John BARCLAYof Scotland 
Partial List of His Descendants in the USA and in South Africa

Symbols: * = Birth       ~ = Baptised     +=Death
x = Married (x1 = first, x2 = second, etc)
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Acknowledging with thanks the information provided by Susan Stahr of Michigan USA concerning both the ancestors and descendants of her grandfather Alexander Barclay. b.1889 / Perth, Scotland. This has added two earlier generations to the previous listing.
Any additional material, comments or corrections are welcomed. Please use eMail links provided

a John BARCLAY *c.1760, Scotland
x- 12.6.1789, Perth, Scotland / Elizabeth CARMICHAEL *c.1765, Scotland
b1 John BARCLAY *31.3.1790 / Sconieburn, Scotland +9.6.1864, Tulloch, Perth, Scotlande.
(See poem to him by his son, appended)
x- 7.8.1812, Tibbermore, Scotland / Janet MILLER *c.1788, Scotland +27.12.1867, Perth, Scotland.
(d/o John MILLER x- Jean FERGUSON)
b1c1 John BARCLAY *6.1813
b1c2 James BARCLAY *15.6.1816
b1c3 William BARCLAY *20.4.1818 / Mireside, Perth, Scotland. (Letter Carrier) +After 2.1888
x- 26.4.1844 / Perth / Helen Macomish McANISH *17.2.1817 / Tulloch, Perth. +1.2.1888 / Perth. Scotland (d/o Archibald McANISH (Also McCANSH, McANSH) x. Janet THOMSON)
b1c3d1 Janet BARCLAY *25.9.1844  +10.5.1923 both at Perth, Scotland.
b1c3d2 William BARCLAY *19.3.1846 +10.5.1923 (was Headmaster of Craigie School, Perth, Scotland?)
x.  Janet McCONOCHIE

                                                        William Barclay  c.1912
b1c3d3 Helen BARCLAY *1848 +11.5.1888, both at Perth, Scotland.
b1c3d4 Lilias BARCLAY *25.12.1851 +10.2.1908, both at Perth, Scotland.
b1c3d5 John BARCLAY *11.2.1853 / Castle Gable, Perth, Scotland. +13.2.1919 / Perth, Scotland.
x-18.5.1876, Perth /  Margaret McGLASHAN *30.11.1851, Perth, Scotland ~5.1.1852  Hillend East Church, Perth. +3.9.1916 Perth, Scotland.
(d/o John McGLASHAN *10.9.1821, Errol, Scotland (Occ. Ploughman) +16.7.1881  x-18.1.1849, Perth / Margaret McGLASHAN *18.3.1828, Logierait, Scotland +29.3.1921, Perth, Scotland) (confusing isn't it!)

                         c.1912 - Mother-in-Law Margaret McGlashan (also b.McGlashan),
               son William Barclay and wife Margaret Barclay (nee McGlashan)  - Child unknown
b1c3d5e1 William BARCLAY *4.11.1876, Perth, Scotland  (Dentist?)  (Photo in group above)
b1c3d5e2 John BARCLAY *7.9.1878 /Perth, Scotland  +23.5.1948/P.E. (Jeweller. Engaged to work in S.A. by Fischer & Co, Manufacturing Jewellers, Main St. Port Elizabeth at 15 Pds (Sterling) per month. Three year contract entered into on 11.2.1907. Prior to moving to S.A. lived at 13 North Methren St., Perth, Scotland). 
x- Elizabeth Lumsden PEEBLES *15.9.1880 / Largo, Scotland +22.3.1934 / (Cancer) Port Elizabeth. 
(d/o George PEEBLES (s/o Robert PEEBLES x- Ann RAMSAY) *8.8.1847 +After 1901 (Occ. Plate Layer) x-7.5.1875 Largo, Fife, Scotland /  Margaret CARSTAIRS *3.3.1846 +1.9.1891 
(Cancer), both at LArgo, Fife, Scotland - d/o Greig CARSTAIRS x-Elizabeth LUMSDEN)

John & Elizabeth Barclay with sons George Herbert (L) and John Norman (R)

