JOHN GOLDSMITH of Suffolk, England
Partial List of His Descendants
(See also end notes regarding early Goldsmith information)

Symbols:                                                            Date Convention:   d.m.y
* = Birth
~ = Baptised
x = Married (x1 = first, x2 = second, etc)

Acknowledging the contribution through Alan D. Goldsmith of  his father John Oliver Goldsmith,
and of  Dorothy Watts and Vera M. Cooke
x- Elizabeth LEAM  (Widow BERRY)
b1 Mary GOLDSMITH *12.8.1688
b2 Susanne GOLDSMITH *12.8.1688
b3 John GOLDSMITH *c.1690 ~13.4.1690
b4 Thomas GOLDSMITH *c.1691 ~2.11.1691/Dennington  +c.1762 Buried 23.1.1762/Cranford 
x-c.1717 / Anne RIVERS */ Badingham
b4c1 Thomas GOLDSMITH *1730 +12.3.1806/Bruisyard 
x-Susan WOODS */ Rendham
b4c1d1 Thomas GOLDSMITH *c.1754 ~10.3.1754/Bruisyard 
x-Ann ROBERT ~/ Mundham, Norfolk
b4c1d1e1 John GOLDSMITH *24.12.1782 +1842 
x-Francis Jemima ?  /*1781 +6.12.1858
b4c1d1e1f1 Matilda Jemima GOLDSMITH *1816 +12.1816/ 17 Weeks, Buried 14.12.1816
b4c1d1e1f2 John GOLDSMITH *18.6.1818, Buried 23.6.1818 / 5 Days
b4c1d1e1f3 Martha GOLDSMITH *18.6.1818 
x-31.10.1852/ Benjamin Palmer CRISP (Widower)
b4c1d1e1f4 Matilda GOLDSMITH *1819
b4c1d1e2 Anne GOLDSMITH *27.3.1789 
x-12.2.1810/ RObert STANNARD *26.7.1774 +8.3.1838
b4c1d2 Mary GOLDSMITH *c.1756 ~16.4.1756/Bruisyard
b4c1d3 Susan GOLDSMITH *c. 1759 ~25.2.1759/Bruisyard
b4c1d4 William GOLDSMITH *c.1760 +23.9.1840 Southwold, Suffolk. Buried St.Edmunds Churchyard, Southwold. 
x-5.6.1787, Kelsale, Suffolk/ Frances LARTER *c.1770 +18.3.1842, Southwold, Suffolk. Buried St.Edmunds Churchyard, Southwold.
b4c1d4e1 John GOLDSMITH *18.8.1782
b4c1d4e2 Fanny GOLDSMITH *c.1792 ~20.6.1792 
x-20.6.1820 /  Barry Howard CARTER
b4c1d4e3 Henry GOLDSMITH *c.1799 ~12.8.1799 / Sibton +10.8.1799/4m
b4c1d4e4 Henry GOLDSMITH *c.1800 ~7.10.1800 +4.12.1800/2m
b4c1d4e5 Mary Anne GOLDSMITH *10.4.1802 / Peasenhall ~10.3.1802 / Sibton
b4c1d4e6 Edward GOLDSMITH *20.10.1803 ~12.11.1803/St.Edmunds Church, Southwold +3.11.1851/Southwold. Buried St.Edmunds Churchyard. Occ./Carrier, Carter, Coal Merchant. 
x1-6.1.1824/St.Edmunds, Southwold / Mary BURCHAM +13.6.1826 Buried in Burcham Family Grave, St.Edmunds Churchyard, Southwold. 
x2-25.12.1826/ St.Edmunds, Southwold / Elizabeth GILLINGS +9.8.1876 / Southwold. Buried St.Edmunds Churchyard. 
b4c1d4e6f1.1 John Edward GOLDSMITH *c.1824  ~14.2.1824
b4c1d4e6f1.1g1 Henry John GOLDSMITH 
x-Anna Marie HAMMOND
b4c1d4e6f1.1g1h1 Charles Henry GOLDSMITH *c.1874 ~4.10.1874
b4c1d4e6f1.1g1h2 Emma Elizabeth Maria GOLDSMITH *c.1877 ~7.1.1877
b4c1d4e6f1.1g1h3 Susannah GOLDSMITH *c.1878 ~7.7.1878
b4c1d4e6f1.1g1h4 Richard John GOLDSMITH *24.8.1882 
x-16.4.1906 / Florence Rebecca DAVY
b4c1d4e6f1.1g1h4i1 Florence Madge GOLDSMITH *25.2.1907
b4c1d4e6f1.1g1h4i2 Violet Ruth GOLDSMITH *1.9.1908
b4c1d4e6f1.1g1h4i3 Irene Ethel GOLDSMITH *21.4.1910
b4c1d4e6f1.1g1h5 Henry Edward George GOLDSMITH *c.1884 ~2.11.1884 +?
(Was a Capt. in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers).
