Stephen HART  of England,
Partial List of Descendants in South Africa

Acknowledgment is here given to the research of the following descendants of
Stephen Hart who have generously made additional information available about
his wife Johanna Magdalena and provided the photograph. This site reflects only
a small fraction of  Stephen Hart's family line as discovered by them.

- Betty Collins of Adelaide, Australia:-
- Gary Hart of Ottery, Cape Town, South Africa:-
- Rob Hart of Centurion, South Africa:-

* = Birth
~ = Baptised
x = Married (x1 = first, x2 = second, etc)
+ = Death
a Stephen HART  *1824 +1891 (Two weeks before his wife)
x- 31.1.1848 / St.Paul's Church (C of E), Cape Town / Johanna Magdalena BROWN / (Widow of William BROWN by whom she appears to have had three children) - Born BARCHFIELD *21.12.1819 +c.1891/ Buried from St.Andrews Church, Newlands, Cape Town.
(Dughter? or Grand-Daughter? of: Philip Andrew (Andreas?) BARCHFIELD (BARCHFELD?) x- 1795 / Johanna Petronella ANHUYSEN)

                           Johanna Magdalena
b1 Stephen William HART (Occ. miller) 
x/11.4.1883 / St.Pauls Church, Rondebosch, Capetown. 
Catherine Mary Anne MOTH  *1862 +1943
d/o Henry MOTH *1827 +1911 and Rachel Sarah SLOW *1830 +6.11.1882 (born CORBITT to ? & Catherine ?)  (Rachel's had a child by her first marriage - Charles SLOW) 

Stephen William HART and Catherine Mary Ann MOTH
b1c1 Edith Rachel HART  *28.2.1884 /Capetown +1922 / JHB / Buried Brixton Cemetery 
x/Congregational Church, Observatory, Capetown / Albert HAIRS 
b1c2 Arthur Henry HART *30.6.1885 /Capetown   +/In his teens .  Apprenticed watchmaker. 
b1c3 Henry Eden "Harry" HART *10.8.1886/Rondebosch, Capetown  ~19.9.1886/St. Pauls Church, Rondebosch, Capetown. (Godparents: Harry Holton, Eden Witney, Lucy Moth)  +28.5.1973 / Johannesburg.
x1/29.6.1912/St. Peters Church PE /  Emily Norah HOLTON 
x2/c.1954 / Sylvia Jean FOORD (or FORD) (wid. of brother, Wilfred William HART) 

Harry & Emily
b1c3d1.1 Eileen Emily HART *26.4.1913/P.E.  +6.9.2000 / Johannesburg (Stroke).
x. George Herbert BARCLAY *31.5.1910/Port Elizabeth +19.12.1975/Johannesburg (Stroke) 
(s/o John BARCLAY and Elizabeth Lumsden PEEBLES)