Norman & George BARCLAY c.1926
b1c3d5e2f1 John Norman BARCLAY *6.1908 +10.1955, both at Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
x-Port Elizabeth / Margaret ('Meg') RICHARDSON *16.11.1912, Port Elizabeth. 
b1c3d5e2f1g1  Ian Alexander BARCLAY *20.12.1941, Port ELizabeth. South Africa. 
x-Aug.1975, Durban /  Jeannine ('Jenny') VERSCHOOREN  *28.4.1944
                    Jenny BARCLAY                                        Ian BARCLAY
b1c3d5e2f1g1h1  Claire BARCLAY *24.11.1976 / Durban , South Africa.
x-28.4.2006, Cape Town / Shawn TAYLOR *? (s/o Peter and Monique TAYLOR)

                                 Claire and Shawn TAYLOR 2005
b1c3d5e2f1g1h2 Michelle BARCLAY *11.9.1980 / Vereeniging, RSA
b1c3d5e2f1g2 Jean Margaret BARCLAY *24.5.1945 / P.E. 
x / 12.1967 / P.E. / John KELLY *19.6.1941 / Ireland. UK.
                                 Jean                      Feb 2006                        John
b1c3d5e2f1g2h1 Norman John KELLY *16.10.1968 / Port Elizabeth RSA
b1c3d5e2f1g2h2 Michael KELLY *13.5.1972 / P.E.
b1c3d5e2f1g2h3 Geraldine KELLY *13.5.1972 / P.E.
x- / Johannesburg / Andrew AMBROGIONI *?
b1c3d5e2f1g2h3i1 Luca John AMBROGIONI *4.9.2001
b1c3d5e2f1g2h4 Alison Margaret KELLY *13.5.1972, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
b1c3d5e2f2 George Herbert BARCLAY *31.5.1910, Port Elizabeth, S.A.  +19.12.1975 / Johannesburg SA / Stroke. 
x-Eileen Emily HART *26.4.1913, Port Elizabeth  +6.9.2000, Johannesburg ('Stroke').
(d/o Henry Eden HART *10.8.1886 and Emily Norah HOLTON )
Daughters Helen, Isabel & Margaret with mother Eileen Barclay (b.Hart) 3.1.1993
b1c3d5e2f2g1 Margaret Norah BARCLAY *22.4.1944/Johannesburg 
x- 12.3.1965/St.Columba's Church Parkview;  JHB.
Digby Edward Radford LONDT *23.7.1941/Johannesburg. 
s/o Gilbert Edward LONDT *1.10.1917/P.E. +12.6.1987/P.E. and 
x1-1938/Jhb, Evelyn Joan HAYDEN *6.1.1913/ Aldershot, England- 
d/o Arthur Donald Radford-HAYDEN and Minnietea ('Minnie') Violet GOLDSMITH, both of England.