b4c1d4e6f1.1g1h6 Ethel Eleanor GOLDSMITH *16.1.1889 
x-6.8.1917 / Albert Andrew SYMONDS 
b4c1d4e6f1.1g1h7 Edward George GOLDSMITH *22.8.1890 
x-Edna Kathleen ? 
b4c1d4e6f2.1 William Burcham GOLDSMITH *? ~25.6.1825 +6.10.1826/15m 
b4c1d4e6f3.2 Elizabeth GOLDSMITH *? ~16.10.1827 
b4c1d4e6f4.2 Edward GOLDSMITH *? ~31.5.1829
b4c1d4e6f5.2 Fanny GOLDSMITH *? ~24.4.1831
b4c1d4e6f6.2  Thomas GOLDSMITH *? ~26.5.1833
b4c1d4e6f7.2 Matilda Susannah GOLDSMITH *? ~22.5.1836
b4c1d4e6f8.2 Elenor GOLDSMITH *? ~11.2.1838
b4c1d4e6f9.2 William Larter GOLDSMITH *10.11.1839/Southwold ~8.12.1839/St.Edmunds Church +9.8.1912 / Southwold. Buried St.Edmunds Churchyard. Occ/Boot & Shoe Maker. 
x-7.7.1863 / St.Edmunds Church / Susannah Linder MAY *9.11.1846 +15.4.1921 / 70 Victoria St. Southwold  / Buried 19.4.1921 St.Edmunds Churchyard. (d/o James MAY and Caroline LINDER).
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1 Thomas James GOLDSMITH *28.7.1863 / Southwold ~16.8.1863 / St.Edmunds Church +23.2.1932 / Southwold  Occ./Master Marinner, Fruiterer. 
x-28.7.1886 / St.Edmunds Church  / Matilda POWELL (POWELS) *20.12.1865 / Peasenhall, Suffolk. +15.3.1927 / 34 East St. Southwold. (d/o Charles POWELL (POWELS) & Mary BIRD) 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h1 Annie Elizabeth GOLDSMITH *2.4.1887 ~29.5.1887
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h2 Matilda Maud GOLDSMITH *26.5.1888 ~5.8.1888
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h3 Ellen Louise GOLDSMITH *7.7.1889 ~6.10.1889 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h4  Florence May GOLDSMITH *12.9.1890 ~30.5.1891
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h5  Arthur Thomas GOLDSMITH *? ~3.7.1892 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h6 Frederick James GOLDSMITH *24.4.1893 ~4.6.1893
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h7  Walter William GOLDSMITH *21.9.1894 / Southwold ~7.7.1895 / St.Edmunds Church +29.3.1961 / Honey Lane Hospital, Waltham Abbey / Buried Chipping Ongar Cemetery, Essex. Occ/Servant Boy, Footman, Royal Navy 21.9.1912-20.9.1924, Hotel Waiter, Civilian Police (RAF) 1939-1945, Painter & Decorator. 
x-26.1.1928 / Rochford Register Office, Essex / Ethel CARTER *10.6.1889/Woodbury, Devonshire ~6.7.1889 / St.Swithens Church, Woodbury +26.9.1970 / St.Margarets Hospital, Epping / Buried Chipping Ongar Cemetery, Essex. Occ/ Servant Girl, Nanny, Biscuit Maid, Chamber Maid. (d/o William John CARTER +22.9.1926 x-Charlotte MILLER +15.2.1898 / during childbirth). 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h7i1 Dennis Walter Richard GOLDSMITH *8.1.1929 / Rochford House, Rochford, Essex. 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h7i2  John Oliver GOLDSMITH *4.3.1930 / Rochford House, Rochford, Essex. ~1.6.1930 / St.John's Church, Southend-On-Sea./ (Compiler of this genealogy). (Grandfather of Asa Oliver Binmore GOLDSMITH). Occ/Shop Assistant, Errand Boy, Painter & Decorator, National Service 1948-1949, Car Body Sprayer, Machine Operator. 
