyn, and they had three children.  
In the early 1930's, when my father was coincidentally working as a projectionist in a Cape Town cinema, ATRH began advertising his services as an accountant (not amongst the chartered accountants). In the Cape Directory: 1932- "Hayden, A.T. Radford, accountant, Elstree, Church Street, Box 51, Wynberg." and iin 1933- "Radford-Hayden, A.T., accountant, Bellair, Wargrave Road, Kenilworth.". In 1934 and 1935- "Radford-Hayden, A.T., accountant, 14 Devonshire Road, Wynberg".From 1936 he ceased advertising and moved to 22, Koeberg Road in a new economic housing development called Good Hope Model Village, Brooklyn, Maitland. In 1938 he had moved up to number 30, naming the cottage "Spes Bona" which was his last home. This dwelling has survived with its neighbours, albeit with minor alterations.  
Unless he had skillfully hidden assets, ATRH left his widow very little: their communal estate was valued at 90 pounds Sterling, and this included a big 1934 Dodge car valued at 55 pounds. It seems reasonable to assume that ATRH brought his third family to Cape Town around 1931. Around 1935 and a year or two later,  his daughters both passed their Std. 8 exams at Maitland High, which is not far from their Koeberg Road home, but the school had no record of their brother. His widow PMRH remained at the same address, at least until 1948. About ten years ago, my youngest sister saw a record of a Miss Radford-Hayden at the pathological laboratory where she works, but unfortunately was unable to retrieve it. When my Mom died, I advertised for any relatives of ATRH tocontact me,but had no response.  
Initially in Port Elizabeth, ATRH called himself 'Alfred Hayden', and this was entered on his marriage certificate dated 30th August 1905; he declared himself a bachelor. His new wife was Maude, the only daughter of Charles Penny Wright, a cabinetmaker whose father Edward had emigrated from Langholme, Dumfriesshire and married Anne Sarah Wood, a member of an 1820 Settler family {his first names actually commemorate another, associated Settler} in P.E. in 1847. However, when my father was born in 1907,ATRH entered his name as Alfred Radford-Hayden; his occupation was given as Tramways Inspector. My father's first name was after his uncle Richard Wright, and his second remembered Maude's immigrant Scottish grandfather,Edward Wright. The Haydens were living at 17 Stone Street, North End,which definitely wasn't one of the Wright properties.  
The second child, Myrtle Hetty,was named after C.P. Wright's deceased Scottish wife and Maude's mother, formerly Hetty Margaret Rintoul , but ATRH may well have chosen her first name. Hetty Hayden was born on 14 November, 1909, at their new accommodation in 3rd Avenue, Walmer, rented from a Mrs.Mew.ATRH was by then employed as a Despatcher, like his colleague Roach. The Haydens moved to a small cottage named "Shearwater", on Randall Street, overlooking South End and the Bay, and quite convenient to the Tramways building. In 1912-13, their third child Harry Neville was born at Shearwater. The origins of his first name are a mystery, but Neville was after another of Maude's brothers. Scanning the Transvaal and Rhodesia directories, I found just one entry that may have relevance: in the 1917-18 issue, oneA. Haydon [sic] was residing at the Palace Hotel in Klerksdorp.There were at least three Steyns farming in the vicinity.  
My father couldn't remember much about ATRH. He went once with his mother to the Tramways office, where ATRH was engaged in entering figures in a large journal or ledger, and ATRH was wearing a white dustcoat; I urged Dad to write up whatever he could recall, and he responded with two memories:  "I have scant news of my father, a big burly fully moustached fellow as I remember him in my early years, about six or seven, when he apparently(I could never get the gen. of this) deserted my mother, and left P.E. to go to Johannesburg. One of the main remembrances of my father was one morning, when I was about four, in their big shiny brass bed with them before breakfast, lying between them, when Father pulled, in a quarrel, my mother's long black hair and I beat his face!"  
That he did not react to the puny assault may count in ATRH's favour, but Dad had other memories of loud quarrels and even screaming, which would explain C.P.Wright's active dislike for ATRH. One probable cause of the domestic strife may be rooted in ATRH's reputed skill at the snooker table, but after he left P.E., the Wrights never mentioned ATRH when the children were present. Long after she had married, Hetty was still a regular visitor at Mrs.Mew's home, but if this witness to Hetty's birth, Mrs. Mew ever revealed anything about ATRH or Maude, Hetty kept the information to herself. This is not untypical of our family, and my father would have had serious reservations about publishing personal information, but in the interests of exploring the personalities involved, I hope to prompt a reciprocal response.  
Dick, Hetty and Harry Hayden were all forthright, plainspeaking and principled people, and Dick was probably the most charming and sociable of the three. Dick and Hetty mourned the loss of their mother all their lives, while Harry seemed to be more preoccupied by their father's desertion, but Hetty was the most stable. Dick and Harry had very stormy marriages, and abnormally strained relationships with their children. I'm looking for inherent tendencies here, which might shed some light on ATRH's personality. Hetty died of some cardiac defect, and two of her sons have undergone by-pass surgery, but the rest of this line have inherited robust constitutions; on the other hand, those endowed with the brightest intellect have exhibited moodiness, mild depression, emotionalism, and poor interpersonal relationships. There is at least one instance of chronic anxiety being transmitted through three successive generations, and although this syndrome may have become implanted with the combination of ATRH's and Maude Wright's genes, it's source may be found further down the family tree.It would be interesting to gather the observations of other members of this lineage.  
You will observe from the photo that my father had the same moustache line as ATRH, and his first son Alfred - with a distinct natural parting in the middle, and an outcurving sweep from each nostril. My father's high forehead was a Wright family feature, and he inherited his black wavy hair from his mother. Harry Hayden and two of his sons were more typically Hayden in other respects, but they inherited Maude's dark eyes. My sister Jill and I appear to have the same shaped nostrils as ATRH, but that's the most obviously inherited feature, and I wonder what eye colour would be most common in the Radford-Haydens?Below, I'll present our family line for inclusion in your records, please. Harry Hayden's son Eugene [who incidentally closely resembles ATRH's firstborn, Alfred, has undertakento provide more details from his side of the family, and I trust you'll soon hear from him.  
          Errol Hayden�  
5. The "Radford" of "Radford-Hayden" as a family name has been dropped by most if not all the second generation descendants of Alfred Isaac Radford-Hayden. The family name followed in this genealogy therefore descends, most exraordinarily, from the matriarchal line through Mary Hayden  
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