Margaret & Digby c.1986

           Digby & Margaret -Dec.2002
b1c3d5e2f2g1h1 Quentin George William LONDT *25.2.1967, Johannesburg. ~1.10.1967 St.Columba's Church, Parkview, Johannesburg, South Africa.. 
x-5.11.1994 St.Columba's Church Parkview;  Sarah Kate CHESTER *19.3.1966 Nairobi, Kenya, 
(d/o Michael CHESTER *19.5.1931 and Jane CORK *24.8.42 )
b1c3d5e2f2g1h1i1 Levana Jane Chester LONDT *5.8.1990/Johannesburg 
(Adopted natural d/o Kate CHESTER and Jeffrey PITCHER) 
b1c3d5e2f2g1h1i2 Calvin James Chester LONDT *4.5.1995/Johannesburg. ~5.11.19955/St.Columba's Church Parkview , JHB.
b1c3d5e2f2g1h2 Richard Digby Eden LONDT *16.1.1969/Johannesburg.  ~6.4.1969/St.Columba's Church, Parkview, JHB. 
(Family emigrated to Australia in March 2002)
x-25.2.1995, St.Columba's Church Parkview / Adele Catherine BURGER *20.8.1970, Port Elizabeth, ~NGK Linden, JHB. (d/o Johannes Gerhardus BURGER *9.7.1943, Kakamas C.P. x-Sandra Doris De KLERK *9.10.1946, Port Elizabeth). 
b1c3d5e2f2g1h2i1 Jared Eden LONDT *4.6.1997, Dubai U.A.E. ~25.12.1997, St.Columbas' Church, Parkview, Johannesburg.
b1c3d5e2f2g1h2i2 Amber Louise LONDT *25.3.1999, Dubai U.A.E. ~25.12.1999, /St.Columbas' Church, Parkview, JHB.
b1c3d5e2f2g1h3 Gregory Douglas Edward LONDT *26.4.1970, Johannesburg South Africa. ~6.9.1970, St.Columba's Church, Parkview, /JHB.  (Family emigrated to New Zealand in August 2001)
x-5.7.1997, St.Saviours Church, Midrand S.A./ Kathleen Jeannette SHARP *21.10.1974,  Johannesburg S.A. 
(d/o Sidney SHARP *2.4.1938  x-Jeannette WEENINK *11.5.49)
b1c3d5e2f2g1h3i1 Elliot Bernard George LONDT *11.6.1998, Sandton Medi-Clinic, Johannesburg, South Africa.
b1c3d5e2f2g1h3i2 Benjamin Digby Jan LONDT *11.1.2000 / 07h45, Sandton Medi-Clinic, Johannesburg .
b1c3d5e2f2g1h3i3 Joel Sidney Greg LONDT *12.3.2001 / 14h35, Sandton Medi-Clinic, JHB.
b1c3d5e2f2g1h3i4 Emily Anna Margaret LONDT *24.8.2003, Auckland, New Zealand.
b1c3d5e2f2g1h3i5 Mary Kathleen Jeannette LONDT *3.6.2005, Hamilton Hospital,  New Zealand. 
b1c3d5e2f2g1h4 Geoffrey John Gilbert LONDT *14.10.1972, Johannesburg. ~25.12.1972, St.Columba's Church, Parkview, JHB.  (Occ-H.D.E / Teknica (JCE)-Teacher, IT Specialist). 
x-14.6.1997, Modderfontein Conservation Centre, JHB. S.A.  and  divorced in Dec.2002.
Claire WALLACE *3.12.71  (d/o Alexander Murray 'Scotty' WALLACE *14.4.1948 and Denise Patricia WOOD *17.4.1951). 
b1c3d5e2f2g2 Helen Elizabeth BARCLAY *6.7.1947, Johannesburg, South Africa.
x-4.4.1970, St.Columba's Church, Parkview. Johannesburg / Dennis Robert DITTBERNER *19.2.1947 
(s/o Harold Robert DITTBERNER *19.11.1920, Ermelo x-Shirley Heather ELTON *23.12.1923, Kimberley  +?, Johannesburg.
b1c3d5e2f2g2h1 Cheryl Elizabeth DITTBERNER *29.8.1972, Kroonstad, South Africa.
x-16.12.2002, Johannesburg / Jurgen VOGT *6.7.1970
(s/o Bruno VOGT *5.7.1942 / Wangen, Switzerland and Dushanka POROBIC *25.8.1944 / Split, Jugoslavia now Croatia (Note: Jurgen VOGT has natural son: Dylan VOGT *3.10.1993 / Jhb. by Chantelle WRIGHT)
b1c3d5e2f2g2h1i1 Evan Brandon VOGT *24.8.2004 / Johannesburg.
b1c3d5e2f2g2h2 Malcolm DITTBERNER *13.5.1974, Pretoria, Suth Africa.
b1c3d5e2f2g3 Isabel Catherine BARCLAY *21.7.1949, Johannesburg. South Africa.
x-29.11.1969, St.Columba's Church, Parkview, JHB / Trevor Ian WALKER *14.10.1943,  Port Elizabeth. 
(s/o Raymond WALKER and Elizabeth PHILLIP both of Port Elizabeth).

    Isabel &  Trevor WALKER,  Kirstenbosch, Cape Town Feb. 2006
b1c3d5e2f2g3h1 Leigh Catherine WALKER *18.2.1974, Johannesburg, South Africa.
x-19.2.2002, Cape Town / Simon Oliver ELLIOT *18.1.1974, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
(s/o Peter John ELLIOT *17.10.1944 x-Renee HODGKINSON *29.4.194, Queenstown, SA).