x-12.9.1959 / St.Andrew's Church, Southgate N14 / Jean Patricia MATTHEWS *30.3.1938 / Lying-In Hospital, York Road, Lambeth. Occ. Packer, Shop Assistant, Part Time School & Office Cleaner.
(d/o William Thomas MATTHEWS & Alice SMITH) .
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h7i2j1  Stephen John GOLDSMITH *6.10.1960 / St.Margarets Hospital, Epping. ~8.1.1961 / St.Andrew's Church, Southgate.
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h7i2j2 Brian David GOLDSMITH *8.10.1963 / 62 Beaconfield Rd., Epping. ~10.5.1964 / St.John's Church, Epping. 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h7i3j3  Alan Dennis GOLDSMITH *14.3.1968/62 Beaconfield Rd., Epping. ~28.7.1968/St.John's Church, Epping. Essex.
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h8 Minnie Pricilla GOLDSMITH *28.10.1895 ~5.4.1896 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h9 Charles John GOLDSMITH *13.1.1897
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h10 Bertha Winifred GOLDSMITH *24.9.1898 ~6.11.1898 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h11 Margaret Henrietta GOLDSMITH *29.9.1900 ~7.10.1900 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h12 Ruth Emsley GOLDSMITH *15.6.1902 ~29.6.1902 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h13 Winifred Mary GOLDSMITH *4.7.1903 ~16.8.1903 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h14 Mable Elisz GOLDSMITH *3.1.1905 ~13.2.1905
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h15 William Henry GOLDSMITH *1.12.1906 ~17.2.1907 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h16 Richard GOLDSMITH *1908 ~N/P 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g1h17 Edward George GOLDSMITH *13.6.1910 ~26.7.1910
(Reportedly four further children of Thomas James & Matilda Goldsmith said to have been still-born or died shortly after birth)
b4c1d4e6f9.2g2 Edward William GOLDSMITH *? ~6.5.1866 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g3 Elizabeth Minnie GOLDSMITH *? ~6.9.1868 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g4 Ellen Louise GOLDSMITH *? ~2.4.1871 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g5 Ruth Mary GOLDSMITH *? ~2.11.1873 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g6 John Larter GOLDSMITH *? ~7.5.1876 +21.8.1960 / Blythburgh & District Hospital. 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g7 Bertha May GOLDSMITH *? ~5.7.1878 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g8 George GOLDSMITH *? ~2.10.1881
b4c1d4e6f9.2g9 Mark GOLDSMITH *? ~2.12.1883 +24.3.1918 
(Sergeant in the 8th Battalion, Black Watch. Killed on the Somme. Name appears on panels 49/50 of the Pozieres War Memorial, France).
b4c1d4e6f9.2g10 Edith Jane GOLDSMITH *? ~4.4.1886 
b4c1d4e6f9.2g11  Henry John GOLDSMITH *? ~5.8.1888 +19.12.1952 / Reydon, Suffolk. 
b4c1d4e6f10.2 Elizabeth GOLDSMITH *10.8.1841 ~12.9.1841
(Note 1)
Henry George GOLDSMITH (Harry) *c. 29.8.1843/ Southwold, Suffolk, England. ~26.5.1844 / Southwold 
x-Elizabeth HURR *24.2.1847 