b1c3d1.1e1 Margaret Norah BARCLAY *22.4.1944 / Johannesburg 
x / 12.3.1965 / St.Columba's Church Parkview; 
Digby Edward Radford LONDT *23.7.1941 / Johannesburg. 
(s/o Gilbert Edward LONDT *1.10.1917/P.E +12.6.1987/P.E. and x1/1938/Johannesburg, Evelyn Joan HAYDEN *6.1.1913  /Aldershot, Eng. - d/o Arthur Donald Radford-HAYDEN and Minnietea (Minnie) Violet GOLDSMITH, both of England). 
b1c3d1.1e1f1 Quentin George William LONDT *25.2.1967/Johannesburg. ~1.10.1967 /St.Columba's Church, Parkview, JHB. 
x/5.11.1994 St.Columba's Church Parkview; 
Sarah Kate CHESTER *19.3.1966/Nairobi, Kenya,  d/o Michael CHESTER (*19/5/1931) and Jane CORK (*24/8/42) 
b1c3d1.1e1f1g1 Levana Jane Chester-LONDT *5.8.1990 / Johannesburg 
(adopted : natural d/o Kate Chester & Jeffrey Pitcher) 
b1c3d1.1e1f1g2 Calvin James Chester LONDT *4.5.1995/Johannesburg. ~5.11.19955 /St.Columba's Church Parkview Johannesburg.
b1c3d1.1e1f2 Richard Digby Eden LONDT *16.1.1969/Johannesburg. ~6.4.1969 /St.Columba's Church, Parkview, JHB. 
x./25.2.1995 St.Columba's Church Parkview; Adele Catherine BURGER *20.8.1970/Port Elizabeth,~NGK Linden, JHB. 
d/o Johannes Gerhardus BURGER (*9.7.1943 / Kakamas, Cape Province SA) and
Sandra Doris DE KLERK (*9.10.1946/Port Elizabeth).
b1c3d1.1e1f2g1 Jared Eden LONDT *4.6.1997/Dubai U.A.E. ~25.12.1997 /St.Columbas' Church, Parkview, JHB.
b1c3d1.1e1f2g2 Amber Louise LONDT *25.3.1999/Dubai U.A.E. ~25.12.1999 /St.Columbas' Church, Parkview, Johannesburg.
b1c3d1.1e1f3 Gregory Douglas Edward LONDT *26.4.1970/Johannesburg. ~6.9.1970 /St.Columba's Church, Parkview/JHB. 
x/5.7.1997/St.Saviours Church, Midrand S.A. 
Kathleen Jeannette SHARP *21.10.1974/JHB. S.A. 
d/o Sidney SHARP and Jeannette WEENINK *11.5.?? 
b1c3d1.1e1f3g1 Elliot Bernard George LONDT *11.6.1998/ Sandton Medi-Cinic, Johannesburg
b1c3d1.1e1f3g2 Benjamin Digby Jan LONDT *11.1.2000 /Sandton Medi-Clinic, Johannesburg
b1c3d1.1e1f3g3 Joel Sidney Greg LONDT *12.3.2001 /Sandton Medi-Clinic, Johannesburg
b1c3d1.1e1f3g4 Emily Anna Margaret LONDT *24.8.2003 / Auckland, New Zealand.
b1c3d1.1e1f3g5 (Expected  Abt. 5.2005)  / Te Kuiti, Kings Country, New Zealand.
b1c3d1.1e1f4 Geoffrey John Gilbert LONDT *14.10.1972 /Johannesburg. ~25.12.1972 /St.Columba's Church, Parkview/JHB. 
x./14.6.1997 / Modderfontein Conservation Centre/JHB. S.A : Claire WALLACE *3.12.71
(d/o Alexander Murray 'Scotty' WALLACE *14.4.1948 and Denise Patricia WOOD *17.4.1951)
Divorced Dec.2002.
b1c3d1.1e2 Helen Elizabeth BARCLAY *6.7.1947/JHB 
x/4.4.1970/St.Columba's Church, Parkview/ JHB 
Dennis Robert DITTBERNER *19.2.1947 
(s/o Harold Robert DITTBERNER *19.11.1920/Ermelo  and Shirley Heather ELTON *23.12.1923 / Kimberley  +c.1981/82 /Johannesburg. 
b1c3d1.1e2f1 Cheryl Elizabeth DITTBERNER *29.8.1972/Kroonstad, OFS. 
x-15.12.2002 / Johannesburg / Jurgen VOGT *6.7.19?? 
b1c3d1.1e2f1g1 ? VOGT *c.2004
b1c3d1.1e2f2 Malcolm DITTBERNER *13.5.1974/Pretoria, TVL. 
b1c3d1.1e3 Isobel Catherine BARCLAY *21.7.1949/Johannesburg. 
x/29.11.1969/St.Columba's Church, Parkview/JHB 
Trevor Ian WALKER *14.10.1943 /Port Elizabeth
(s/o Raymond WALKER and Elizabeth PHILLIP of P.E.) 
b1c3d1.1e3f1 Leigh Catherine WALKER *18.2.1974/Johannesburg 
x/19.2.2002 / Cape Town / Simon Oliver ELLIOT *18.1.1974/Port Elizabeth.
(s/o Peter John ELLIOT *17.10.1944 and Renee HODGKINSON *29.4.1946 /Queenstown) 
b1c3d1.1e3f2 Karla Christine WALKER *28.9.1978/Johannesburg 
b1c3d2.1 Arthur Eden  HART  *18.4.1915 +c.1917 (meningitis) 