                               Simon & Leigh ELLIOT &  Karla WALKER - Kirstenbosch, Cape Town-Feb.2006

b1c3d5e2f2g3h2 Karla Christine WALKER *28.9.1978, Johannesburg, South Africa. 
b1c3d5e3 Margaret BARCLAY *28.6.1880 +27.10.1960 both at Perth, Scotland.
(Never married. No issue. Lived with sister Jean/Jane)
b1c3d5e4 Robert BARCLAY *19.2.1882 +20.3.1966 both at Perth, Scotland.
(Occ. As at 1911 - Journeyman House Painter)
x1-5.8.1911, Perth / Margaret Baird FAIRWEATHER *1884 +1926, both at Perth. Scotland 
(Occ. as at 1911 - Domestic Servant)
x2- After 1926, Perth / Isabella Milne ARTHUR*5.5.1884 +11.4.1971.
b1c3d5e4f1 Robert BARCLAY
x-Evelyn ?
b1c3d5e4f1g1 Norma BARCLAY
x-Hugh ?
b1c3d5e4f1g1h1 Rory ?
b1c3d5e4f1g2 Robert BARCLAY
b1c3d5e4f2 Margaret (‘Peggy’) BARCLAY *? + c.1992 Perth, Scotland
x-George MILLER *? +?  Perth, Scotland. (No issue)
b1c3d5e5 Archibald BARCLAY *9.6.1884 +18.1.1942 both at Perth . Died of heart failure. (Sudden myocardial degeneration over two years) Occ (1913) Journeyman House Painter. (1942 was living at 19 Market St. Perth). 
x-26.12.1913, Perth / Elizabeth Neilson BAXTER *c.1882/83
b1c3d5e5f1 John BARCLAY  *1916  +1991
b1c3d5e5f1g1 Elizabeth (‘Betty’) BARCLAY *1940
b1c3d5e5f1g2 Ian BARCLAY *1946
b1c3d5e5f1g2h1 Alan BARCLAY 
b1c3d5e5f1g2h2 Andrew BARCLAY
b1c3d5e5f1g2h3 Nicola BARCLAY 
b1c3d5e5f2 Helen BARCLAY *c.1917, Scotland.
b1c3d5e5f3 Elizabeth BARCLAY *c.1913-20
b1c3d5e6  Alexander BARCLAY *1889 / Perth, Scotland. +10.6.1965 , Kalamazoo, Michigan. 
(Occ. Baker). (Emigrated to USA in 1912)
x- 1915, Barrie, Vermont USA /  Jess AULD *9.2.1895 / Aberdeenshire. Scotland. +12.1980
(Emigrated to USA in June 1911). 

                 Jess & Alexander 1915

   Alex & Jess 1965 - 50th Anniversary

                           Alex            James           Phyllis        Robert          Jess

                  Robery, Phyllis, James- c.1944                             ....again, a few years later
b1c3d5e6f1 James Alexander BARCLAY *7.5.1918, Barrie, Vermont USA +6.11.1993, Takoma Park, Maryland USA.
x1-15.9.1945, Cheltenham, Pennsylvania USA. / Elizabeth Alice BOWKER *c.1920
x2-2.2.1985, Takoma Park, Maryland USA / Alice CAGNEY.
b1c3d5e6f1g1.1 Alan Bowker BARCLAY *26.1.1949
x-Mary ?
b1c3d5e6f1g1.1h1 Johnathan BARCLAY *13.5.1989
b1c3d5e6f1g2.1 Ian James BARCLAY *3.2.1953
b1c3d5e6f1g3.1 Anne BARCLAY *27.1.1956
b1c3d5e6f1g3.1h1 Jeanne Marie PELOQUIN *12.1985
b1c3d5e6f1g4.1 Julia Helen BARCLAY *6.4.1958
b1c3d5e6f2 Robert Auld BARCLAY *22.8.1919, Jackson, Michigan, USA.
x-20.7.1945, Sioux Falls, South Dakota USA / Shirley Jeannette HUHN *17.2.1923, Sioux Falls. South Dakota, USA.