Harry & Elizabeth Goldsmith and some of their many children 
(at rear is Henry Edward)    Taken c.1887
(Note 2)
Henry Edward ('Harry' ) GOLDSMITH  *11.12.1864, Southwold. 
x-Minnietea ('Minnie') Sarah FOLKARD *c.1867 +1963 (96y)

Henry Edward wearing the medal awarded to him for
Long Service with the Rocket Lifesaving Apparatus.
On receiving it from King  George V he said .."Thank you Mr. King"
(Note 3)
Henry ('Harry') Edward George GOLDSMITH (Harry) */Southwold. 
x. Minnie LOUIE 

Cpl. Harry Goldsmith (extreme R) c.1905.
(Later 'Captain')

with mother  'Minnie' (c.89y old) -  20th Nov.1956
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h1i1 John ('Jack') Louie GOLDSMITH 
          Sgt.   'Jack' GOLDSMITH 



Jack GOLDSMITH (extreme L) Master of  the Light Vessel "Shipwash"
With the 'Christmas Goose'. 
(Cutting from the East Anglia Daily Times).
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2 Violet Minnietea GOLDSMITH *7.8.1886, Southwold, Suffolk, England. +2.2.1992, Johannesburg, S.A. 
x-Oct.1911/ Arthur Donald RADFORD-HAYDEN *4.12.1886, Mile End, Old Town,  London, England. +26.5.1972, Johannesburg, South Africa. ('Stroke'). 
(Couple emmigrated to S.A. from Salisbury, England c.1950 to join eldest daughter, following his retirement) 
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1 Evelyn Joan HAYDEN *6.1.1913, Aldershot, England. 
x1-Oct.1938 / Johannesburg S.A. / Gilbert Edward LONDT *1.10.1917, Port Elizabeth, +12.6.1987, Provincial Hospital Port Elizabeth. Occ.Architect. (Divorced c.1952) 
x2-1957 / Douglas Reginald RYDER *26.7.1904 Middelsborough, England. +6.2.1982, Johannesburg S.A.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j1.1 Digby Edward Radford LONDT *23.7.1941 / Johannesburg. 
x-12.3.1965 / St.Columba's Church.Parkview / Margaret Norah BARCLAY *22.4.1944 / Johannesburg  (d/o George Herbert BARCLAY *31.5.1910 / P.E, +19.12.1975 / JHB
x-Eileen Emily HART *26.4.1913 / P.E +6.9.2000 / Johannesburg ('Stroke')). 
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j1.1k1 Quentin George William LONDT *25.2.1967/Johannesburg. ~1.10.1967/St.Columba's Church, Parkview, JHB. 
x/5.11.1994 St.Columba's Church Parkview; 
Sarah Kate CHESTER *19.3.1966/Nairobi, Kenya, 
d/o Michael CHESTER (*19/5/1931) and Jane CORK (*24/8/42)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j1.1k1l1 Levana Jane Chester LONDT *5.8.1990/Johannesburg (adopted natural d/o Kate CHESTER & David PITCHER)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j1.1k1l2 Calvin James Chester LONDT *4.5.1995/Johannesburg. ~5.11.1995/St.Columba's Church Parkview Johannesburg.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j1.1k2 Richard Digby Eden LONDT *16.1.1969/Johannesburg. ~6.4.1969/St.Columba's Church, Parkview, JHB. 
x-25.2.1995 / St.Columba's Church Parkview / Adele Catherine BURGER *20.8.1970 / Port Elizabeth,~NGK Linden, Johannesburg. 
(d/o Johannes Gerhardus BURGER *9.7.1943, Kakamas C.P x-Sandra Doris DE KLERK *9.10.1946 / Port Elizabeth).
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j1.1k2L1 Jared Eden LONDT *4.6.1997/Dubai U.A.E. ~25.12.1997/St.Columbas Church, Parkview, Johannesburg.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j1.1k2L2 Amber Louise LONDT *25.3.1999/Dubai U.A.E. ~25.12.1999/St.Columbas Church, Parkview, Johannesburg