Arthur Eden HART (seated) with elder sister Eileen Emily HART
b1c3d3.1 Iris Gwendoline HART *18.7.1918 / Driehoek, Germiston +4.7.1999 /Petersburg (Heart Failure)
x/JHB/ Johannes Frederik "John" LAMBERT  *1.7.1916 / Gorichen, Netherlands.
(Claimed full family name was "Lambert de Venier Erojia") 
b1c3d3.1e1 Peter John LAMBERT *15.2.1944/JHB
x /20.4.1968 / Umtali S.Rhodesia/  Patricia Frances BAGGETT *18.3.1947 /Salisbury, Rhodesia. 
b1c3d3.1e1f1 Tamasine Wendy LAMBERT *7.10.1971 / Umtali, S.Rhodesia
b1c3d3.1e1f2 Debora Cindy LAMBERT *9.4.1975 / Umtali, S.Rhodesia
b1c3d3.1e2 Susan Patricia LAMBERT *20.6.1957 (Adopted)
x/Umtali, S.Rhodesia (Mutari, Zimbabwe) / Sarel Francois MALAN *17.10.1952 / Ndola
b1c3d3.1e2f1 Peta Ann MALAN *15.9.1982 / Pietersberg SA
b1c3d3.1e2f2 Megan Iris MALAN *11.11.1985 / Pietersberg SA
b1c3d4.1 Patricia HART *3.11.1923/JHB  +13.6.2003 /Pietersburg 
x / 4.1.1947 Johannesburg / Noel Conry WIGG  *7.10.1917 / Natal SA +15.4.1972 / Pietersburg (motor accident).
b1c3d4.1e1 Stephen Noel WIGG *25.5.1953 / Johannesburg.
x / Pietersburg / Wanda (surname unknown)
b1c3d4.1e1f1 Neill Conry WIGG  *29.3.1998 /Pietersburg
b1c3d4.1e2 Janet Patricia WIGG  *25.10.1954 / Johannesburg SA
x / Pietersburg / 24.10.1987 /  Alexander Lees "Sandy" KELLY *15.5.1954 /Johannesburg.
b1c3d4.1e2f1 Shona Leigh KELLY *16.8.1989 /Johannesburg SA
b1c3d4.1e2f2 John Lees KELLY *25.3.1991 / Johannesburg SA
b1c4 Edwin Richard Victor HART *21.6.1888 +10.3.1962 
x. Maud Christina SMITH 
b1c5 Harold Gibson HART *25.6.1889 +31.12.1970
x / 3.5.1937 / Pretoria :  Maria Isabella "Buddy" HART (no relation)-(no issue) 
b1c6 Lucy Margaret HART *8.5.1891 +31.3.1918 / Cape (Unmarried) 
b1c7 Amelia Maud HART *22.9.1893 +31.3.1973
x. Edward SMART (no issue) 
b1c8 Wilfred William HART  *26.6.1895 +24.7.1948
x1 / Johannesburg/  May HINTON 
x2./ Sylvia Jean FOORD (Possibly FORD)
b1c9 Albert Edward HART  *20.4.1897 +13.12.1969
x. Winifred STAFFORD 
b1c9d1 Kenneth Stafford  HART
b1c9d2 Donald Reginald HART
b1c9d2e1 Jennifer Ann HART *17.7.1957
b1c9d2e2 Sandra Joan HART *10.10.1958
b1c9d2e3 Malcolm HART  *20.6.1960
x. ?
b1c9d2e3f1 Caroline HART
b1c9d2e3f2 Michael HART
b1c10 Doris Monica HART  *28.4.1900 +2.9.1945
x. John McKay LOBBAN 
b1c10d1 John McKay LOBBAN 
x. Denise ?
b1c10d1e1 Derek LOBBAN 
b1c10d1e2 Clive LOBBAN 
b1c10d1e3 Andrew LOBBAN 
b1c10d1e4 Paul LOBBAN 
b1c11 Gwendoline Emily HART  *26.1.1903 ~St.Michaels Church, Observatory,  Cape Town. +13.7.1989
x./31.1.1931 /St.Pauls Church, Kenilworth, JHB.:  Jackson Potter HAMILTON 
b1c11d1 David Alexander HAMILTON *8.5.19?? +7.3.2003 / Johannesburg.
b1c11d2 Marian Elizabeth HAMILTON *12.8.1943
x. Malcolm Alexander VISMER  *25.9.1935