                      Shirley and Robert BARCLAY
b1c3d5e6f2g1 Stephen Robert BARCLAY *26.4.1947, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.
x1-18.5.1968, Kalamazoo / Sandra Eileen ROBINSON *8.3.1951
x2-5.8.1974 / Beverly RUNK *20.10.1954, St.Clair, Michigan, USA.

            Stephen BARCLAY
b1c3d5e6f2g1h1.1 Stephen Kenneth BARCLAY *16.2.1970, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.
x-27.10.1990 / Maria WAGNER*3.1972
b1c3d5e6f2g1h1.1i1  Joshua Stephen BARCLAY *5.9.1991, Camp Pendleton Marine Base, San Diego, California, USA..
b1c3d5e6f2g2 David Gene BARCLAY *31.5.1949, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.
x-26.6.1976, Kalamazoo / Karen Ann YODER *22.8.1954, Sturgis, Michigan, USA.

          David BARCLAY
b1c3d5e6f2g2h1 Raymond David BARCLAY *11.10.1981
b1c3d5e6f2g2h2 Ryan Daniel BARCLAY *2.8.1986
b1c3d5e6f2g2h3 Anne Elizabeth BARCLAY *11.1.1990
b1c3d5e6f2g3 Wendy Roberta BARCLAY *9.4.1952, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.
x-12.6.1976, Kalamazoo / Herman Ransom THIGPEN *24.2.1953, Durham, North Carolina, USA..

Wendy Thigpen (b.Barclay)
b1c3d5e6f2g3h1 Megan Marie THIGPEN *29.11.1981
b1c3d5e6f2g3h2 Cory Michael THIGPEN *20.5.1984
b1c3d5e6f2g4 Gail Lynn BARCLAY *12.10..1956, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.
x-2.3.1979, Albion, Michigan / Phillip John FRIEDRICK *12.5.1957, Albion, Michigan, USA.
b1c3d5e6f2g4h1 Rebecca Lynn FRIEDRICK *9.9.1988, Berrien Centre, Michigan, USA.
b1c3d5e6f2g4h2 Rachel Marie FRIEDRICK *13.6.1990, Berrien Centre, Michigan, USA. 
b1c3d5e6f2g4h3 Matthew David FRIEDRICK *22.8.1993, Battle Creek, Michigan, USA.
b1c3d5e6f3 Phyllis Margaret BARCLAY *11.9.1926, Jackson, Michigan, USA. +13.8.2005 
x-29.6.1946, Kalamazoo  /  Richard Jay BURNHAM *9.11.1925, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.

Richard BURNHAM & Phyllis (b.BARCLAY)
b1c3d5e6f3g1 Susan Janet BURNHAM *7.7.1948, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.  (Major contributor to this Barclay listing)
x1- 16.6.1967, Kalamazoo / Manor Cleveland TERRY *31.5.1946
x2- 26.6.1988, Allegan County, Michigan / Ernest Russell STAHR Jr. *17.5.1937, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

Helen SEYMOURE(b.Burnham), Richard Jay BURNHAM, Susan STAHR(b.Burnham), Russel STAHR
b1c3d5e6f3g2 Helen Louis BURNHAM *1.5.1950, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.
   x- 23.9.1978, Kalamazoo / Steven Jay SEYMOURE *12.4.1951, South Haven, Michigan, USA.
b1c3d5e6f3g2h1 Jay Burnham SEYMOURE *24.9.1980, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.
b1c3d5e6f3g2h2 Brent Eric SEYMOURE *22.10.1983, Mesa, Arizona, USA.
b1c3d5e6f3g3 Scott Richard BURNHAM *2.7.1954, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.
b1c3d5e7 Helen McAinsh BARCLAY *26.9.1892 / Perth. +17.10.1980 / Perth, Scotland
x-6.4.1917, Perth. / James Sword FINLAYSON.
(Witnesses at wedding were Alex FINLAYSON & Margaret BARCLAY)