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j1.1k3 Gregory Douglas Edward LONDT *26.4.1970, Johannesburg.  ~6.9.1970,  St.Columba's Church, Parkview, JHB, South Africa. 
x-5.7.1997, St.Saviours Church, Midrand S.A. / Kathleen Jeannette SHARP *21.10.1974, Johannesburg, South Africa. 
(d/o Sidney SHARP *2.4.1938, Johannesburg x-Jeannette WEENINK *10.5.1949/ Suribaya, Java, Indonesia) 
L-R: Elliot, Gregory, Emily, Joel, Kathleen, Ben
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j1.1k3L1 Elliot Bernard George LONDT *11.6.1998 / Sandton Medical Centre, Johannesburg. (by Caesarian Section)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j1.1k3L2 Benjamin Digby Jan LONDT *11.1.2000 / Sandton Medical Centre, Johannesburg. 
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j1.1k3L3 Joel Sydney Greg LONDT *12.3.2001/14h35 / Santon Medi-Clinic / Johannesburg.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j1.1k3L4 Emily Anna Margaret LONDT *24.8.2003 / Auckland, New Zealand
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j1.1k3L5 Mary Kathleen Jeannette LONDT *3.6.2005 / Te Kuiti, King Country, New Zealand / Hamilton Hospital 3.3kg
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j1.1k4 Geoffrey John Gilbert LONDT *14.10.1972 / Johannesburg. ~25.12.1972 / St.Columba's Church, Parkview / JHB. 
x-13.6.1997 /St.Columbas Church, Parkview JHB./ S.A.- (Divorced Dec.2003)
Claire WALLACE *3.12.73  (d/o Alexander Murray 'Scotty' WALLACE *14.4.1948 and Denise Patricia WOOD *17.4.1951)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j2.1 Jason Gilbert Hayden LONDT *1.4.1943/Johannesburg. 
x-2.3.1968 / St Francis Methodist Church, Forrestown / Ann PARKIN *3.3.1947.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j2.1k1 Brendan Donald Edwin LONDT *26.11.1970.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j2.1k2 Cynthia Ann LONDT *14.12.1972.
x-30.3.1999,  East London , SA / Andre Desmond MORRISH *6.12.1970, Durban S.A.  (s/o Desmond MORRISH * / Ireland & Charlotte SMIT)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j2.1k3 Hilary Jewell LONDT *10.3.1976
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j3.1 Deborah Joan LONDT *26.5.1947/Salisbury, England. 
x1-29.11.1969 St. Francis Anglican Church, Parkview / Johannesburg; 
James William DEALE, Capt.S.A.Airways *25.9.1944/JHB.+23.9.97/Durban S.A. ('Heart attack').
x2-18.4.1999, Westville Baptist Church, Durban S.A. / Ernest CALDER *22.10.1936, Scotland.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j3.1k1 Jeremy James William DEALE *10.11.1970 / Johannesburg
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j3.1k2 Samantha Joan Muriel DEALE *27.4.1972 / Johannesburg.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j3.1k2l1 Jessica Christen DEALE *4.5.1993 / Durban S.A. 
Natural d/o Gerard Herve LETIMIER *11.3.1968, Mauritius. 
(s/o Pierre LETIMIER and Maude ?)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j3.1k3 Katherine Elizabeth DEALE *23.6.1978, Johannesburg.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i1j3.1k4 Carolyn May DEALE *21.7.1980, Johannesburg.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i2 Gwendolyn Joyce HAYDEN *5.10.1914, Aldershot, Eng. +1.1.1989./ Southampton, England. (Stroke) 
x1-George BURDEN 
x2-'Bert' JONES *7.11.1902