100-004x :  Malcolm, Marian , daughter Nicolette and grand-daughter Charlotte .Oct. 2000 Fish Hoek SA
b1c11d2e1 Nicolette Gwendoline VISMER  *14.8.1963
x. Adriaan LOUW *6.1.1959
b1c11d2e1f1 Charlotte Marion LOUW *27.6.2000 / Cape Town RSA
b1c11d2e2 Carl Frederick VISMER  *7.4.1965
x. Chrissie EYNON (Div) *31.8.1966
b1c11d2e2f1 Matthew Malcolm VISMER *9.10.1990
b1c11d2e2f2 David Barry VISMER *27.1.1995
b1c11d2e3 Suzanne Lisa VISMER *19.10.1971
x. Christiaan BRANDT *13.11.1969
b1c12 Mavis Winifred HART  *12.8.1904 +1.7.1993
x1- Albert VAN GINKEL 
x2- Randall THOMPSON 
b1c12d1.1 Pamela VAN GINKEL  *1.7.1928
b1c12d2.1 Michael VAN GINKEL *2.6.1934
x- 2.7.1955 / Jeannette OAKLEY  *1.8.1937 

Michael (Mar.2004)

Jeannette (Mar.2004)
b1c12d2.1e1 Jeannine VAN GINKEL  *12.1.1956
x1. Johan STEYN
x2. Johan SWARTS 
b1c12d2.1e1f1.1 Megan STEYN   *23.12.1975 
b1c12d2.1e1f2.2 Ryan SWARTS *?
b1c12d2.1e1f3.2 Kimball  SWARTS *? 
b1c12d2.1e2 Andre Johan VAN GINKEL *?
b1c13 Ivy Thelma HART *22.7.1906 +13.10.1960 / Johannsburg (Cancer) 
x. Hugh Harper LOBBAN *? +? 
b1c13d1 Jean Marian LOBBAN 18.3.c.1938-39 
x1- Robert McFARLANE  (Divorced)
x2- Michael SMYTHE (div) */? +5.1997/JHB 

098-015x          Jeanne SMYTHE (b.Lobban) Oct. 2000 Fish Hoek, Cape.

098-021f      Margaret Londt, Jeanne Smythe & Isobel Walker  - Oct. 2000 Fish Hoek, Cape
b1c13d1e1.1 Lynda Margaret McFARLANE *9.1964 
x- Stephen ? 
b1c13d1e2.1 Alison McFARLANE *5.10.1966 
x1- Stephen  TRODOUX  (Divorced) 
x2- 5.10.96 / Christopher EVANS (Divorced 2001)

100-006x    Alison EVANS (b.McFarlane) and
Rowan Belle Harper EVANS  Oct. 2000 Fish Hoek, Cape
b1c13d1e2.1f1.2 Rowan Belle Harper EVANS *21.6.1999 / Cape Town S.A.
b1c13d2 James Henry Hugh LOBBAN *6.7.1942 
x. Wendy Rona SUTHERLAND *24.9.47 
b1c13d2e1 Justin Antony James LOBBAN *17.6.1974 
b1c13d2e2 ## LOBBAN *##.#.####
b1c13d2e3 Hugh Alexander James LOBBAN *10.8.1984 
 DERLondt:  hart1/19.10.97 /27.3.2004/ 25.11.04/15.1.05
Originll based on Infomation from David Hamilton, Hugh Lobban, Marian Vismer, Jeannette Van Ginkel and Margaret Londt  RETURN