'Jimmy'   &   'Nel'
b1c3d5e7f1 Helen Margaret (‘Eleanor’) FINLAYSON *22.3.1918
x-(Unknown) ROEBUCK
b1c3d5e7f1g1 Ailsa ROEBUCK ?
b1c3d5e7f1g2 Catriona ROEBUCK ?
b1c3d5e7f1g3 Finlay ROEBUCK ? 
b1c3d5e8 Jane Ann BARCLAY *18.12.1895 +5.12.1969  both at Perth, Scotland
(Never married. No issue. Lived with sister Margaret).
b1c3d6 Elizabeth BARCLAY *3.6.1855 +13.10.1939  in Perth, Scotland.
b1c4 George BARCLAY *2.6.1821 +6.12.1882, both at Perth, Scotland.
x1-3.6.1842, Perth / Janet FINLAYSON *c.1822 +14.7.1862, both at Perth, Scotland.
x2-19.5.1863, Glasgow, Scotland / Isabella DICKIE *1843/44 +22.5.1899, Cragie, Perth, Scotland
b1c4d1.1  Isabella Robinson BARCLAY
b1c4d1.1 Archibald Sandeman BARCLAY *25.6.1843
b1c4d1.1 George BARCLAY *4.7.1847 + Before 10.1849, both at Perth, Scotland.
b1c4d1.1 George BARCLAY *7.10.1849
b1c4d1.1 James BARCLAY *22.2.1852
b1c4d1.1 Catherine BARCLAY *27.11.1853
b1c4d1.1 Anne BARCLAY *c.1856/57
b1c4d1.1 Margaret BARCLAY *1864/65, Perth, Scotland
b1c4d1.1 Thomas BARCLAY *1867/68, Perth, Scotland
b1c4d1.1 Elizabeth BARCLAY *1871/72, Perth, Scotland
b1c5 Robert BARCLAY *27.12.1823
b1c6 Alexander BARCLAY *28.4.1828 +21.2.1894 both at Perth, Scotland.
x-14.1.1853 , Perth / Elspeth Euphemia McFARLANE *1828 +31.10.1881, Perth, Scotland
b1c7 David BARCLAY *8.11.1833 +21.4.1908 both at Perth, Scotland.
x-28.12.1860, Regorten, Perth / Janet McDONALD *1835/36 
b1c7d1 John BARCLAY *?+?
b1c7d2 Margaret BARCLAY *10.3.1862, Tulloch, Perth, Scotland. +?
b2 James BARCLAY *14.5.1794, Fortevoit, Scotland.
b3 Christian BARCLAY *30.8.1795, Fortevoit, Scotland
b4 William BARCLAY *3.6.1800, Fortevoit, Scotland +11.1.1871, Bonhill, Dunbarton, Scotland.
x-16.6.1826,  Bonhill, Dunbarton, Scotland / Mary KINLOCH *? +After 1871
b5 Margaret BARCLAY *10.10.1802, Fortevoit, Scotland.
* Acknowledging the large volume of data provided by  Susan Stahr  of  Kalamazoo, Minesota, USA in April 2006.

Digby E. R. Londt:  barclay1-2006.htm / Rev.27.4.2006

“On the Death of John Barclay, Tulloch Field - March 1864”

Death long delayed has come at last,
His troubles are now o’er,
Those weary eyes at length are closed
To ope’ on earth no more.

The face so calm which meets my gaze,
The broad and lofty brow,
Evewhile expressed a noble soul
Thats gone for ever now.

Though in this life his lot was low,
And he sore toil endured,
A lowly heart exalted it,
And happiness secured.

And when the weight of many years
That bowed his stately form,
Though dimmed his eye and dulled his ear,
His heart was ever warm.

But now that warmly beating heart
Is cold as any clay;
His earthly house returns to earth,
A victim to decay.

Not so its inmate; he has gone
To those who went before,
To those he loved while here on earth,
Whom death does now restore.

With them forever shall he hold
Communion large and high;
No troubles such as here assail,
Shall ever cause a sigh.

A brighter glory shall be his,
Than this earths fading fame;
Its brightness ever shall increase
A clear and undimmed flame.

                                     William Barclay .  January 1865