                     'Bert' JONES
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i2j1.1 Josephine BURDEN *c.1935, England. 
x2-South America / Bela RITTER *?, Poland. +?, South America.

   Josephine RITTER (b. BURDEN)

                       Bela RITTER
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i2j1.1k1.1 Alison  ?
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i2j1.1k2.2 Frank RITTER *c.1963, Ecuador, South America
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i2j1.1k3.2 Nicholas RITTER *24.12.1964,  Ecuador, South America 
x-England./ Violet .....
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i2j1.1k3.2l1 Tristan RITTER *c.1989, England.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i2j1.1k4.2 Clare RITTER *1967, Ecuador, South America 
x-England / Andrew ....?
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i2j1.1k4.2l1 Thomas ...?. *c.1986, Southampton, England.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i2j1.1k4.2l2 Stephanie ..?.. *4.1.1989, Southampton, England
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i2j1.1k4.2l3 Rowan ...?. *c.1993, Southampton, England . ~7.1994
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i2j1.1k5.2 Maria Christina RITTER *1968, Ecuador, South America 
x-1995, England /  John ....?.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i2j2.2 Trevor JONES *?, Southampton, England. +c? , Age 18 (Asthma).
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i2j3.2 Colin JONES *?.., Southampton, England. 
x-England / Carol .?..... - (Divorced c.1995)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i2j3.2k1 Hannah JONES *.. / Southampton, Eng
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i2j3.2k2 Amy JONES *..  / Southampton, Eng.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i2j3.2k3 Sarah JONES *..    / Southampton, Eng.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h2i3 Ida Winifred HAYDEN *c.1923 / England. +14.7.1928, England.(5 years old)
(Killed by motorcycle)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h3 Lily GOLDSMITH *23.4.1889, Southwold, East Anglia, England. 
x-William PARR *28.2.1891, Nottinghamshire, England. 
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h3i1 Dorothy Lilias PARR *4.5.1915 /Addlestone, Surrey, Eng. 
x-John ('Jack') Thomas WATTS *11.7.1911, Letchworth, England +26.2.1998, Cape Town South Africa.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h3i1j1 Hilary Carol WATTS *4.11.1937, Letchworth, England.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h3i1j2 Lennox Mariel WATTS *8.10.1942, Lethworth, England. 
x-South Africa / Ronald John GROBLER (born: Roelof Johannes) *10.6.1937 . (no issue).
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h3i1j3 Felicity Catherine WATTS *14.5.1947, Lethworth, England. 
x1-6.12.1969, Durban North Methodist Church, S.A./ Karl Horst SCHMITZ  *11.10.1947, Frechen, West Germany.
(s/o Wilhelm SCHMITZ *10.8.1910/Kerpen, W. Germany & Maria Helena (b. SCHMITZ) *20.10.1914, W. Germany.)
x2-21.9.1995, Unitarian Church, Hout St., Cape Town S.A./
Brian DURRBAUM *18.10.1946, Cape Town
(Divorced. Three children by previous marriage - Louanne, Pamela, Trevor)
(s/o Ludwig Augustav DURRBAUM *28.5.1922 +24.7.1985 both at Cape Town x-Marie Elizabeth ADDISON *20.9.1922, Cape Town)
CATHERINE and BRIAN with grandsons KYRON (in Red)
and baby TYLER  - April 2000
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h3i1j3k1 Heidi Tanya SCHMITZ  *c. 8.10.1974
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h3i1j3k1l1 Kyron SCHMITZ  *c.1998
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h3i1j3k2 Justin Alexander SCHMITZ *c. 26.11.1974
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h3i2 Beryl May PARR *30.5.1918, New Malden, Surrey, Eng. +13.4.1999, Trowbridge, England. 
x-Ronald Leslie SMITH - (no issue)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h4 Alice May GOLDSMITH */Southwold, Eng. 
x. Jack FRANKLIN */Eng. 
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h4i1 Marjorie Katy FRANKLIN *?, England. 
x-England / Dr. Leo ASHTON-ROSE *?, England.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h4i1j1 Michael ASHTON-ROSE *?, England.
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h4i2 Edna FRANKLIN   x? 
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h5 Daisy Maude GOLDSMITH *?, Southwold, Eng. 
x-Ernest BUTCHER 
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h5i1 Beryl BUTCHER *?  +20.8.1997 (Cancer) 
x-John NELLOR 
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h5i1j1 Michael NELLOR 
x-Ann ?
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h5i2 Phyllis BUTCHER * c.1923 
x-William "Bill" DONOVAN
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h5i2j1 Unknown (died in infancy)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h5i2j2 Wendy DONOVAN 
x-Vic ?  *?  +c.1996
b4c1d4e6f11.2g1h6 Ivy GOLDSMITH (Died in childhood / appendicitis)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g2 Elizabeth Jane GOLDSMITH *18.7.1866
b4c1d4e6f11.2g2h1 Ida PALMER
b4c1d4e6f11.2g3 'Fanny' GOLDSMITH *8.12.1867/8,  +1957
x-Edward BARBER *25.12.1890
b4c1d4e6f11.2g4 Edith GOLDSMITH *1.8.1870 
x-'Jack' FRIAT (FRYETT ?)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g4h1 'Jack' FRIAT
b4c1d4e6f11.2g4h2 Sissy FRIAT
b4c1d4e6f11.2g4h3 Mona FRIAT
b4c1d4e6f11.2g4h4 Chester FRIAT
b4c1d4e6f11.2g5 Annie GOLDSMITH *3.5.1872 (2.5.1871 ?) +1946
x1-? DANN
b4c1d4e6f11.2g5h1.1 Lillian Louise DANN *1892 +1969
x-Albert Henderson POLE *1873 +1950
b4c1d4e6f11.2g5h1.1i1 John POLE *16.3.1919 +1946
x-Doris Amelia CHESTERSON *2.9.1919
b4c1d4e6f11.2g5h2.1 'Jack' DANN *? +1950
x-Lily PINN *? +1991
b4c1d4e6f11.2g5h2.1i1 David DANN
b4c1d4e6f11.2g5h2.1i2 Peter DANN *c.1938 +1991/53y
b4c1d4e6f11.2g6 Lily GOLDSMITH *14.4.1873
b4c1d4e6f11.2g7 Maude GOLDSMITH  *c.1877 ~17.6.1877  +5.6.1878
b4c1d4e6f11.2g8 John William ('Jack') GOLDSMITH *10.3.1876 +12.7.1946
x- Martha ?  (No Issue)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g9 Rosa GOLDSMITH *10.6.1877 
b4c1d4e6f11.2g9h1.1 W. GOLDSMITH  +6.1917 (son ? born out of wedlock)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g9h2.1 Kathleen GOLDSMITH *5.11.1904 +12.3.1912 (born out of wedlock)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g10 William James GOLDSMITH *18.8.1879 (10.8.1878 ?)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g10h1 Gladys GOLDSMITH
b4c1d4e6f11.2g10h2 Oliver GOLDSMITH
b4c1d4e6f11.2g10h3 William ('Billy') GOLDSMITH
b4c1d4e6f11.2g10h4 ? GOLDSMITH
b4c1d4e6f11.2g10h5 ? GOLDSMITH
b4c1d4e6f11.2g11 Charles Ernest GOLDSMITH *13.2.1881 +? (Unmarried)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g12 Jane Edna GOLDSMITH *15.8.1882 (13.8. ?) +28.2.1919
b4c1d4e6f11.2g12h1 Audrey CHAMBERLAIN  *? +1926
b4c1d4e6f11.2g13 Kate Hilda GOLDSMITH *13.3.1884 
b4c1d4e6f11.2g13h1 Barbara WILLIAMS  *1919 +1945  x ?  (No Issue)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g13h1 Diana WILLIAMS *1921
b4c1d4e6f11.2g14 'Bertie' Hurr GOLDSMITH *17.4.1886  +22.8.1914 (Torpedoed in North Sea during WW1)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g15 Thomas Mark GOLDSMITH *29.9.1888 +25.4.1915
(Died of wounds during WW1)
x-Matilda Katharine SHAW *1888 +1968
b4c1d4e6f11.2g15h1 Thomas Olof GOLDSMITH *1914
x-Olive MARCINE *1915
b4c1d4e6f11.2g15h1i1 Thomas Stewart GOLDSMITH *1946
x-Anne PRANGLY *1951
b4c1d4e6f11.2g16 Oliver GOLDSMITH *28.9.1889 +22.3.1979  (NOT the Poet!)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g16h1 Violet Marjorie GOLDSMITH *1918 (Lives in Calgary, Canada)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g14h1i1 Stephen CROCKER (Lives in Australia)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g16h2 Benita Alice Mary GOLDSMITH *1919 (Lives in Australia)
x-? (Issue - Three Daughters)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g16h2i1 ?
b4c1d4e6f11.2g16h2i2 ?
b4c1d4e6f11.2g16h2i3 ?
b4c1d4e6f11.2g16h3 John Oliver GOLDSMITH *1921 +5.5.1998 (Late of Newbury, Berkshire)
x2-1949 / Audrey Eleanor HEDGES *1924 
b4c1d4e6f11.2g16h3i1.1 Barry GOLDSMITH (died aged 6 years)
b4c1d4e6f11.2g16h3i2.1 Sandra GOLDSMITH
x-Brian PLETTS
b4c1d4e6f11.2g16h3i2.1j1 Barry PLETTS
b4c1d4e6f11.2g16h3i2.1j2 Jennifer Ann PLETTS *22.3.1961
x-Ian Anthony THURGATE
b4c1d4e6f11.2g16h3i2.1j2k1 Paul John THURGATE *9.8.1973
b4c1d4e6f11.2g16h3i2.1j2k2 Andrew James THURGATE *17.6.1975
b4c1d4e6f11.2g17 Ernest Bradley GOLDSMITH *15.12.1891 +27.11.1991
x-Anna CATER ? *14.9.1894 +6.6.1976
b4c1d4e6f11.2g17h1 Vera M. GOLDSMITH *14.8.1920 (Major contributor)
x-David COOKE *17.4.1920
b4c1d4e6f11.2g17h1i1 Christopher COOKE *16.7.1946
x-18.6.1976 / Heather BEAUMONT *20.8.1952
b4c1d4e6f11.2g17h1i1j1 Alison Louise COOKE *30.10.1978
b4c1d4e6f11.2g17h1i1j2 Johnathan Mark COOKE *4.7.1981
b4c1d4e6f11.2g17h1i2 Richard COOKE *21.3.1950
b4c1d4e6f11.2g18, 19, 20, 21 (Reputed but names unknown which makes the birth sequence of this generation questionable)
b4c1d4e6f12.2 Mark GOLDSMITH  *? ~9.8.1846 +? (died aged 3 yrs)
b4c1d4e7 Henry GOLDSMITH *15.5.1805, Southwold ~22.5.1805 +30.9.1805 In Infancy. 
b4c1d4e8 Francis GOLDSMITH *3.11.1806, South Cove nr. Southwold ~5.11.1806, Private  +20.11.1806 In Infancy. 
b4c1d4e9 Martha GOLDSMITH *12.1.1808, Covehithe, nr. Southwold ~23.1.1808 
b4c1d4e7.............................. .etc   (Is there the possibility of more children) ?
b4c1d5 Sara GOLDSMITH  Buried 3.1763, Bruisyard
b5 Richard GOLDSMITH *14.8.1695
DERL : GLDSMT4.htm / 30.12.98 / Rev.2005.


1. Henry George GOLDSMITH :
Information relating to him, his wife and issue provided by V.M.Hayden (b.Goldsmith). There were reputedly 21 children in all born to Henry George GOLDSMITH and Elizabeth HURR. A number of these died in infancy. The sequential numbering of their known issue is therefore questionable as the missing four may have been interspersed. Elizabeth HURR is reputed to have been Dutch by birth.

2. Henry Edward GOLDSMITH :
Living n the coastal town of Southwold, Henry was an active volunteer in the life boat organisation. Pioneering work was done with rocket propelled rescue lines shot out to ships from shore. For his efforts in this he was awarded a medal, instituted in 1911 and presented by the Board of Trade. The inscription reads "To Henry Goldsmith for long service with the rocket life saving apparatus".

3. Capt. Henry Edward George GOLDSMITH :
Did some research into the Goldsmith family. The followng are from notes that Jack Watts made while chatting to him shortly bfore he died. He was a Captain in the Coldsteam Guards.
" Henry got as far as tracing the American relatives who gave him the details of the New Hamphire (USA) Goldsmith family in a very nice letter. They were delighted to hear from him and said that they too were most interested in tracing the family back.
They told him the Goldsmiths originally came from Spain (where they had worked as goldsmiths) to England in the 12th century. They settled in England and took as their surname, the name of their trade. This American family gave Henry Goldsmith details of the New Hampshire branch of the family."

The following are further notes made by Jack Watts (who died in Cape Town early 1998):
There is a brief entry in Copinger's "Manors of Suffolk" under "Manor of Jordaans". This was apparently the "lordship" of  JOHN GOLDSMITH (1) in 1589 and passed to his son and heir, another JOHN GOLDSMITH (2) who died in 1669.
b.  JOHN GOLDSMITH (2) (+1669)
Inducted to St.Edmunds Church, Southwold, Suffolk, England (presumably as Rector) - 11 July 1627 to 5 November 1659  (Copied from St.Edmunds 15.8.1948)
Four sons of this John Goldsmith emigrated to New Hampshire U.S.A. on 16 May 1640
(The names and other details of the four are not given).
A book was apparently published in 1940 entitled "Tri-Centenary of Goldsmith Family in New Hampshire"

4. Other researchers into 'Goldsmith'  responding through the Internet and to correspondence:

1.  Jeanne Whitney MUSE (USA)
Home Page:
Maternal Grandmother : Loretta GOLDSMITH

2.  Guy HARRIS (New Zealand)
146 Cunnningham Crescent
Invercargill 9501
New Zealand
Tel: ++64 3 2158455
Fax ++64 3 2158457
Wife's mother was Frances Mildred GOLDSMITH (b.NZ) Father Edwin GOLDSMITH (thought to have been born in Maidstone, Eng. c.1844) married Frances Ann HEARN born 5.11.1849, Maidstone, Eng. Edwin's parents believed to be Thomas GOLDSMITH and Elizabeth BALDOCK. Edwin had about 14 children in NZ and Frances had 11 children.

3.  Don NORMAN (USA)
41991 Emerson Court, Elyria, OHIO, USA. OH 44035-2537
See his Home Page for "Descendants of JOHN GOLDSMITH" (*c.1836 Virginia USA).

4.  Ron & Paula RADWANSKI (USA)
RR 1 Box 416
Tunkhannock, PA 18657 USA
Earliest : John GOLDSMITH *c.1655 Massachusetts USA. Father though to be Richard G.
(Ref print of e-mail of 97/04/05 for further info).

5. Alan GOLDSMITH  (England)
Related to the author of this listing through common ancestors Edward GOLDSMITH & Elizabeth GILLINGS.
Thanks are recorded for the addition of two new generations to above listing ahead of
Henry George GOLDSMITH & Elizabeth HURR . Contact : Nov 1997.

6. Alan GOLDSMITH  (Chicago USA, ex Essex, England)
(Not the same person as (5) above but sharing a common ancestry with him, an extraordinary coincidence).
Contact : May 1998 . Thanks are recorded for the confirmation of two new generations to the original listing
ahead of Henry George Goldsmith & Elizabeth Hurr . Contact : May 1998.  Information compiled by
John Oliver Goldsmith, father of Alan D. Goldsmith from the following sources:
Ipswich P.R.O.; Bury St.Edmunds P.R.O.; St.Catherine's House London; Colindale Newspaper Library
London; Commmonwealth War Graves Commission; St.Edmunds Churchyard Southwold.

7. Dorothy WATTS (b. PARR) The St.James, P.O.Box 93 Muizenberg 7950, Caoe Town, South Africa.

8. Carmelita ALLEN : E-Mail (15.11.1998)
John Goldsmith *1639/England went to North America as an indentured servant to Anthony Hoskins/Hopkins.
x/13.10.1660/ Mary LONG , Hungars Creek, Northampton County, Virginia.
John Goldsmith *27.2.1660/61
William Goldsmith *24.12.1665
Anthony Goldsmith *21.6.1668
Mary Goldsmith *20.3.1671/72
Hannah Goldsmith *25.3.1679